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Happy Halloween everyone! I wanted to scare everyone with this Trump-o-Lantern


Send a pix of that a month from now HEHE!! It might show his age better !!!! 🙂


I’m sure everyone would be happier seeing this one on the porch!


Wish I were that talented to do that to a pumpkin

Don midwest
Don midwest



home of focus on the family and other right wing religious stuff including Air Force Acadamy

well, now different

Don midwest
Don midwest

Scientists Warn That Canadian Glacial Melting Is “Outside the Scope of Normal”

Canadian scientists are becoming progressively alarmed at the increasing rate of melting of the country’s glaciers, warning that climate change is having a severe impact on the region.

Anyone concerned about climate change and sea level rise often thinks about melting glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland. But after these two, Canada has the largest amount of glacial ice: some 200,000 square kilometres.


My Halloween hero


Rev. Susan Rothenberg wasn’t the only Squirrel Hill resident protesting Donald Trump’s visit to the Tree of Life synagogue on Tuesday, but she made sure her voice was heard.

The Presbyterian minister, who lives half a block from where 11 people were massacred Saturday, shouted at the president as he and first lady Melania Trump paid their respects to the victims.

“It’s not about you. Let the families grieve. This is our neighborhood,” Rothenberg shouted from the front of her home. “You are not welcome here!”

“We don’t want him here, we don’t want him on our street. We have people that can’t sit Shiva because you’re blocking our streets! These people can’t grieve. You’re causing them pain,” Rothenberg said. “You are not welcome on my street. These are my neighbors that were killed. You are not welcome in Squirrel Hill. Do you understand that?”




As President Donald Trump arrived in Pittsburgh on Tuesday amid opposition from local officials and activists who argued the man responsible for stirring so much racist hatred should not visit the site of a deadly mass shooting motivated by anti-Semitism, thousands of peaceful demonstrators flooded the streets near the Tree of Life synagogue to condemn Trump’s embrace of white nationalism and demand that he end his assault on immigrants, refugees, and other minority communities.

While the protestors and mourners were barred from approaching the synagogue as Trump lit memorial candles near the site of the deadliest attack on Jews in American history, reporters who accompanied the president said they could hear the chants and songs of protestors who marched down nearby streets.

As Trump attempted to leave the synagogue, police rushed to carve out a path for the presidential motorcade—but Trump was ultimately forced to take a different route after authorities were overwhelmed by the sheer number of protestors filling the streets wielding signs that read “President Hate is not welcome in our state” and “Your words have consequences.”


About time that protestors could be heard and seen by TPTB. We need more of that. More people come out when they know they well be heard and seen by those who hold their lives in their hands.

Don midwest
Don midwest

The Bernster pointed out during his campaign the farmer migrations in the Middle East cos climate change destroyed their ability to grow food. He said cc was a major threat to world stability, and would only worsen with time.


and globalization, iirc, as corpses take over more agricultural land or undersell the farmers.

Don midwest
Don midwest

FRightwing media is a POX and a pestilence. period.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Dimwit creamsicle is in hog heaven: imagine having the bully pulpit of the POTUS to show off your very stupid self.

Don midwest

It is also happening with the fossil fuel industry.


Thank you Mr. Hartman for speaking up


But this wasn’t entirely an anti-Semitic attack, by the attacker’s own words.

A few days after another white terrorist (“history of mental illness,” said the media) with Trump and Fox graphics and slogans all over his van attempted the largest political assassination in U.S. history, we now have the single most lethal attack on Jews in this country’s history—in part because their synagogue supported helping immigrants coming into America.

And all of it being amped up, day after day, over and over again, by Trump.

This aspect of xenophobic immigrant-hating, along with the insanity of the U.S. allowing AR-15s and other weapons of war on our streets, must be discussed along with the horrors of anti-Semitism.

This is all one package brought to us by Trump, and it’s beginning to eerily resemble a previous insecure man with little hands, a single testicle, and a big mouth in the 1930s who warned his people about both immigrants and Jews.

We all know how well that turned out for Germany and the world.



Elected officials have a habit of over-promising and under-delivering during campaign season, but Trump’s moves over the past two weeks go far beyond that. He’s deployed the military within the U.S. against a phantasmal threat. After one of his supporters was arrested for sending mail bombs to his political adversaries, the president responded by warning that he “could tone up” his rhetoric even further. Now he’s asserting the power to single-handedly narrow the definition—and thus the protections—of American citizenship. In effect, Trump is posing a question to the American electorate: What level of racist authoritarianism are you willing to accept?

The wave of violence and attempted assassinations have not deterred Trump. If anything, he’s grown bolder in his efforts to impose a narrower, ethnocentric vision on the bounds of American civic life. By insisting that he can revise the Constitution’s definition of citizenship through an executive order, the president is assuming unprecedented authority to decide who is and isn’t an American. Next week’s elections will technically determine the future composition of the House, the Senate, and of state governments. They may also decide the future composition of America itself.


Our friend Subir has a great roundup of Bernie’s travels to get out the vote for Dems. Look where he will be today orlbucfan! Go Gillum!



Have Subir’s read already tabbed. Hubby just went down to vote. I will be in line next Tuesday. I have always enjoyed going on Election Day, and shooting the breeze with other voters. 🙂 Hope the young people will heed the silver-haired Pied Indie Piper, get their butts out and vote!


“silver-haired Pied Indie Piper” nice!


The author of Kleptocracy in America laments how they divide us.

“What distresses me so much is our polarized politics – the fault is on both sides. Why is it that we can’t get left leaning environmentalists and right leaning hunters together? They both adore our West Virginia wilderness, our landscape. We have been driven apart from each other by the top of the kleptocratic system. They are activating our cultural divides as much as possible to make sure that overeducated liberal environmentalists are unable to speak with and sit in the same room with undereducated, impoverished West Virginia hunters.”

“In my research on anti-corruption movements worldwide, what I discovered was that the best tactic kleptocratic networks use to stay in power and defeat legitimate uprisings against them is to deliberately activate identity divides.”

“They do this very cynically: usually they don’t care much about the Sunni-Shi’a divide, or about guns or gay rights themselves. But they lean hard on these issues because they know these issues rile people up, and

    keep them divided in angry opposing camps, incapacitated to rise up against the kleptocratic network that is abusing all of them.”

It doesn’t get any craporate media attention; but sportsmen and women, conservationists and environmentalists have banded together over the years to take care of nature.


Good thing they are doing it in your neck of the woods!


Hi pb! 🙂

I certainly agree that TPTB are working harder than ever to keep us divided, but I must put my hand up on that framing of the divide.

“overeducated liberal environmentalists are unable to speak with and sit in the same room with undereducated, impoverished West Virginia hunters.”

I’m having a rough week, so maybe am extra prickly today, but:

-There’s no such thing as “overeducated” (imo), but I do think too many liberals seem to think that, due to their educations, they are somehow ‘better’ than those who don’t have said educations.

-Lots of liberal environmentalists are far from “overeducated” (or are snobs) and many of them are impoverished or have meagre means. Think hippies and/or young people.

-It’s stereotypical to assume that hunters are all uneducated and/or poor!

I know a fair number of quite educated, decently well-off, and even some who lean left politically, hunters. They tend to be pragmatic, outdoorsy people who often grew up in a hunting family, some of whom even feel a kind of local duty to keep the deer population under control, for example, and, if they end up with more meat than they need they enjoy giving it away as gifts, or they donate the meat to charities.

Needless to say I’ve also met hunters who seem to do it for more intangible reasons, makes them feel empowered, makes them feel tough/strong, makes them feel good to be ready to survive should the need arise.

(Personally, I’d have to be about to starve to death before I could shoot a living creature, just for the record. Not my thing.)

But yes! The 99% have far more in common than TPTB want us to discover!


i totally agree with everything you said. however, living in W VA, she may well be in an area that is well-populated with people that are hard-core Trump. maybe she thinks of herself as an overeducated liberal. there are a few. 😉

Canvassing, i’ve run across the type–they would start yelling at me when i wasn’t even at there home, about how awful and socialist (!) Bernie is and how they’d never vote for him. Really mad at me. couldn’t say anything. Some people think he’s really FOR them. kind of amazing.

But yeah, she could have said it better.


This whole article is worthy of cut and paste, but alas, it’s a long one. By a vet, Willaim J. Astore. The Sinister Reason the U.S. Persists in Waging Losing Wars

A Letter From My Senator

A few months back, I wrote a note to one of my senators to complain about America’s endless wars…. … My senator began by praising American troops as “tough, smart, and courageous, and they make huge sacrifices to keep our families safe. We owe them all a true debt of gratitude for their service.” OK, I got an instant warm and fuzzy feeling, but seeking applause wasn’t exactly the purpose of my note.

My senator then expressed support for counterterror operations, for, that is, “conducting limited, targeted operations designed to deter violent extremists that pose a credible threat to America’s national security, including al-Qaeda and its affiliates, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), localized extremist groups, and homegrown terrorists.” My senator [added] that the military should obey “the law of armed conflict” and that the authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) that Congress hastily approved in the aftermath of 9/11 should not be interpreted as an “open-ended mandate” for perpetual war.

Finally, my senator voiced support for…“robust” diplomacy [that] must be combined with a “strong” military.

Now, can you guess the name and party affiliation of that senator? Could it have been Lindsey Graham or Jeff Flake, Republicans who favor a beyond-strong military and endlessly aggressive counterterror operations? Of course, from that little critical comment on the AUMF, you’ve probably already figured out that my senator is a Democrat. But did you guess that my military-praising, counterterror-waging representative was Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts?

Full disclosure: I like Warren and have made small contributions to her campaign. And her letter did stipulate that she believed “military action should always be a last resort.” Still, nowhere in it was there any critique of, or even passingly critical commentary about, the U.S. military, or the still-spreading war on terror, or the never-ending Afghan War, or the wastefulness of Pentagon spending, or the devastation wrought in these years by the last superpower on this planet. Everything was anodyne and safe — and this from a senator who’s been pilloried by the right as a flaming liberal and caricatured as yet another socialist out to destroy America



Once an ex-Repuke, always an ex-Repuke. That’s why I am very wary of them. At least, the FRightwingies show their true colors up front.


I emailed Chris Murphy in 2014 during Israel’s ‘mowing the grass’ project, when they murdered over 2,100 Gazans, most of whom were civilians and many women and children.

Protective Edge took a toll in both blood and treasure. On the Israeli side, at least 66 soldiers and six civilians died in the conflict. According to the Israeli Tax Authority, Protective Edge caused almost $55 million in direct damage to private and public infrastructure and another $443 million in indirect damage given economic disruptions caused by the conflict.

On the Palestinian side, the United Nations (UN) estimated the number of Palestinian deaths at 2,133, of whom 1,489 were civilians — a point that Hamas used to advance its legal and international claim that Israel used disproportionate force. By contrast, Israeli estimates suggest that there were 1,598 Palestinian fatalities in Protective Edge, of which 75 percent were combatants. In addition, the UN estimated 500,000 people — 28 percent of Gaza’s population — were internally displaced, while the homes of some 108,000 people were uninhabitable.

Considering that in 2014 there were 1.816 million people living in Gaza at that time, that means that Israel deliberately displaced 27.5% of the population.

And keep this fact in mind next time you hear Israel go on about Hamas:

Israel tries to maintain a difficult balance with respect to Hamas. On one hand, it wants to punish Hamas for its attacks; on the other hand, it does not want to eliminate Hamas because it worries that the organization could be replaced by one that is much more violent.

In the three years after Protective Edge, Hamas has maintained its control in Gaza and does not appear in danger of being replaced in the near term. And yet, the underlying political and economic pressures on Hamas remain today. Thus, many believe a fourth major Gaza conflict is only a matter of time.

Please note the source for the above information.


Anyway, Chris Murphy sent me back the lamest email ever! I was so disappointed. A screenshot of it is attached.

And here is an analysis of the two letters that Blumenthal and Murphy were sending to people like me to contacted them about it.

What the Connecticut Senators Wrote about Gaza and Palestine

This is the first sentence of their take on Blumenthal’s robo-letter:

The letter is stunning, frightening. Look at the first sentence. The senator thinks all “the recent violence” is in Israel.

They were only slightly more impressed with Murphy’s robo-letter.

chris murphy email 2014.jpg

Trump’s Endless Mendacity and the Dawn of American Fascism

Trump blames the nation’s bourgeois media and a timid, centrist Democratic Party for the hatred, incivility and demonization that pollutes U.S. politics while he calls his opponents “evil” and celebrates violence against liberals and journalists.

It is important to understand, as Hedges does, that the Trump-led assault on veracity, evidence and our very ability to separate truth from falsehood has been able to gain traction only because a decades-long corporate coup has devastated and discredited public education, academia, organized labor and the legal and criminal justice systems. It has done all this and more while turning the Democratic Party into what the late Princeton political scientist Sheldon Wolin called the nation’s Inauthentic Opposition.

Think of this distinctively American “corporate-managed democracy” and “inverted totalitarianism” as the nation’s pre-existing authoritarian condition for the rise of an Amerikaner-style fascism.

In the face of what an authoritarian like Trump and his white-nationalist Republican Party have done over the last two years of one-party rule—an annulment of what’s left of the U.S. Constitution’s much-ballyhooed “checks and balances”—there’s no credible moral argument against the notion that progressives living in contested districts should choose the lesser of two evils in next week’s midterm elections. Adolph Reed Jr., Noam Chomsky and Arun Gupta’s warnings about the dangers of a Trump presidency have been richly born out. I, for one, should have paid them more heed.

underline mine.


It is a very good ad. I hardly recognized him.


He is super sharp along with Mel Brooks. Reiner deserves his success. His economic wealth makes aging a lot easier.


Small wonder that the MSM is losing its credibility.


More misinformation.


I know that most of you won’t view it but it is a very informative interview.


That Arab guy is the latest international sex symbol like Putin? 🙂


This ties in to the end of the video with regards to the war in Yemen.

In other words it is distracting the attention from Iran.

WASHINGTON — Diplomatic pressure from the United States and Britain, Saudi Arabia’s biggest arms suppliers, abruptly intensified on Wednesday for a cease-fire in the Yemen war, the world’s worst man-made humanitarian disaster.

The calls for a halt to the three-and-a-half-year-old conflict — made by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, his British counterpart, Jeremy Hunt, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis — came against the backdrop of rising global criticism of Saudi Arabia, which has led a bombing campaign that is a major cause of civilian deaths and destruction in Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country.

“It is time to end this conflict, replace conflict with compromise, and allow the Yemeni people to heal through peace and reconstruction,” Mr. Pompeo said in a statement on the State Department website.

The push comes as relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States have cooled in the month since a prominent dissident, Jamal Khashoggi, was killed in Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul consulate by a team of Saudi operatives with close ties to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler and the architect of the Yemen war.


Perfect timing.LOL


The Interior Department’s internal watchdog referred its investigation of Secretary Ryan Zinke to the Department of Justice (DOJ) more than two weeks ago, just days before it was announced that Interior would be getting a Trump political appointee to replace its acting inspector general, two sources confirmed to The Hill.

Ben Carson, head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), told his staff on Oct. 12 that Suzanne Tufts would be leaving HUD to replace Interior’s longtime acting inspector general (IG), Mary Kendall — after the watchdog referred its probe to the Justice Department, according to two government sources with knowledge of the timeline.

One source described the timing as “incredibly circumspect” and raised questions about whether the plan to have Tufts fill a position traditionally occupied by a career staffer was in reaction to the investigation that was referred to the DOJ.

“That is exactly what we were concerned about two weeks ago,” said Elizabeth Hempowicz, director of policy at the Project on Government Oversight.

“The IG office is not only in charge of investigating the secretary but keeping the entire agency kind of in check. The movement of a political appointee with no oversight experience into that role kinda makes it look like that move was to stymie that investigation or keep an eye on what was going on internally.”


Good. Interior has always more public power than the EPA.


“Interior would be getting a Trump political appointee to replace its acting inspector general”

This part can’t be good, though?


A perfect example of Republicans having been brainwashed.


Honestly I hate the ‘idiot on the street’ things because if you ask enough people you can always find one idiot, but that doesnt mean the other X people they asked were idiots too, yet that is the implication.


Where on earth did she get that idea???? It was during Bush that they really got going. lots of money for new ones, etc.

But i do agree with her on paper voting. 😉


Paper voting is something I think that most people can come together on.


Bernie still fighting the good fight.



LD: Hubby cast his ballot today as he’s tied up 11/6. I asked him if there was any other voters there? He said it was active but no lines. That is good news. I will vote on 11/6. Wonder how the new voters voted in your state? Those are some serious numbers. Hope you are feeling better.


Marquette poll: Scott Walker, Tony Evers tied in governor’s race; Tammy Baldwin leads Leah Vukmir in U.S. Senate race

The last poll by Marquette before Tue.

With Wednesday’s Marquette University Law School Poll showing Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democrat Tony Evers tied at 47 percent each among likely voters, the stage is now set for a frenetic closing sprint leading to the Nov. 6 election.
“Well, it couldn’t be any closer,” Marquette poll director Charles Franklin said. “We had exactly the same number of respondents picking each side.”Libertarian Phil Anderson was at 3 percent and only 1 percent did not know who they would vote for.”This race could tip in either direction based on our data,” Franklin said. In the race for U.S. Senate, Democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin led Republican challenger Leah Vukmir by 54 percent to 43 percent.
And in the attorney general’s race, Republican incumbent Brad Schimel led Democrat Josh Kaul, 47 percent to 45 percent, within the survey’s margin of error.
The survey of 1,400 registered voters was conducted Wednesday through Sunday, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. Of the 1,154 likely voters, the margin of error was plus or minus 3.2 percentage points. The composition of the entire sample, including leaners, was 47 percent Republican, 45 percent Democratic and 7 percent independent. Among likely voters, it was 46 percent Republican and 47 percent Democratic

This is gonna be a nail biter Come on Indy’s and progressives grab a friend and TURNOUT TO VOTE!!!!!!!! Yes its that important!!!!! I’ll be glued to the Returns Tue night!!! and watching those areas in WI that will determine the race. I’m thinking that this race will fall within the pollesters MOE


On another note early voting for the midterms set a record in WI so far.

Milwaukee County led the state in early voting with nearly 60,000 ballots cast. It was followed by Dane County (about 57,000), Waukesha County (about 44,000) and Brown County (about 19,000). In the Milwaukee metropolitan area, Ozaukee and Washington counties each had about 11,500 early ballots cast as of Wednesday, according to the Elections Commission.
This could be good news as Milwaukee and Dane counties have more early votes in than the Walkers Ring of fire counties.


i can’t believe that Walker is even that close. Good luck wi60!!!!


Thx,all fingers crossed


I can’t imagine that there are many holding their breath waiting for the announcement.


Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) said Wednesday that he is “leaning strongly” toward a White House bid, marking his latest indication that he could run for president.

“I’m the governor of Colorado and I’m gonna run for president,” Hickenlooper said during a stop in New Hampshire, where he’s campaigning for down-ballot Democrats.

He quickly added that he hasn’t “made a final decision” and that he’s “leaning strongly” toward a White House run, but said “if I say I’m absolutely doing it then there are all kinds of legal ramifications.”


must have money to burn.


Who knows? Maybe this is a good thing.


Its got to be a good thing, I couldnt imagine people being that fired up to vote for Cruz


It is the same everywhere. The war mongers are never happy about peace.


I guess he would rather kiss Trump’s butt!


Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp will not appear on stage with his Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams at what would have been their final debate, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported Wednesday.

Kemp will not appear at the debate, which was scheduled to be in Atlanta on Sunday, due to a campaign event he is scheduled to headline alongside President Trump in Macon, Ga., around that time.

Kemp’s announcement reportedly led to a dispute between the two candidates.

Though Kemp pulled out of the debate, his campaign said in a statement that he offered to reschedule “multiple days, times and venues,” but alleged that Abrams refused.


A wise decision I would say.


TALLAHASSEE — As the 2018 election cycle morphs into a voter turnout game, Florida Democrats on Wednesday enlisted Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to help excite college students — a key demographic that‘s been notoriously difficult to drive to the polls in past midterms.

The Vermont senator held rallies at the University of South Florida in Tampa and University of Central Florida in Orlando with an impassioned get-out-the-vote message that relied on equal parts red-meat liberal policy issues and rhetoric aimed at President Donald Trump, who was set to hold his own rally Wednesday night in Fort Myers.

“The reason Trump will be here is he is nervous because his candidate might lose,” Sanders said during the UCF rally. “And your job is to make Mr. Trump very, very nervous.”

The stops Sanders made on Wednesday were intended to boost support for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, who is running neck-and-neck with Republican Ron DeSantis, a close political ally of the president. Sanders, a potential 2020 presidential candidate, made no mention of Sen. Bill Nelson, the three-term Democrat who‘s in a brutal re-election fight against Gov. Rick Scott.


Bernie tells it like it is.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Tuesday went after President Trump, calling him “the most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history” during a campaign event for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous (D).
Campaign staffers “are working to make sure that the agenda of the most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history will go nowhere because Democrats will control the House and the Senate,” Sanders said of campaigns across the country.
Trump’s rhetoric has been thrust to the center of a national debate over the country’s political divide, with critic’s suggesting Trump bears some responsibility for the climate that led to explosive devices being sent to the president’s critics and a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday that killed 11 worshippers.

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