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Bill Penzey’s ongoing campaign against President Donald Trump and the Republican Party has taken a new turn, as the famously outspoken Wisconsin spice purveyor is urging CEOs to climb on board the anti-Trump train.

Since Trump’s election in 2016, the founder and CEO of Penzeys Spices hasn’t been shy about expressing his dismay, not just at the president, whom he has called a racist, but at a wide range of policies advanced by conservative Republican lawmakers and the trends he says that they’ve enabled. He’s criticized gun violence and the proliferation of firearms, Fox News, poor teacher pay, the Republican-led attempts to abolish the Affordable Care Act and the Trump administration’s handling of immigration at the Mexican border. And he’s celebrated political victories on the blue side of the political spectrum.

Over the Feb. 22 weekend, Penzey addressed corporate chief executives in one of his periodic Facebook messages to customers and the rest of the world. “In these last few weeks, in the wake of Republicans refusing to hold the president responsible for his crimes, any sense that this will all get better on its own has gone out the window,” Penzey wrote.

It wasn’t the first time Penzey has addressed fellow CEOs, but it was possibly his most direct call to action.

Penzey is urging CEOs to join him on April 18 — chosen because it’s the anniversary of Paul Revere’s famous night ride to warn Massachusetts of a British invasion — in speaking up against Trump and the Republicans.

“At a minimum, every business can communicate to its employees the importance of voting, and most can safely communicate that importance to its customers as well,” he writes. “For all the scariness of these times, the good news is that it’s really only 30-40 million Americans (a little over 10%) who are drunk on the propaganda arm of the Republican Party.”


I’ve been meaning to pass this link on. If they don’t have the spice your looking for I’d be surprised . I’ve been shopping there for a long time.


I went to one of their stores once and it was wonderful.


Corporate office is in Wauwatosa a suburb of Milw. The owner spent almost 100G on impeachment ads to get rid of Trumpcorp.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Glenn Greenwald tweeted this a few days ago about how journalists can hold politicians accountable

a politician in parliament in New Zealand had troubles with the party and he formed his own party and then took up the banner of freedom from Covid. He lost the election. Here is the interview.

Here is an article from the Guardian by the journalist with a short video of the interview

Don midwest
Don midwest

saw an estimate that there will be 500,000 dead in the US by next February. There might be 400,000 dead by Jan 1.

Trump says things going fine with Covid 19

Lets look at traffic deaths and injuries

In 2019, an estimated 38,800 people lost their lives to car crashes – a 2% decline from 2018 (39,404 deaths) and a 4% decline from 2017 (40,231 deaths). About 4.4 million people were injured seriously enough to require medical attention in crashes last year – also a 2% decrease over 2018 figures.

Fatality Estimates – National Safety Council

38,000 dead is an acceptable number rather than change the entire transportation to give voice to the dead. Little attention is given to the 4.4 million requiring medical attention.

But, think about how much has gone into keeping our transportation system with an acceptable death rate. Highways. Laws. Police. Enforcement. First responders. And the acceptation by the public to obey the laws which actually infringe on their freedom — freedom to drive anywhere they want, at any speed at any time.

In the case of the Corona virus, other countries have done much better.

Trump knew about the airborne transmission of a virus worse than the flu — knew enough to warn his buddies to make investments. He didn’t follow the advice of the post office to send every American 5 masks early on in the pandemic. He fostered confusion and outright denial of basic public health measures like masks and social distance. The country still does not have enough PPE for medical professionals.

And unlike traffic deaths, Corona virus deaths continue at an unacceptable level without an end in sight.

The President and the security apparatus have not protected the people. And the medical field has been tied to money rather than providing health care necessary.

And the beloved economy has suffered while politicians sow dissention

is America going to give voice to those with long term effects from Covid 19?

is America going to give voice to the economic collapse from Covid 19?

is America going to give voice to the harm to the poor from Covid 19?

is America going to give voice to the dead from Covid 19?

Important questions.

In the mean time we know that the 1% has made money from Covid 19


I guess that’s all that matters is the last sentence about the 1% , the rest of us are considered expendable in our all hail profit society. The post mentioned 500 k dead by Feb, I wonder if people realize that 675k died from the Spanish flu pandemic in the US and 50 million world wide.


so all our medical advances haven’t saved us. certainly kept more alive, but we might not even have it if we weren’t raping jungles and forests and treating animals in those forests like nothing but meat to be thrown around. sometimes i just see all the blades, the huge ones and the small, sharp ones, ripping through us all.

Because as Don says so well on these pages, we are them and they are us. It feels trite to even write, but maybe that’s because our media have subtly trained me to think of it as a weak, airy-fairy thing to say. In reality, it is the strong who can look this in the eye and build a civilization that recognizes this.

Don midwest
Don midwest

torture by separation from reality

A long time ago, I read of a torture technique that a journalist heard was used by Hamas on residents of Gaza suspected of being informants: The person is shown a wall onto which a staircase is drawn, and at the top is a drawing of a bicycle. The person is told to go up and get the bicycle. But it’s only a drawing, he says. He is told that if he doesn’t bring the bicycle down the stairs, he will be beaten. And when, again, he appeals to his torturer’s reason, to the reality in which both the staircase and the bicycle are drawings, he is hit. At this moment he understands that he has been left alone in a reality he believed was shared. He has been abandoned there, while the others have departed to a new reality in which a person can be tortured for being unable to do what is asked because it is physically impossible. In that same article, there was, as I recall, a photograph of the concrete blocks of the Israel/Palestine wall, on which someone had scrawled “CTL+ALT+DLT.”

article is about Trump’s wall

did you notice that air travels across national borders?

also, water

also pollution

also virus

also people

life does not respect human made borders

it is impossible to survive behind a wall

what about lithium for batteries?

We’re Living in a World of Walls. Here Is a Window to Escape.
On ancient stones and new barriers, computer screens and emergency exits.






If one is watching this for the first time, pay attention to Aryanna Pressley. She honed her words and made very good use of her appearance on this town hall.


Bernie held a rally with SEIU in PA today.


i hope Bernie looks at voting in depth when all this is over.


Don midwest
Don midwest

Is capital finally losing faith in Trump?
Adam Tooze
The president’s administration is full of plutocrats and CEOs – but big business is leaning toward Biden

What has kept Donald Trump in the presidential race is his electoral base. It consists of white men, rural and small-town voters and small-business owners. The big bucks for the campaign come from a coterie of wealthy loyalists. This bloc will stick with Trump whatever he says or does.
But the attitude of other groups that one might expect to be Trump’s natural supporters, such as big business, financial markets, a lobby like the chamber of commerce – “capital”, in other words – is far less clear cut. If anything, as Joe Biden’s lead has stabilised, so too has their optimism. With an eye to an impending shift of power, the Chamber of Commerce has endorsed a cluster of Democrats in tight House races, provoking outrage from the president. These unexpected alignments point to the scrambling of assumptions that is characteristic of the Trump era.

The GOP is normally the party of business. The president himself is a businessman. His administration has been stacked with plutocrats, CEOs and lobbyists. It has delivered tax cuts and deregulation. The tax-collecting IRS is a shell of its former self; the Environmental Protection Agency has been gutted, and financial regulations slashed. Trump has packed the courts with judges who will deliver judgments against labour rights, environmentalism protection and business regulation. If, as seemed possible at the beginning of this year, the US economy had stayed on course and the Dems had selected the leftwing Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders as their candidate to run against Trump, the battle lines would have been clearly drawn.

But that is not what happened. The Democrats selected Biden, a centrist who as senator for Delaware between 1973 and 2009 represented one of the greatest tax havens in the western world during the height of financialisation. And then came the coronavirus shock and the most severe crisis that the US economy has suffered since the second world war.


Good morning all. 10—Ten days until Election Day. 63 million viewers for the Debate.

54 Million Early Votes are in! Today NYC EV opens and I will be there.

There were 85,085 New Covid cases yesterday. 925 deaths. bleak to say the least.

If anybody tells you that they know How or When or even If this pandemic will end, don’t believe them.

The 2020 Election, otoh, Will end. When and How are in doubt.


Asked in February what he would do if Sanders stepped down from the Senate, Scott told Seven Days that he would appoint an independent who had no plans to run for the seat. But he would not say whether he would expect that independent to caucus with Senate Democrats or Republicans, which could decide control of a closely divided chamber.

“I think I would be looking for somebody that fits all the qualifications and is independent by nature, and I don’t know [that] I would have a litmus test of any other sort,” Scott said at the time.

But at an unrelated press conference on Friday, the governor changed his tune.

“I want this to be fair,” he said, noting that he has filled past vacancies in the state legislature with appointees of the same party as outgoing members. “So in this case, again, Sen. Sanders has caucused with the Democrats. I would anticipate I would look at … a more left-leaning type of independent that would obviously caucus with the Democrats.”

Scott’s comments would seem to bolster Sanders’ chances of securing a job in a Biden administration. The Politico story noted that the senator faced “an uphill battle,” in part because a Republican governor could choose his replacement.

Scott himself made clear on Friday that it’s far from clear that he would be in a position to make such a choice. “I think there’s a lot of ifs there,” he said, noting that he would have to win reelection as governor, Biden would have to win the presidency, and both Biden and Sanders would have to be interested in working together.

Scott’s gubernatorial opponent, Progressive/Democratic Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, would take a somewhat different approach to replacing Sanders.

He told Seven Days in February that he would seek to appoint someone who would run for the seat. He would also select a Democrat or an independent in the Sanders mold who would pledge to caucus with the Democrats. And, he said at the time, “All else being equal, I would tilt towards a woman over a man — but issues come first.” A spokesperson for Zuckerman said Friday that his views had not changed.


America on Friday hit its highest daily number of coronavirus cases since the pandemic began, recording at least 82,900 new infections and surpassing the previous record set during the summertime surge of cases across the Sun Belt.

The rising numbers put the nation on the precipice of what could be its worst stretch to date in the pandemic with some hospitals in the West and Midwest already overwhelmed and death counts beginning to rise.

The current surge is considerably more widespread than the waves from last summer and spring. The unprecedented geographic spread of the current surge makes it more dangerous, with experts warning it could lead to dire shortages of medical staff and supplies. Already, hospitals are reporting shortfalls of basic drugs needed to treat covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

And it’s not simply a matter of increased testing identifying more cases. Covid-19 hospitalizations increased in 38 states over the past week. The number of deaths nationally has crested above 1,000 in recent days.

The last time the country hit a new daily record for coronavirus cases — 76,533 on July 17 — just four states accounted for more than 40,000 of those cases: Arizona, California, Florida and Texas, according to a Washington Post analysis.

On Friday, 11 states accounted for that same lion’s share of cases. And in the past two weeks, 24 states have broken their records for single-day highs of cases.

More than 170 counties across 36 states were designated rapidly rising hotspots, according to an internal federal report produced Thursday for officials at the Department of Health and Human Services and obtained by The Post.

“One key way we got through previous waves was by moving health-care workers around. That’s just not possible when the virus is surging everywhere,” said Eleanor J. Murray, an epidemiologist at Boston University.

Equally alarming, Murray said, is that no one knows how high this wave will grow before peaking.

“We are starting this wave much higher than either of the previous waves,” she said. “And it will simply keep going up until people and officials decide to do something about it.”


A report released this week from the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota said that COVID-19-related drug shortages in the United States have reached “unacceptable” levels.

The newest report, released Wednesday, found that 29 out of 40, or approximately 73 percent, of drug treatments for COVID-19 are experiencing shortages, including propofol, albuterol, midazolam, hydroxychloroquine, fentanyl, azithromycin and morphine, citing data from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reported that 45 percent, or 18 out of 40, of the drug treatments are on its official drug shortage list, according to CIDRAP.

The report added that 67 out of 156 critical acute drugs, including diazepam, phenobarbital, lidocaine and acetaminophen, are also in short supply.

“Drug shortages can be a matter of life and death, and some shortages mean that a life-saving drug is not available to U.S. patients at any price,” CIDRAP said in a statement announcing the report’s release.


Glad i got a new inhaler when i had that infection. i rarely, rarely use it, but when you need it, especially with covid fear attached, you really need it.


Talk about something you REALLY need when you need it!

When I was a kid, before inhalers were available, and my grandmother’s cats would set me off, those were looonnnng nights.

I’m glad you have one handy polarbear ❤️


By far the most Dem age group




Bernie got em going. He should get any cabinet position he wants.


This morning I saw this tweet:

It’s almost as if Biden owes Bernie a huge debt & his strategy to energize and turnout young people works better in a general election.

and, of course, someone just had to react to that negatively. So I posted this:

When younger voters voted in 2020 Democratic primaries:

‘they usually cast ballots for Sanders by large margins, even in states that Sanders lost by large margins. Take Michigan, where Biden won by nearly 17 points. Sanders won 18-24 yr olds by 61 pts’

And, since I didn’t post this comment using my tweet, I must add the picture from the source article for full effect.

Bernie & youth.jpg
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Great response, Mags. Thx





Hi orl. This is the best source for early voting stats. It’s run by Michael McDonald, a professor at the University of Florida

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Great site. Thx. And thx obf for opening up the nest this morning.