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T and R x 2, jcb!! ☮️🙂👍 Listen, I check the Nest daily. If I don’t see it Open by the afternoon, I’ll do it. I certainly have the time.👍 I have started mailing out DFA GOTV postcards, and my ballot has been received by the Election folks here.✊👏👏


Scarfed from c99% as it is the Evening Blues featured artist. I’m familiar more with a cover version of this song by the Fabulous Thunderbirds.


It’s a great r&b standard. 🙂 This is the version I’m familiar with.

There’s also one by Dave Edmunds and the Rolling Stones among others. joes… is one of the c99% co-founders. I think I commented on the fact that he’s an ex disk jockey. He sure knows his tunes! 🙂


Not the same tune, but Fats’ song definitely was covered by the Stones and Dave Edmunds.


I’ll check yours out. Sorry about the mixup. Not quite as mentally agile as I used to be. LOL. Fats’ is the one I know by that name. Speaking of tunes I’ve had this island classic earwormed all morning.

My mother had an LP of his that I just worshipped as a kid. I could sing just about all the tunes even tho my singing voice stunk. Oh well. 🙂


This one sounds like a mix of blues and rockabilly. It’s unique! 🙂



Justice Clarence Thomas on Monday temporarily shielded Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, from having to answer questions from a special grand jury in Georgia investigating efforts to overturn former President Donald J. Trump’s election loss in the state.

Justice Thomas’s brief order was an “administrative stay,” meant to give the court some breathing room to weigh the senator’s emergency application asking the Supreme Court to bar the grand jury from questioning him.

On Saturday, Justice Thomas, who oversees the appeals court whose ruling is at issue, ordered prosecutors to respond to the application by Thursday. Such a request for a response is almost always a sign that the full court will weigh in on the matter.

Prosecutors appear to be particularly interested in any efforts Mr. Graham may have made to urge officials in Georgia, including its secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, to address allegations of voting irregularities before Congress was to vote in January 2021 to certify that President Biden was the legitimate winner of the presidential election.

Mr. Graham’s lawyers said that he was reviewing election-related issues in his role as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time.

On Thursday, a unanimous three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, in Atlanta, refused to block a trial judge’s ruling that Mr. Graham could be required to answer some but not all questions from the grand jury.

The panel based its ruling on the Constitution’s protection of members of Congress in its “speech or debate” clause. “For any speech or debate in either house,” the clause says of senators and representatives, “they shall not be questioned in any other place.”

The panel, which included two judges appointed by President Donald J. Trump, drew a distinction between Mr. Graham’s activities in investigating supposed irregularities in the 2020 election and some of his other statements and conduct. Though the lower courts are divided over whether “an informal investigation by an individual legislator acting without committee authorization is ever protected legislative activity under the speech and debate clause,” the panel said, it would assume that the clause applied to such inquiries made by Mr. Graham.

But some other questions, the panel said, were fair game. “Activities that fall outside the clause’s scope include, for example, ‘cajoling’ executive officials and delivering speeches outside of Congress.”

That man should not be anywhere near something related to J6.


Clarence Thomas needs to be impeached and thrown off the SCOTUS bench for treason (aiding and abetting wifey), and pure stupidity. Graham shouldn’t even be in the Senate. He is as bad as Sick Rott. But in this broken down, corrupt country of ours, neither will occur. Sure wish I could believe in h3ll and an afterlife, I’ll tell ya!


Along with Cult-45s 3 USSC and 147 other congresscritter that supported the Cult on Jan 6th.



Sort of related…

‘Beyond Parody’: New Climate-Focused Semafor Newsletter Sponsored by… Chevron

The new global media outlet Semafor came under fire by journalists and other critics Monday for allowing fossil fuel giant Chevron to sponsor its climate-focused newsletter.

“Welcome to Semafor Climate, where we take the temperature of the politics, technology, and energy markets influencing global warming,” journalist Bill Spindle wrote for Monday’s newsletter.

“Today I delve into Europe’s efforts to get off Russian gas and the U.S. campaign to assure the E.U.’s ban on Russian oil doesn’t send crude prices soaring,” Spindle continued. “And feeling anxious about climate change? A study shows you are not alone. But an electric Rolls Royce could make you feel better, if you can afford it.”

However, it was a message from sponsor Chevron that caught the attention of several readers.

“We’re working toward a lower carbon future,” Chevron’s message—which links to a page on the company’s website—says in large letters above an image of a cow’s snout.

Below the cow image, the company adds: “We believe the fuels of the future can come from some very unexpected places. At Chevron, we’re working with partners in California to convert the methane from cow waste into renewable natural gas.”

Longtime science journalist Joe Brown—who runs the Substack project one5c—was among the critics, tweeting at Semaforthat the fossil fuel company “wouldn’t be my choice of sponsor for a climate newsletter.”

Blasting Chevron’s lack of climate action, Brown added that “the ag-capture project in this ad is as bad as greenwashing gets: It’s a natural gas plant.”

While Chevron claims to support the Paris agreement and last year adopted a “2050 net-zero aspiration for equity upstream scope 1 and 2 emissions,” the company continues to face criticism for failing to cut planet-heating pollution.

Previewing Semafor in June, The New York Times reported that the co-founders—the newspaper’s former media columnist, Ben Smith, and ex-Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith, who are not related—said that “it would tackle the lack of trust in media and compete for English-language readers against outlets like CNN, the Times, and The Washington Post.”

Semafor, which aims to distinguish itself from such legacy media outlets with a unique article structure, launched last week “as a free, advertising-supported media site but will evolve into a paywalled subscription site in about 12 to 18 months, as it gains brand recognition,” according to CNBC.

“What stage of media is it when Climate Newsletter Brought To You By The Industry Destroying The Climate is the ascendant business model?” The Lever’s David Sirota asked Monday.

Both Sirota and The Lever’s Andrew Perez pointed out similar sponsorship choices by major newsletters—which they reported on last year with fellow journalist Walker Bragman.

“It’s great that more companies are adopting the Politico Playbook/Axios/Punchbowl model where they let horrible companies actively lie to their readers for money,” Perez said Monday.

As The Lever’s reporters detailed in October 2021:

This new foundation of political news was originally constructed by now-disgraced Washington gossip Mark Halperin and his ABC News email called The Note—a publication founded in January 2002 as an internal staff memo proudly boasting that it only cared about the so-called “Gang Of 500” people in Washington who allegedly matter.

Today’s copycats like Politico, Punchbowl, and Axios have made this arrangement even more explicit: Their innovation was baking corporate ideology directly into their news via snarky voice and so-called “native advertising.” In practice, their primary raison d’etre is not to publish accountability reporting, but to instead play tone policeman and frame the parameters of the policy discourse so that it best guarantees outcomes that corporate sponsors want.

The trio added that “in the rip-and-read world of news and politics, these newsletters are the talking points torn out by pundits, TV bookers, and lobbyists and then turned into newspaper columns, to-camera diatribes, and pitches to lawmakers. They are, in other words, the prefabricated scripts distributed throughout news industry superstructure, wrapped in the veneer of objectivity, and then blasted out to the general population under the banner of corporate media mastheads.”

The Lever’s reporting on “the Washington gossip rags that are quite literally ‘presented by’ a rogues gallery of corporate villains trying to buy politicians and kill the reconciliation bill” highlighted sponsorships by Chevron, ExxonMobil, HCA Healthcare, Facebook, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), and Uber.

I decided to subscribe for their free stuff since I know it will have a paywall before long. I agree with most of the sentiment expressed by The Lever. I might add the verbiage reads more like talking points for fossil fuel lobbyists and COOs.


It’s a shame that Axios has become so degraded. I had Politico’s RWing slant from the get-go. The other read I’m not familiar with.


Man, if that ain’t the truth! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!