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Don midwest
Don midwest

single day high of covid cases and death reaches 1,200 for first time in months

Indiana, North Dakota, Illinois, Montana, Oklahoma, Utah and Ohio posted daily records on Thursday, according to a Reuters analysis, while Florida reported more than 5,500 new cases, its highest single-day increase since Aug. 15.

Twenty-eight states have reported their daily record high of COVID-19 cases in the month of October alone.

On Wednesday, the number of coronavirus deaths reported across the country reached its highest in two months. Increases in deaths tend to trail spikes new infections by several weeks.

now that the cases are spread around the country, shows that the entire country is at risk

and Trump and republicans celebrate “freedom” from masks and congratulate themselves in all they have done

just one article which is source of quote above

COVID-19 surges across U.S. as some hospitals stretched

12 days to election

supreme court set to declare Trump president with new member who only follows the law

hence, one of the supposed pillars of democracy, the Rule of Law, falls to politics

funny how I started with pandemic and ended with politics. Well, actually tragic


I guess the R’s bottom line is “If they die-they die as long as profits are saved. Just supporting a mask mandate would’ve saved thousands. Since were into another wave a lot of people are staying home for the most part. A lot of bars in WI are simply closing for the winter and waiting for spring to see if things are better, unfortunately some are closing for good.


we have a popular, dive student bar here that is advertising. smh

Don midwest
Don midwest

How much of Barack Obama’s legacy has Donald Trump rolled back?

dems didn’t play hard ball politics and Obama used executive orders

now rolled back

but, as I have said before, the outcome of the dem slaughter in 2010 were predicted in 2007 by the dean of US political philosophers Sheldon Wolin because he noted that even if dems won all three branches in 2008, their neo liberal econ policies, big business, military, would continue and then people would loose trust in the dems. So, even when we had all three branches, we screwed up.

what the hell did I just do? I said “we”

the connection to the dem party is so deep, that I can’t help myself when I write these stream of consciousness notes.

“we” never held all three branches — not since The New Deal and part of LBJ’s time as president when so many laws were passed. Remember Medicare? Well, it might be on the chopping block, not to say Medicaid and other programs if Trump wins again.


If 150M Americans turn out to vote, I guarantee the orange maggot will lose the election. I don’t care if SCOTUS is all Pence clones. The FRighties and GOPukes dread a very heavy turnout. The Bush criminals pulled off 2000 cos of the lousy turnout.


Obama had control–House + 59-60 in Senate for a number of months out of his first two years. I’m counting 59 because the VP votes, but i may be wrong, it may be 60 + VP, and that would give him 60 for at least 4 months.

Admittedly, not a huge hold, but he also started tacking way right before he was even sworn in and let his organizing go, so he didn’t have the yuge leverage he had with all the people power going in. i know, i was a street pounder.


Obama had a window to push M4A type HC thru, but chickened out, he or his kids were threatened as he didnt use the political capital(2 yrs) he had after the election very well at all.


imho, he was that long before. speech at the Federalist Society, etc. He started picking anti-m4A, anti-environment, etc. people early and had Margaret Flowers, an MD, forcibly ejected form a health committee meeting at the very beginning.

He loves Rahm, who famously said something like “Frack progressives” very soon into his admin. and he continues to frack with anything remotely helpful.

i could be wrong, of course, but i’m not convinced that he needed threats.


Obama is a fan of Ronald Raygun, and that was a fact when he ran in 2008. I voted for him cos of history and he was AA.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Long term effects of Covid can be in the sense of smell

The Scent of Desire:
Discovering Our Enigmatic Sense of Smell

The Scent of Desire fascinates readers with how and why the sense of smell is so powerful and how it is even being harnessed by business and in new innovative technologies. This book compels the reader to never again take their sense of smell for granted, because once these pages have been turned one will never forget how vital the sense of smell is to the most important aspects of our life.


My sense of smell during the years I worked at a lab literally helped me avoid inhaling dangerous fumes that could have done serious damage to my body.

I agree that our sense of smell is taken “for granted”.

I had to go to the dentist today, and that’s one of the questions the front desk asks in their questionnaire before you’re allowed to proceed any further, ‘have you experienced a loss of smell?’ (or something like that 😉 )


Good morning, TPW

I see many detailed and informative posts on the daily numbers have been posted but until Election Day, at least, I’m going to offer some numbers in a consistent patterned way making comparison easy for anybody inclined to do so.

Early Voting; Drudge has 49 million. sure to be over 50 million by tonight.

New Covid cases 75,064. Deaths yesterday differ a bit. Drudge has 1038 and the NY Times had 800+.

Bernie in Pittsburgh will be reassuring to some progressives, I guess.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Science Fiction – a link came up and there are others. A diversion from the horror going on right now

Star Trek will never be perfect — and that’s the mission
The franchise is a half-century long map of attempts to chart a hopeful future

here is some recent work which I have not noticed before. An artist so some images in the article. Dystopian

A sneak peek at Tales from the Loop author Simon Stålenhag’s next two art books
Two projects are on the horizon: The Labyrinth and Europa Mekano

In about 1958 a friend of the family who was more financially well off than we were (father a HS teacher, mom didn’t work) took me to the new Disney Land in Anaheim CA. The first one. There was tomorrow land. The FUTURE!!

There was a metal structure shaped like a rocket and circular seating inside. We sat inside and heard sounds, maybe have been some video, and we were able to simulate travel in a rocket. Disney franchise has been about the glorious future.

The retrofuturistic Carousel of Progress plays an ironic role at Disney World
Walt Disney built the ride for the future, but now it’s a relic of the past

the article is not about the rocket but something else

the strongest memories I have are long, long lines and later toward the end of HS, playing games there and facing being kicked out of Disneyland.

another thoughts

Disneyland is in Orange County. A friend was around when they bulldozed orange trees (Orange County) and he picked up oranges as many as he could get in his car. Finest oranges in the world some said.

there are videos showing the destruction of the land in order to build Disneyland.

well, did you note what I said

I should have said preparing for the wonderful theme park (and the destruction of the landscape was a small price to pay for progress. Our country has lived the theme of destruction of the past to make way for a glorious future. No need to worry about Native Americans when there is money to be made!)

Science Fiction


Science Reality

Technical Reality

Economic Reality

thus Science Fiction fits our needs


Sci fi is going downhill now that neolibs got their grimy hands in it.


Agreed story telling has gone down hill, way to many war based stories