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Thats a pretty big deal.

Bet a lot of politicians wished they had signed onto Bernies anti amazon push now as this wasnt just some out of nowhere love for their employeees.

The profit margin people at Nike, Amazon, etc must he seeing a lot of potential to make some money by making themselves viewed more favorably by the newer wave of young folks.


I still believe that she is still planning a run in 2020. So I will keep posting these videos.


weird. i wonder if she’s revving up to stump for Biden or whoever the neolib candidate is. i doubt she’d do it for Warren after Warren didn’t endorse her in the primaries.

And Warren prolly realizes that might be the kiss of death—allthough maybe not in this age of the Blue Wave and the McResistance.


her slogan ” I’m with her–again” makes me gag




Wait, what?? Are you pulling my strings?


Speculation on the slogan 🙂


Koch brothers step up help for DeSantis against Soros- and Steyer-backed Gillum

The Koch-affiliated Concerned Veterans for America Action says it will spend at least $100,000 on mailers supporting DeSantis.

Another Koch network group, Freedom Partners Action Fund, formed a Florida committee in July and spent $323,415 on digital ads and mailers to boost DeSantis in his GOP primary against Adam Putnam.

The CVAA mailers will highlight DeSantis’ service as a Navy attorney advising forces during the 2007 U.S. “surge” in Iraq and his support in Congress for reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs. CVAA is supported by the Koch-affiliated Freedom Partners.


Sick Rott’s political ads are pissing voters off cos they are blatant lies. It’s getting called on in the media here. DeSantis is being looked at by voters who are getting tired of his racist rants. I don’t like either Steyer or Soros but I despise the FRightwing more. Just my 2 cents.


Soros has his moments, though, imo. 🙂




medicare for all and ‘affordable for all’ are fairly different things.


i keep saying, he did work for Obama and it looks like he is true to his boss. Just started listening, but since i have to go soon, will post this. Still, of course, i’m still all GO Gillum! Just wish he was more progressive.


White House tells FBI it can talk to anyone about Kavanaugh

The White House has given the FBI clearance to interview anyone it wants to by Friday in its investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The new guidance, described to The Associated Press by a person familiar with it, was issued to the FBI over the weekend in response to Democratic and news media pushback that the scope of the probe was too narrow.

The revised guidance was aimed at promoting an investigation that could tamp down Democratic criticism and satisfy on-the-fence Republicans about its thoroughness and fairness while also ensuring a fixed deadline to prevent the probe from becoming open-ended and spanning weeks. Officials said it was possible, but not likely, the bureau could complete its work before Friday.

Don midwest
Don midwest

also don’t trust FBI comprehensive investigation

a) initial info going public and not yet been contacted by FBI even when they reached out to FBI

b) time too short. In usual investigation interview x, leads to new folks to follow up on so gets wider, and more people, then go back to x and double check their initial statements. Not time to do this.

c) and of course don’t trust Trump or repubs nor dems to stand up

In other words, case being tried in the media and Kav loosing it


That was awful nice of the WH to grant that, used to be that the FBI took its time to do a through investigation on their time line and interview anyone they deemed necessary.


Looks like that’s either not the message they really got, or they are more partisan than we ever thought.


Yes! I honestly thought that they were an independent agency. I feel so naïve.


US Official: We May Cut Support for Iraq If New Government Seats Pro-Iran Politicians

The senior administration official’s warning is the latest tack in a largely fruitless bid to shape a new governing coalition in Baghdad.

The comment comes as Baghdad pols jockey to form a new government following May’s parliamentary elections. American efforts to shape coalition negotiations have made little progress and the current U.S.-backed backed prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, appears almost certain to lose his job as constitutional deadlines loom.

“We are going to closely watch who occupies positions of responsibility and evaluate them closely, and those that hold strong relationships and enduring relationships with Iran, will make it extremely difficult for us to be able to continue the level of support and assistance we’re currently providing,” the official said. The official did not specify what kinds of assistance could be cut.

in Iraq, where U.S. diplomats have been working conspicuously and unsuccessfully to marginalize Amiri’s Badr group, the uncertain political landscape suggests American influence is waning despite the investment of thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars over the past 15 years.

But because there is no two-party plurality and because of the transactional nature of Iraqi politics in general, analysts say it’s hard to predict the outcome.

“hard to predict” or hard to control?

Two-party pluralities so much easier to control and manipulate.



American radicals and labor activists have long identified the need for a labor party, but have repeatedly failed to form one. Though there was some interaction between the IWW and Eugene Debs’s wing of the Socialist Party in the early twentieth century, the two ended up keeping their distance, as the Wobblies pursued militant, anti-institutional unionism and the socialists kept a narrow focus on elections. The Communist Party, founded in 1919, took a more expansive view of both political and labor organizing, but settled into a posture of compromise during the Popular Front era, only to find itself persecuted almost out of existence with the rise of postwar anti-Communism.

The late ’30s might have been the best moment for the creation of a labor party, when unions were rapidly building power. Yet several forces blocked its path. Roosevelt’s unprecedentedly pro-worker policies brought the signature issues of more radical parties into the mainstream, making those parties less relevant to many voters. The more conservative AFL experienced a growth spurt as it collaborated with employers, preparing employer-friendly contracts, to preempt more radical CIO organizing. The AFL’s sabotage put the CIO on the defensive, forcing it to cling desperately to its alliance with the Democratic Party. (The two groups wouldn’t merge to form the AFL-CIO until 1955.) A small coalition of the country’s more radical unions returned once again to the idea of founding a labor party in 1996, but failed to attract a broad enough base of support from more powerful unions, which preferred their existing relationship with the Democratic establishment.

It would be premature to call for a labor party today, but the forces that might eventually put workers on a stronger footing are starting to emerge. Candidates aligned with the Democratic Socialists of America have begun to unseat complacent members of Democratic machines at the municipal, state, and national levels. Unions, too, are looking for more radical politicians: Last year, the AFL-CIO announced it would stop giving its endorsement to “the lesser of two evils” in political races, and even proposed considering third-party politics. At the grass roots, teachers’ strikes in Chicago, West Virginia, and elsewhere have connected the demands of educators to a powerful defense of the public sector and community interests as a whole.

In the current hostile legal climate, it is likely that strikes like these will again become an important vehicle for the labor movement. They will demonstrate the thrill of collective power to a new generation of workers, many of whom have never known work to be anything other than a disempowering and underpaid grind. But just as important are the broader project and organizations behind the strikes.

Don midwest
Don midwest

It has taken 12 years, but Antonio Delgado has finally received recognition for his brief career as a rap artist.

All it took was for him to run for Congress in New York.

The National Republican Congressional Committee last week released its second political attack ad against Mr. Delgado, a Democrat, waiting all of six seconds before it labeled him a “big-city rapper.”

Its first ad went further, interspersing images of Mr. Delgado as a candidate with those of him as a rapper known as A.D. the Voice, using his decade-old lyrics to suggest that he is misogynistic, racist and un-American.

The video ads have injected elements of race and identity in a contest already fraught with national implications: The race between Mr. Delgado and the Republican incumbent, Representative John Faso, is thought to be a tossup, so both parties are heavily invested in the district, which covers much of the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions.

But political observers said that given the makeup of the district, where voters gave both President Barack Obama and President Trump the edge, the negative ads could actually help Mr. Delgado, who lives in Rhinebeck with his wife and two young sons.

“In some ways, it’s a test of how far we have come, whether it matters in that district,” said Christopher B. Mann, an assistant professor of political science at Skidmore College. “It’s hard to say whether it will be a pivotal factor or maybe to his advantage. The ads have drawn national attention, and they’ve raised Delgado’s profile.”


The US Is Prolonging an Unwinnable War in Yemen

As public anger over America’s role in the Saudi-led war against the Houthi rebels in Yemen has grown, Congress has slowly tried to exert pressure on America’s longtime allies to reduce civilian casualties. Last month, a bipartisan group of lawmakers included a provision in the defense spending bill requiring the Trump administration to certify that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are taking “demonstrable actions” to avoid harming civilians and making a “good faith” effort to reach a political settlement to end the war. Congress required the administration to make this certification a prerequisite for the Pentagon to continue providing military assistance to the coalition. This assistance, much of which began under the Obama administration, includes the mid-air refueling of Saudi and Emirati jets, intelligence assistance, and billions of dollars-worth of missiles, bombs, and spare parts for the Saudi air force.

By accepting the coalition’s cosmetic attempts to minimize civilian casualties, the Trump administration is signaling to Saudi and Emirati leaders its apparent belief that a clear military victory in Yemen remains possible. And as long as the coalition believes it can crush the Houthis, there’s little incentive for it to negotiate. Trump, then, has bought into Saudi Arabia’s zero-sum calculation: that a military win in Yemen for the kingdom and its allies would be a defeat for Iran, while a negotiated settlement with the Houthis would be a victory for Tehran. Blinded by its obsession with Iran, the Trump administration is perpetuating an unwinnable war and undermining the likelihood of a political settlement.


Don midwest
Don midwest

Margaret Sullivan who did an outstanding job as Public Editor at NYT

Press coverage of Kavanaugh is imperfect. But imagine if we didn’t have it.

especially as people oo directly to the press about Kavanaugh

will there be a public outcry about the budget recently passed the house that gives another $2 T to the wealthy? What about the deficit …..

Don midwest
Don midwest

Court OKs Suit Over Foreign Payments to Trump Business

The lawsuit filed by 201 Democratic members of Congress challenging President Trump’s continued profits from foreign government guests at his hotels cleared a hurdle on Friday when a district judge rejected the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the case.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia Emmet Sullivan does not decide the merits of the complaint that Trump is violating the Constitution by retaining ownership of 500 hotels, golf courses and licensing projects, many frequented by foreign dignitaries. Instead, it sides with the lawmakers as potentially injured parties to pursue their complaint further.

“The court finds that the plaintiffs have standing to sue the president for allegedly violating the Foreign Emoluments Clause,” Sullivan wrote, noting that the president so far “has not provided any information to Congress about any foreign emoluments he has received.”


Don midwest
Don midwest

what does a citizen do when your country lies?

what does a citizen do when the realize that others don’t want to face lies?


In other words, politics in the us is successful in destroying politics



Way to go, Bernie et al!!!!



The New York Times will hold an event with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) Wednesday aimed at getting college students to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

The event, called “Turn Up The Turnout With Bernie Sanders,” is part of the Times‘ “Get With The Times” lecture series. The democratic socialist Vermont senator will sit down with Times reporter Alex Burns at the University of Maryland for a live-streamed discussion, with watch parties planned at universities across the country.

Despite the involvement of Sanders, the event is billed as nonpartisan. “With the midterm elections just months away, Senator Sanders will take the stage to discuss what’s at stake for students in particular, and to amplify the critical importance of voting — regardless of which candidate you support,” reads the event description.


Considering how ultra-right the (Washington) Free Beacon is I just had to go to the link for more.

When asked by the Free Beacon if there were plans for get-out-the-vote lectures or similar events with conservative politicians, the Times responded they were “in conversations with others from differing political viewpoints.”


FRighties don’t attract the young crowd like Bernie/our issues do. The FRightwing rags/media might be starting to pay attention. That would be a very interesting development a month before elections.

Don midwest
Don midwest

The foundational economy sorta like Indigenous economy with technology and money


For some time now, a group of European researchers, led by a team at Manchester University, has been developing a radical new approach to economic thinking and development policy centred on the concept of the ‘foundational economy’. Foundational Economy. The Infrastructure of Everyday Life explains the concept and assesses its value for public policy. It is a short book but offers big ideas. The foundational economy (FE) refers to the basic requirements of civilised life for all citizens irrespective of their income and location. It includes ‘material infrastructure’ – pipes and cables and utility distribution systems for water, electricity, retail banking, etc – and ‘providential services’ – education, health, care and income maintenance.

The book proposes that conventional ways of theorising and measuring the economy render the FE invisible and overlook its contribution to development. Orthodox thinking is fixated on the contribution of hi-tech, knowledge-based industries and property-led regeneration to increases in GDP and provides only a narrow gauge of progress. But, growth in GDP is not translating into improvements in living standards for many households. The model is broken, and we are asked to consider several advantages of a focus on the FE. First, it is welfare-critical for those with limited access to private provision. Second, social provision underpins household consumption – a smartphone requires a regulated mobile network. Finally, the FE is a large employer in sectors like water, energy and elderly care provision, which typically are sheltered from international competition. Moreover, neglected mundane activities such as going to the supermarket provide everyday necessities and can be lynchpins of local economies. In current discussions about industrial strategy, with a few exceptions, the FE is rarely mentioned, but the supply of these services is critical to rising living standards.

Gotta throw in Bruno Latour. Rather than ask people to save the environment, start by asking what they need to survive and prosper. A bottom up question that will expand to infrastructure, etc. And that allows them to see the political aspects and engage in politics.

Big questions can actually destroy political action and lead to over reach in revolutions that destroy much but don’t change enough nor don’t provide a base to build from.

Bruno brings things back to the LAND. Danger in this is that right wing politics also uses the term. But now with science to uncover what is going on, this return to the land, like the foundational economy, has a chance.


as usual, concepts worth thinking about.

when i first read “material infrastructure,” i thought it was “maternal infrastructure.” haha! maybe not such a bad idea. :O)


Today is a day for giving credit where it is due, so here’s to John Tester, et al.


A bill that will keep gold mining away from some 30,000 acres of our public lands at Yellowstone’s northern gateway has cleared two committee hurdles in both the House and the Senate in the past 10 days. This is great news! The Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act is now one step closer to becoming law after these hearings.

Montana Sen. Jon Tester’s bill got what’s called a markup today in a key Senate committee, which paves the way for the bill to pass the full Senate. And last week, Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte’s identical House bill passed out of the House Natural Resources Committee in a 28-4 vote.

Big thanks to Montana Sen. Steve Daines for doing his part, and making good on his commitment to move the bill out of this key Senate committee. This is the bipartisan cooperation that Montanans know is the key to getting popular bills passed to protect our lands and waters near Yellowstone.


For me, this was good news that Chomsky chimed in via the Intercept.

I don’t think enough attention is being paid to the Brazilian elections. The results could be impactful.


I liked this observation from the article:

““History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes,” as Mark Twain observed.

Also of note: “The primary charge against Lula, based on plea bargains by businessmen sentenced for corruption, is that he was offered an apartment in which he never lived.”

I really like Lula. At times, as the article states, he could be quite accommodating to the neolibs:

Although his policies while in office were designed to accommodate the concerns of domestic and international finance, he is despised by elites, in part no doubt because of his policies of social inclusion and benefits for the dispossessed….


This past weekend was full of women rallying against Bolsonaro in Brazil. From all accounts he a misogynist and a bully. Sound familiar?

Thousands protest leading far-right presidential candidate in Brazil

protesters danced, sang and shouted, “Not him!” The phrase has been the rallying cry of groups who are trying to prevent Jair Bolsonaro from taking office in October elections.

Bolsonaro is currently leading polls with around 28 per cent of support among voters polled, but he also has the highest rejection rate of any candidate. That could become especially important if no one wins the majority of votes on Oct. 7, and the election is decided in a second round. Polls then show him losing in most scenarios.

His support is particularly thin among women, who led the protests against him Saturday, although men and children were also in attendance. According to a recent Ibope poll, 36 per cent of men surveyed said they would vote for Bolsonaro, while only 18 per cent of women supported him — an unusual gap.

Brazilian women led one of the biggest protests yet against the countrys far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, even as the former army captain said he would not “passively” accept any defeat in next month’s election.

Saturday’s protests, which reportedly spread through 114 cities throughout Brazil and others overseas including New York, London and Sydney, were in repudiation of a candidate known for disparaging women, blacks and gays and who yearns for Brazils former military dictatorship.

“He’s a person who is homophobic, a person who is prejudiced . . . he is a person who supports violence and dictatorship,” said Maiana Viana, a chef who was at the protest with her mother, who lived through the former dictatorship.

bzl rally.jpg

Thank God. I’ll have to reread the article, but I didn’t see much on anyone running against. Prolly can’t vote for Lula in prison.

And how good is their election process? Even if Bolsonaro loses, will he?

Thanks for this–hopefully the reread will help.


Wow! Look at those buds, lol.

I stumbled upon this tweet just now, am taking a lunch break, and couldn’t help be marvel at:

1) that pic! damn
2) and the fact that The Globe & Mail is a quite conservative Canadian news outlet & yet here they are posting pics like that. Now that pot is going legal in Canada here come the capitalists out to make their profits.

The times they are a changin’.

p.s. I’d certainly rather they focus on THAT kind of extraction over the kind that wrecks out planet!


They are easy to grow. Get a seed source and just check the laws in your area. FL hasn’t fully implemented medical pot. It was passed by 70% of the voters 2 years ago. It still is not fully operational, and that’s thanks to the FRight here.



Lol on the same day that Sanders even as non president had one of the worlds largest corporations give in to his nonstop battle for fair pay Bloomberg publishes this:

Time’s Running Out for Bernie in 2020

There’s a long list of Democrats who are better positioned to nab the presidential nomination.


Yes, Sanders did well — beating everyone’s expectations — last time around. But I remain very skeptical that his voters had any long-term attachment to him. Of course, some did. But others simply wanted a candidate who was more liberal than Hillary Clinton; they’ll have several options to choose from this time. And others just didn’t like Clinton (or, at least, didn’t want her to be the Democratic nominee). For them, Sanders may have been nothing more than the only other candidate on the ballot. That certainly won’t be a problem this time around, at least for early primaries.


Yeah no long term attachment at all, but for some weird reason hes still the most popular politician in America.

As usual the establishment is (intentionally) wrong.


Who exactly are these “several options”? Clueless. Except I think Warren has a much better chance than Hillary, whether I want her or not. She seems to be signaling a more TPTB-accommodating agenda.


4 White Supremacists Hit With Federal Charges Over Charlottesville Unite The Right Weekend

All four defendants are from California and are part of a violent white supremacist group called the Rise Above Movement (RAM), as first documented by ProPublica.

The night before the Unite the Right rally, Daley and Gillen — a 23-year-old from Torrance, California — were among those who marched through UVA’s campus carrying torches. They chanted “Jews will not replace us!” and attacked anti-racist protesters.

Miselis, 29, can be seen in video footage from the Charlottesville rally shoving a black counterprotester to the ground and punching him.



The New York Times reports that Brett Kavanaugh was questioned by police in 1985 for his involvement in a New Haven bar fight. It is hardly the most damning revelation, though it is relevant to Kavanaugh’s truthfulness, given that he denied before the Senate ever having gotten aggressive while drinking.

The conservative community has leapt to Kavanaugh’s defense. Their defense does not focus on the truthfulness issue, but instead on the legitimacy of bar-fighting, which they apparently see as a cherished way of life now under threat by the liberal elite. Conservative thought leaders took to social media to share their own bar-fighting experiences:

If you are a young man who likes to get drunk and trade some punches in a tavern, you may have once felt alone, but now there is a community to support and affirm your life choices.


Lots of people do a lot of dumb things, but they arent trying to get a life time appointment to the highest court in the country, so there is that.


From what I’m reading Kavanaugh thought the man might be the lead singer from UB40 and when the man noticed them staring at him he told Kavanaugh and his friends to leave him alone and also threw a curse word in there, at which point Kavanaugh threw his ice/threw his beer at the man.

Kavanaugh seems to be a punk who can’t handle anyone telling him something he doesn’t want to hear. He should have been hauled off to the police station for instigating violence.

Btw, so much mocking of Kavanaugh. I sure hope he’s not confirmed!

He wanted the song’s name changed to Beer Beer Beer

“I first found out that my name was being dragged into the biggest news story of the year when I woke up and my wife came in and said: ‘What’s all this about you and Brett Kavanaugh?,’” (UB40 lead singer Ali) Campbell told The Guardian. “I said: ‘I have absolutely no idea.’ Then people started ringing up asking for a comment on this supposed ruckus in a bar between him and someone who looked like me in 1985. My obvious comment is: ‘It wasn’t me!’”

Campbell noted that he’d been following the tumultuous Kavanaugh confirmation process during UB40’s recent North American tour, and spoke on the sexual assault allegations that have been leveled against the nominee. “American politics seems particularly unsavoury at the moment: it’s at an all-time low,” he said. “I don’t know the bloke, so I don’t know whether he’s innocent or guilty, but I wouldn’t support anyone assaulting women.”

Campbell closed with a sly remark about Kavanaugh’s UB40 fandom. While he insisted that the band welcomes everyone to their shows – “so long as they leave their politics at the door” – he remarked, “It is a big surprise to find out that Kavanaugh used to come to see us in his Yale days. You don’t expect a rightwing Republican to follow a leftwing reggae socialist band from Birmingham. But we used to sing about really heavy stuff and wrap it up in frothy, happy tunes, so a lot of people got into us who had no idea what we were singing about. Maybe he just loves reggae… and didn’t listen to our lyrics.”

The name “UB40” was selected in reference to a form issued to people claiming unemployment benefit from the UK government’s Department of Employment. The designation UB40 stood for Unemployment Benefit, Form 40.

Sorry, I lost the main link with the quotes from Campell, but this is pretty sweet:

UB40 would’ve hated Brett Kavanaugh

So I’m glad a 21-year-old Kavanaugh got into bar fight over UB40, and not just because it’s yet more evidence that he perjured himself. This anecdote gives us an opportunity to cut UB40 some slack. Through well-written and poignant songs they used their burgeoning fame to shine a spotlight on the rampant inequality perpetrated by entitled elites who exploit society with relative impunity. It’s an era of UB40 that deserves a revisit.



Kavanaugh’s updated calendar and this thought


Ummm, perjury?



YUGE win for Bernie!!!



The New York Times has published a massive investigation of President Trump’s finances, revolving around two important revelations. First, Trump was given far more financial support by his father than previously known — at least $413 million in today’s dollars, not the measly $1 million he claims to have received. Second, the mechanisms by which he received these transfers often crossed the line from aggressive or creative maneuvering into illegality. That the Times presents these conclusions so baldly — accusing him of “outright fraud” in the first sentence — in the face of Trump’s famous litigiousness, is a testament to the power and clarity of its findings.

That is to say, Trump was in the money-inheriting business. And that business was essentially, and not just incidentally, illegal. The Times found 295 income streams created by Fred Trump for his son, many of them illegal on their face. The English language has terms for people who make large sources of money from illegal activity: criminals.

The article makes clear that Trump is safe from criminal prosecution largely because tax-law enforcement is weak, and many of his apparently illegal activities took place too long ago to prosecute now. That does not minimize his culpability in any moral sense though. It’s merely a testament to the general immunity from consequences that wealthy people enjoy, and regular people do not.



Authorities are reviewing a New York Times investigative report that found Donald Trump and his family allegedly engaged in fraud and other schemes to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.

The Times on Tuesday published documents and a detailed report on Trump’s efforts in the 1990s to avoid paying millions in gift and estate taxes. Trump received at least $413 million from his father Fred Trump’s real estate empire, much of which went untaxed, the Times reported.

A spokesperson for New York’s Department of Taxation and Finance told BuzzFeed News that officials were reviewing the newly revealed information on Trump’s finances.

“The Tax Department is reviewing the allegations in the NYT article and is vigorously pursuing all appropriate avenues of investigation,” spokesperson James Gazzale said.

According to the Times, the statute of limitations on some of the alleged criminal behavior it uncovered has run out. But, if tax fraud is proven, civil fines could still be imposed.


Trump tumbles down the Forbes 400 as his net worth has taken a major hit since he launched his presidential run

the billionaire president isn’t profiting off his time in the White House, according to a new report.

President Donald Trump’s net worth has declined by more than $1 billion since the year he launched his presidential campaign at the foot of Trump Tower’s escalator, Forbes reported Tuesday.

The president’s net worth stands at $3.1 billion, down from $4.5 billion in 2015, Forbes said. As a result, Trump has tumbled down the Forbes 400 list, the latest edition of which will be published in full Wednesday. Trump was the 248th wealthiest person in America on Forbes’ 2017 list.

Forbes estimates Trump’s licensing operation is now valued around $3 million, down sharply from the $23 million estimate Forbes made in 2015. Brands such as Serta and Macy’s separated from their licensing agreements with Trump shortly after some of his most incendiary comments on the campaign trail.



According to the news Trumpcorp was making 200K a year at age 3 (great work when you can get it) and was a millionaire by age 8. then daddy gave him partial ownership in a 52 unit apartment complex at 17 all thx to daddy Trumpcorp self made billionaire my ass.


Oh My!


Showtime announced Tuesday evening it will air a new documentary film centered on a bombshell New York Times report alleging President Trump accrued millions of dollars from “dubious” tax schemes.

“The film follows a team of New York Times investigative reporters through their diligent and intense efforts in uncovering the information that led to this exclusive report,” according to a release from the channel.

As part of the series “The Fourth Estate,” which premiered on Showtime earlier, a film crew was embedded for more than a year to follow Times investigative reporters David Barstow, Russell Buettner and Susanne Craig. The documentary, “The Family Business: Trump and Taxes,” will detail the trio’s efforts to report on the alleged tax scheme. It will air on Sunday, Oct. 7, at 8:30 p.m. EST.

Underlining by me.


Maybe Bernie should highlight this

Just months after voters in Washington, D.C. decisively approved Initiative 77—which would gradually raise the wages of tipped workers to match the city’s regular minimum wage by 2026—the Democrat-dominated D.C. Council on Tuesday opted to side with the powerful restaurant industry over the public will and voted to take the first step toward repealing the measure.

“It is incredibly sad to see the Council representing one of the most progressive cities in the country siding with the wealthy restaurant industry over their own constituents, particularly people of color who overwhelmingly voted for this ballot measure.”
—Patriotic Millionaires
“The D.C. Council just told every voter in the district that their voices don’t matter,” Patriotic Millionaires declared in a statement denouncing the 8-5 vote. “Regardless of the content of the ballot measure, which happens to be a well-deserved pay raise for tipped workers, for the Council to overturn an initiative that a majority of D.C. voters voted ‘yes’ on is appalling. It’s just another sign that voters in the district are second-class citizens in their own country.”

“It is incredibly sad to see the Council representing one of the most progressive cities in the country siding with the wealthy restaurant industry over their own constituents, particularly people of color who overwhelmingly voted for this ballot measure,” the group concluded. “How are they any better than Republicans in Congress who have done the same thing in the past? The people of D.C. deserve better.”



Looks like a sham

The F.B.I. is expected to complete its investigation into allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh and deliver the results to the Senate as early as Wednesday, and Republican leaders said Tuesday that they expect to vote on the nomination this week.



Lawyers for two women who accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct said Tuesday the FBI isn’t doing a full enough investigation of their claims.

The FBI spoke to Deborah Ramirez on Sunday about her accusation that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a drunken college party, but agents don’t appear to have contacted the witnesses whose names she provided, her lawyer, John Clune, said on Twitter.

“We have great concern that the FBI is not conducting — or not being permitted to conduct — a serious investigation,” Clune said.

Separately, attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford said in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray that they’ve received no response to their offer for Ford to be interviewed, and that media reports have said the FBI doesn’t intend to interview Ford or Kavanaugh. Ford has accused Kavanaugh of attacking her at a 1982 high school house party by holding her down, trying to remove her clothes and putting his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming.

“It is inconceivable that the FBI could conduct a thorough investigation of Dr. Ford’s allegations without interviewing her, Judge Kavanaugh, or the witnesses we have identified in our letters to you,” attorneys Debra Katz and Michael Bromwich said in the letter.

Ford’s lawyers also said that although they sent information about witnesses and evidence that may aid the investigation, they have received no response from the FBI.


OMG. Would someone on the MSM please call out the FBI for being utterly syncophantic?!?! (prolly not a word.)

INFURIATING. yes, i’m yelling.


Crowd chants: Lock Her Up!


Truly dumbfounding.


If the FBI is closing their investigation tmrw, then I’m with those calling to Stack the Court!!!!

oh, wait, it might upset the Republicans.


So…not sure about all that.


Maybe I am interpreting this wrong but it seems to me that the Democrats are shooting themselves in their own feet. The likelyhood of the Democrats getting 60 members in the Senate is not likely to occur soon.


That makes as much sense as Pelosi wanting to return to paygo.


Even as recent surveys, major congressional primary results, and leftward shifts within the Democratic caucus continue to demonstrate a widespread desire for progressive change within the party, House Democrats’ newly revealed 2019 legislative strategy—spearheaded by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)—shows that party leaders are planning to cripple any move toward bold policy goals like Medicare for All by reimposing the fiscally conservative pay-go rule.

“Pay-go is a self-imposed, economically illiterate approach to budgeting.”
—Stephanie Kelton, economistPay-go—which Pelosi first implemented in 2007 after becoming House Speaker—requires that all new spending be completely offset by budget cuts or tax hikes. According to Axios, which first reported on the outline of House Democrats’ strategy on Monday, Pelosi is “committed” to reviving pay-go if Democrats take control of the House in November, despite strong progressive opposition to the rule.

With potential leaders like Schumer and Pelosi it almost makes me want to have a bunch of beers with Kavanaugh.


OK. So at what point do we realize this is basically a Republican move? The big difference is that with Trump, we get people like Kavanaugh. And yes, that is huge, but if we don’t get rid of people like Pelosi and Schumer, we will never even have the chance to stack the court, and even with a Dem majority, we will continue to get marginal Justices and judges that rule in favor of corpses and voter disenfranchisement.

I might make a diary out of Mehdi Hasan’s article one of these days. I think it’s a really important article. And I was extremely skeptical, too.

We have to start somewhere. And as he says, these Courts do not reflect the will of the American people.


No, unlikely that Dems will have 60 votes for awhile, so what the hell?!

I mean, if Dems do get the chance to ‘stack the courts’ AND take it, okay, then maybe change it, but not until then!


Better yet, if they conclude their investigation this week, the Republican senators who asked for an investigation should vote no. Period.


@liepardestin, i thought you’d like to know that Sounds True is having a “Waking Up in the World” free web thing that lasted for a week (sadly, i came in late and it’s almost over and doubt that he will still be up by now).

One of the speakers is Xiuhtezcatl Martinez talking about “Roots of Revolution.”

They have a few people left and he might still be up at this link.


It is still up but i don’t know for how long.


i wish he had started off saying that the bill was meant for all employers whose employees use those government services bc they are so poor. And i wish Cenk wouldn’t have said, “We got ’em.” and continue to concentrate on Bezos.

just a personal thing. i don’t want to do a victory shake in the end zone. i want to welcome Bezos into the fold and get to work with him to expand it, as he has said that he wants to do.

I don’t want to be obsequious, but polite and welcoming. maybe too much to ask.

And i do note that he does praise Bezos later.

Then again, Hell yeah!

That is so cool that the workers were so happy!

This is what living with purpose looks like and i can’t for the life of me figure out why more people in DC don’t want the same feelings for themselves.

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