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Give me an f’n break. “Progressive” group, American Bridge founded by David Brock😖😖😖


When a half-dozen Democratic donors gathered at the Whitby Hotel in Manhattan last week, the dinner began with a discussion of which presidential candidates the contributors liked. But as conversations among influential Democrats often go these days, the meeting quickly evolved into a discussion of who was not in the race — but could be lured in.

Would Hillary Clinton get in, the contributors wondered, and how about Michael R. Bloomberg, the former New York mayor? One person even mused whether Michelle Obama would consider a late entry, according to two people who attended the event, which was hosted by the progressive group American Bridge.

It’s that time of the election season for Democrats.

“Since the last debate, just anecdotally, I’ve had five or six people ask me: ‘Is there anybody else?’” said Leah Daughtry, a longtime Democrat who has run two of the party’s recent conventions.



Interesting article.

“There’s more anxiety than ever,” said Connie Schultz, a journalist who is married to Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, another Democrat who some in the party would like to see join the race. “We’re both getting the calls. I’ve been surprised by some who’ve called me.”

“I can see it, I can feel it, I can hear it,” Mitch Landrieu, the former New Orleans mayor, said of the unease within the party.

Mr. Brown, who nearly entered the race earlier this year, said the pressure on him to reconsider from labor leaders, Democratic officials and donors has “become more frequent.”

Democrats who have recently spoken with Mrs. Clinton say she shares the same concerns other party elites have about the field — worried about Mr. Biden’s durability, Ms. Warren’s liberal politics and unsure of who else can emerge to take on Mr. Trump.

How does that 2015 abstention feel now Warren?

Still, it’s unlikely that the what-if musing, particularly among the party’s class of donors, elected officials and strategists, will quiet down as long as Mr. Biden is struggling and Ms. Warren, the Massachusetts senator, is surging.

“With Trump looming, there is genuine concern that the horse many have bet on may be pulling up lame and the horse who has sprinted out front may not be able to win,” said David Axelrod, a former adviser to President Barack Obama.

I’m keeping that one in case Warren wins the nomination and then loses, because I’m sure that, if that happens, they’ll try to just blame us again!

One longtime Democrat who originally sought to entice Mr. Brown into the race, Randi Weingarten,

Randi, Randi, Randi, who is the best candidate for labor? I think you know! Why won’t you back him? I’d LOVE to know your answer.


After Saturday’s rally the Democratic establishment is getting scared. Bernie has kicked his campaign up a couple notches. For the first time, I saw a presidential aura about him. He concluded his remarks with a burst of eloquence and perception not heard in a political speech in many years. I sense more and more awareness that sending Bernie to take on Trump would set up a battle between honesty and compassion against hatred and corruption. Bernie’s inherent decency and sincerity begins to shine brightly through the fog.



A manufacturing recession may already be under way in vulnerable swing states, challenging President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to deliver blue collar jobs to his base.

Out of the 21 states with manufacturing job losses so far this year, some of those experiencing the greatest percentage declines are states where Trump won by less than 5 percentage points. In Pennsylvania, the manufacturing sector lost 8,100 jobs. In North Carolina, it was 7,700 from that sector; and Wisconsin lost 6,500 jobs.

The closure of Wood-Mode, a 77-year-old family-owned factory among the farmland of rural Kreamer, Pennsylvania, was responsible for over 900 of the manufacturing jobs lost in that state this year, one of the most by a single company.

Employees who had worked there for decades were given minutes to leave. Partially completed cabinets were left on the floor of the 1.3 million square foot facility

“They came out and told us shut everything off. Turn off the radio… ‘As of right now, you’re all laid off indefinitely,'” said Michele Sanders, 41, who had worked at the company for two decades immediately after graduating high school, no college degree required.

“We had about 10 minutes to get our stuff and get out,” said Sanders, a mother of two. Employees drifted out into the parking lot in a daze, under the eye of local law enforcement. “I was in my car with tears flowing out of my eyes. We were all in shock,” she said.

The former owner, Robert Gronlund, and his son and VP of operations, Brooks Gronlund, didn’t respond to multiple NBC News emails and phonecalls seeking comment. Neither did the primary lender, Great Rock Capital of Connecticut.

The lack of explanation or warning by the former owners came as a shock to all.


by the Former owners sez it all.


They (Employees) got Gecko’ed



In June, Bernie Sanders called for former Brazilian president Lula da Silva to be released from prison.

“Today, it is clearer than ever that Lula da Silva was imprisoned in a politicized prosecution that denied him a fair trial and due process. During his presidency, Lula oversaw huge reductions in poverty and remains Brazil’s most popular politician. I stand with political and social leaders across the globe who are calling on Brazil’s judiciary to release Lula and annul his conviction.l

Four months and multiple Democratic debates later, none of the other candidates have followed his lead. That’s a travesty. Not only is Lula a political prisoner by any reasonable definition, but he’s a figure who should be celebrated by anyone who wants to defeat the global forces of right-wing populism.

Given his accomplishments and his unjust imprisonment, it would be enough to demand his release so he could hit the lecture circuit and spend time with his family. But as he’s made clear in interview after interview, in the media blitz he’s done after the authorities finally let him talk to journalists after a year of enforced silence, that he has thought deeply and strategically about the plague that afflicts Brazil and the United States and is metastasizing across the globe. It’s clear that Bernie is listening — and that he’s willing to challenge the foreign policy consensus that continues to support repressive right-wing governments in Latin America and across the globe.

None of the other candidates, even the ones ones who have tried the hardest to blur the lines between Sanders’ agenda and their own liberal worldview, have displayed the same clarity. Even the most moderate presidential candidates, if they are sincere about their concerns about democracy and climate, should be loudly and proudly saying, “Lula livre.”



The WikiLeaks legal team have a strong case to have Assange’s extradition request thrown out after the government that wants him extradited got hold of surveillance video of his privileged attorney-client conversations.

If this were a normal legal case, WikiLeaks’ lawyers would almost certainly be able to get the extradition request by the United States for their client Julian Assange thrown out on the grounds that his privileged conversations with his lawyers at Ecuador’s London embassy were secretly videotaped, and that the very nation that wants him extradited to stand trial in Virginia has obtained access to those videos. In a normal extradition case it would be hard to imagine Britain sending a suspect to a country whose government has already eavesdropped on that suspect’s defense preparations.

But this is not a normal legal case.


this wrong goes to the very core of who we are and the fact that our media profited off of him and now completely ignores his real mental and physical decline and his real case for freedom….

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