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Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday introduced a series of proposals designed to radically realign the balance of power in the American economy.

The Vermont independent’s agenda would guarantee workers eventually take control, through the issuance of new stock, of 20% stakes in the country’s largest companies, while mandating that employees elect 45% of corporate boards of directors. The Sanders plan would also impose strict new guidelines on mega-mergers, while asking a revamped Federal Trade Commission to review deals pushed through during the Trump administration.

In an interview, Sanders — who will make his return to the campaign trail on Tuesday at the CNN/New York Times Democratic debate in Ohio — argued that the measures, sure to be fiercely opposed by corporate leaders and moderate political rivals, would benefit companies and workers by fostering a more engaged, loyal and productive workforce.

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“If you feel that you’re getting ripped off, if you feel that you’re powerless, you will do in many cases as little as you possibly can to get your paycheck,” Sanders told CNN. “But if you’re feeling good about your job, you want the company really to succeed because you prosper because your ideas are being implemented because you are treated with respect and not just being a cog in the machine.”

The plan, which the campaign touted as “the boldest and most comprehensive corporate accountability plan in modern presidential history” goes further than those of his 2020 Democratic primary rivals, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


I really like that he wants to retroactively review past mergers for antitrust compliance. The FTC has mostly been a joke for the last 20 years in that regard.


Big shock?

Thank you so much for your support. I just want to let you know that I will be attending the debate. Aloha.

– Tulsi


My tweet on this from Oct 10 proved correct.

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