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Republican rule always makes it worse for the poor but Dem rule has just kept the problem in place. Bernie is really the only one who would focus on this terrible problem (see his comments above about income inequality questions at debates). Warren’s base of wealthier, more educated, whiter voters doesn’t care as much. Biden’s base of rich donors doesn’t care at all.


The United States might be the only country in the world where poverty is considered a moral failing—on the part of the victims, not the society. When conservatives are in charge of government, this judgment infiltrates policy. Republicans move repeatedly to twist regulations around an assumption that the poor don’t want to work and don’t make sound decisions. And when this bias affects children’s nutrition, it can cause lifelong impairment.

In the last year alone, the Trump administration has taken multiple shots at food stamps, now called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), which helped feed about 40 million people last year. The latest change, one week ago, would cut benefits by $4.5 billion over five years. Even in a booming economy, one in seven households with children were considered “food insecure” last year, according to the Department of Agriculture’s 2018 survey, meaning that they weren’t sure of having enough food for everyone.

Research in the rapidly advancing field of neuroscience has documented the severe biological assaults caused by inadequate nutrition during sensitive phases of brain development. Numerous studies, compiled in a lengthy National Academy of Sciences report, From Neurons to Neighborhoods, portray a devastating landscape of cognitive deficiency resulting from nutritional deprivation. The insufficiency of healthy food during a pregnant woman’s second trimester can reduce the creation of neurons, the brain’s impulse-conducting cells. Malnutrition in the third trimester restricts their maturation and retards the production of branched cells called glia.


Just to reiterate Bernie’s superpower, which was shown in the Fox poll out yesterday—his honesty and trustworthiness. He is plus 23, while Warren and Biden are only +6 and +1. And look at Bernie compared to the Republicans! Bernie also tops Dem voters for honesty at 87%, with Warren at 81% and Biden at 75%.



First of all, Trumpcorps head is exploding in reference to that poll. What I don’t understand is why is Bernie in 3rd place in a lot of polls- Biden and Warren? (Besides the skewed polls)After Trumpcorp wouldnt America be ready for a president with a 60% trust factor?


I’ve decided that re: Warren & I, this is it in a nutshell:

How people can trust someone who suddenly has all these plans now, when we were begging for her help just 3 short years ago & she wouldn’t give it…..is beyond me.


A larger version of the tweet.

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