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FYI If interested Bernie has yard signs for only $3.00 at his “store” Their a darker blue than what were used to.




Tim Robbins Says People Would Be Surprised Bernie Sanders is ‘Funny’: ‘He’s Just Burst Out Into Laughter’
Robbins explains why he’s supporting Bernie for the Democratic nomination for president


Thank you jcitybone. I used to have such a crush on Tim Robbins, lol, so I’m glad to see that he’s retained his progressive tendencies.

And Tim is 100% correct about health care-related anxiety of course.

(in Canada) “that anxiety doesn’t exist”

When people ask me about Canada’s health care system that’s pretty much what I tell them. The quality of life in Canada is better for that one reason alone (there are other reasons too), because people don’t…have…to…worry about what they’d do if that mysterious pain they’re having turns out to be something serious! Or what would happen if you got injured in a car accident, etc.

I’m so glad that the People segment included those two great pics of Bernie laughing. It made the hostess laugh too. Bernie laughing is contagious.


Yes I think Bernie’s health scare has made him lighten up some more and show that side he always had. There has been evidence of this at the debates and just recently on Kimmel. I think it will help him in his campaign. Although some vinegar is necessary, some voters respond more to honey.


Endorsing Bernie Sanders wasn’t necessarily easy for Stacey Walker.

Then again, Sanders was the obvious choice for the Linn County supervisor.

“We’re in a moment where we have a walking constitutional crisis of a president and we’re facing challenges unlike any we’ve ever seen,” Walker said Thursday. “Bernie Sanders is the most progressive candidate in the race, and we need a bold progressive.”

He considered other candidates, but found Sanders to be the “gold standard … the standard-bearer” for the progressive movement.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m appreciative that we’ve got other candidates who, you know, are basically discussing the details, the variations of Sen. Sanders’ plans. That’s a good thing, right?” said Walker, who will be the Sanders’ campaign’s first Iowa co-chairman. “But he’s the real deal.”

He’s backing Sanders because the Vermont independent is doing more than running for president. Sanders is building a movement “that won’t end after he’s sworn in, Walker said.

“That’s inspiring to me because I know that a movement is going to be what it takes if we really want to usher in a new era of progress … if we want Medicare-for-all, if we want to make colleges and universities tuition-free, and if you want to meaningfully address the climate chaos that confronts,” Walker said.

As Sanders’ Iowa co-chairman, Walker plans to be active on the campaign trail. He was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, went to college in Iowa City and has political connections in Black Hawk County, “so I think I’ll be strongest in those counties, which are incredibly important.”

However, he’s visited nearly every county in the state, he said, “so I have political connections that I think will be useful for the campaign.”