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Any truly permanent solution to our medical debt crisis must tackle the problem at the root. No one should have to choose between life-saving medical care or food and shelter, and in countries with free and universal healthcare, medical debt doesn’t exist.

In the meantime, we can back candidates who accurately diagnose the problem of medical debt and are willing to fight for indebted Americans who need help. Sanders’ plan gets us closest to a cure.



Sanders’s team is quick to remind cynics of his fundraising prowess, including the field-beating $25 million in donations he raised in the third quarter. (Warren hasn’t yet announced her totals; his nearest competitor, Pete Buttigieg, raised $19 million.) And the Sanders campaign says it doesn’t put a lot of stock in polls because, it argues, his core supporters are undercounted. As proof, they offer 2016, when underdog Sanders came within one percentage point of Hillary Clinton.

Having been through that puts them at a better starting position this time, even taking into account the ill will left over from the ugly Clinton-Sanders fallout, according to the campaign’s senior advisor, Pete D’alessandro.

“We brought in a high percentage of people that were not your usual suspects. Well, they’re on the list now. We’re going to bring in the next group that aren’t the usual suspects this time,” D’alessandro said. “When we find this group of new people that expand the caucus universe, we offset that other group that is never going to be for us anyway.”

The crowd’s answers revealed the same disdain for institutions—the media, corporate America, and Washington politics—that fueled Trump’s campaign. That’s a big reason Sanders thinks he can swing counties that supported Trump back to the Democratic Party. Time and again you hear it from the crowd at his rallies: Bernie is the only one they trust.

Isabella Cooke, a Des Moines high school student and youth activist, watched her mom caucus for Sanders in 2016. Now she’ll be old enough to caucus for herself for the first time this election.

“I know that by putting my support in him, that I can trust that those things are going to happen,” she said, adding that she was especially drawn to his climate plan. “I think that he specifically will not back down under any other influences.”


T and R, LD!! Hope JD is well, too. 🙂

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