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Don midwest
Don midwest

when will the Republicans have gone too far?

right at the moment, today, not that concerned about fascists’ takeover

but that was in my mind as I voted early yesterday in Columbus OH

i mentioned this to a few people in line and they agreed

but, with Amy on the court, we can look forward to massive changes from the court

the dems don’t know how to play political hardball and not clear that they will ever learn

reading Graham Harman’s book on Latour “Prince of Networks”

he notes that Karl Rove’s strategy is to attack on the opponents strong point

that is what they do

they attack on the strong points of democracy and republican form of government

Graham Harman has an interesting couple of pages in which he imagines Karl Rove attacking Kant, one of the half dozen greatest philosophers in history.

in the fictions encounter, he finds and publishes scandalous material on Kant

but his supporters, which is almost all of us in the modern world, and even the professional philosopher, are unmoved. Because Kant’s material has been incorporated and internalized so much that it would be too hard to change.

I grew up with a naïve view of rationality.

just have a good argument and a person can be convinced

didn’t realize how much the worldview is invested in a particular topic

recall in 1968 living for grad school in AZ the right to life people with their baby photos and I thought that they would soon just disappear. Could not have imagined that it could be used as a wedge issue for the next 50 year.,

we have learned how strong is the world view of the dem party


No, Don, unfortunately we have learned how powerful and pernicious is the role of organized Christian religion in this country. Look who has exploited it over the decades.


The Dems DO know how to play hardball. They play it against progressives all the time. They are invested in the same system as the Repubs, and it’s all theater to keep the masses invested in the team fandom for one side or the other. Keeping us divided.

Don midwest

Clarence Thomas’s twin–another super dumbshit on the court.

Don midwest

I lived through it. Ralph Nader was a major part.


Nader had some impact but was simply a convenient scapegoat.

It was the day before Thanksgiving, but the 2000 presidential election was far from over in Florida, where the tortured tug-of-war over a recount was about to trigger a melee.

Gore had phoned Bush to concede only to recant as the gap between the candidates shrank to several hundred votes in the state, with thousands of “hanging chads” and “pregnant chads” and “dimpled chads” and “pimpled chads” to contest.

Geller had walked into the “Brooks Brothers riot,” a protest organized by Republican campaign operatives, congressional staffers and lawyers.

Unlike the Gore campaign, which focused on filing motions in Florida courts to keep the recount going in key counties such as Miami-Dade, the Bush campaign waged a broader, costlier effort on multiple fronts, Blakeman said.

“It was a three-pronged effort,” he said. “It was a court battle. It was a recount organization. And it was also a PR effort because, although the voting effort ended, the campaign never did until there was a definitive and defined winner.”

Paul ADK

Al Gore had a much more major part.

Don midwest
Don midwest