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Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s torrid fund-raising is already the stuff of legend for Texas Democrats eager to oust Sen. Ted Cruz and break the GOP’s long grip on the state.

When the next round of campaign finance reports hits later month, he’s sure to raise even more eyebrows.

O’Rourke pulled in more than $11 million in July and August alone, just through ActBlue, the Democratic fund-raising platform. Last week, the three-term El Paso congressman also set — and exceeded — an aggressive one-week $5 million online goal.

That’s $16 million that hasn’t yet shown up on his campaign finance reports. It doesn’t count whatever he pulled in through ActBlue in September, nor all the other donations that came his way since July 1.

That puts O’Rourke’s tally at nearly $40 million — an astonishing sum not just for a challenger but for any Senate candidate anywhere, ever.


Beto O’Rourke targeted by fake letter that threatens $500 fines for supporting him

A fake letter threatening a $500 fine for displaying signs in support of U.S. Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke is circulating in College Station, Texas, according to the Austin American-Statesman. The Texas Civil Rights Project is investigating the reports

The Texas Civil Rights Project obtained a copy of the letter, and is encouraging any other to recipients to call their election protection hotline, at 866-OUR-VOTE. The letter starts with a “citation warning” which reads “Any ‘BETO’ signs must be removed or you will receive $500.00 fine. This man
is not worthy of running for any office in the State of Texas. Here are some quick facts about this individual. Texas voters please wake up.”


This is a long video 1:23:10 but I highly recommend it. Part of it talks about how low they will go to smear someone.


Anyone dumb enough to even read it…enuff said.


Somebody in Tx must really be worried to stoop to this BS!!!!


Bully for Bernie!

As a former presidential contender and one of the most popular political figures in the United States, however, Bernie Sanders had the biggest bully pulpit—and for week after week, month after month, he used it to amplify the movement for fair wages and better conditions for Amazon’s more than 250,000 employees. He put the spotlight on Bloodworth’s investigation, declaring on Facebook: “Don’t just listen to me. Listen to James Bloodworth, who worked undercover at an Amazon warehouse in the UK. It’s time to demand that Jeff Bezos and Amazon treat their workers with the respect and dignity they deserve, not just as parts in a machine.” He set up an online space for Amazon employees to share workplace horror stories.

Teddy Roosevelt answered that question long ago. The bully pulpit is powerful, especially when a former (and potential) presidential candidate uses it to promote economic and social justice. That’s what Bernie Sanders did. And it worked. On Tuesday, Amazon announced that it would raise the minimum wage for 250,000 Amazon employees in the United States, and for more than 100,000 seasonal employees who are expected be hired during the coming holiday season. The company will support legislation to increase in the federal minimum wage and is urging competitors to follow its lead by voluntarily hiking wages. Bezos said: “We listened to our critics, thought hard about what we wanted to do, and decided we want to lead.”

The loudest of those critics spoke from a bully pulpit that the CEO could no longer ignore.


Furious About Kavanaugh?’ Here’s the Detailed Plan to Fight Back and Defeat Trump’s Nominee

A compilation, many of them skills you can continue to use. A few:

True. I used to do this for Wyden:


McConnell, Is your “duty” to put a partisan liar and unstable man on the Supreme Court?


Rejecting US Claims They Don’t Harm Humanitarian Aid, UN Court Orders Easing of Sanctions Iran Calls ‘Illegal and Cruel’

“The U.S. of course will disregard the ruling,” says Trita Parsi, “but Iran’s aim likely was to establish that it is the U.S., and not Iran, that is the rogue nation now.”



This is a breaking story and may be updated…

After the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Wednesday ruled the Trump administration’s sanctions against Iran violate the 1955 Treaty of Amity, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “impetuously” declared at a morning press conference that the United States will terminate the decades-old bilateral agreement rather than comply with the United Nations court’s order to ease sanctions.


That is the typical Repug response. If you don’t like the decision simply quit just like what they did with the ICC and the Iranian nuclear deal amongst others.



Lindsey Graham calls Christine Blasey Ford a cheap whore


omg. not only mocking Ford, which is awful, but the real desperation people feel for a $100 bill. Has he ever felt that?

WTFrack is wrong with people who think it is ok for Trump and Graham to publicly say things like this?


He should talk. He is a cheap GAY whore.


500+ Law Professors Agree: Kavanaugh’s Testimony Was ‘Disqualifying For Any Court,’ Let Alone Supreme Court

The nominee, a joint letter states, “displayed a lack of judicial temperament that would be disqualifying for any court, and certainly for elevation to the highest court of this land.


That’s for sure! At this point I’d bet that the current members of the SC prob don’t want him either! Except mb Thomas & the ‘you lie!’ guy (I alway forget that ass’s name).


Joe Wilson, at the time, assistant Republican whip. (2009) wikipedia.


Oh, you’re right, was thinking about Alito, but he just sat scowling with his arms crossed LOOKING like he wanted to yell something out.


Erwin Chemerinsky.

A Very Tarnished Court
Kavanaugh, or his replacement, will be the fifth Republican justice sitting illegitimately

Even if the Democrats gain control of the Senate in November, President Trump is sure to have a nominee confirmed by January, whether it is Brett Kavanaugh or someone just as conservative. This will create the most conservative Court since the mid-1930s, with five justices at the far right of the political spectrum. No longer will there be Republican appointees like John Paul Stevens or David Souter, or even a moderate conservative like Lewis Powell, Sandra Day O’Connor or Anthony Kennedy.

What is stunning is that each of the five conservative justices—Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh or someone like him—came on to the Court in a manner that lacks legitimacy. Each is a disturbing story, but even worse, cumulatively they make it clear that the current Court is little more than an extension of Republican power plays in a way that never has occurred in American history.

I wonder if public outcry might have been louder if Gorsuch had been a true populist.

Chemerinsky explains why each justice he names is illegitimate and concludes:

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, it will be with a permanent cloud. When matters come before the Court involving political parties and ideology, it is hard to imagine anyone perceiving Kavanaugh as other than he described himself: a conservative Republican who overcame Democratic opposition.

Any one of these events would be a hit on the Court’s legitimacy. But to have the entire majority of the Court there only because of shameful behavior inevitably will tarnish the Court.

It is unclear at this moment how it will matter that the Court will be clearly perceived as an extension of the Republican Party. Maybe it will lead to a crisis of legitimacy for the Court, as occurred in the mid-1930s. Perhaps at some point it will lead to open defiance of the Court. Maybe it will cause the Democrats to try to increase the size of the Court if they have control of the presidency and Congress after the November 2020 elections.

This ^^^^!

The only thing that is certain is that conservatives will gain control of the Court as they have long desired—in the process, irreparably hurting the institution by the way they have accomplished this.


I say a Dem president and Congress should be openly defiant




That was so incredibly bad.


? i’m thinking this goes under Trump’s and Graham’s comments today?


Trump’s, but after reading what Grshsm said I want to slap him across his doughy face.

My first time logging in via phone, am struggling a bit. 😉


ah, good luck! renew before you log off or you may lose your comments.