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Donald Trump tweet suggests that FCC should take NBC off the air
If Trumpcorp really thinks he can violate the 1st amendment maybe its really time to look into the 25th amendment- not that Pence would be any better, Whats worse a lot of his base would go along with him and not see a problem.

President Donald Trump today suggested that the Federal Communications Commission should challenge an NBC license because of “fake news.” “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!” Trump tweeted. FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel offered a brief response to Trump, saying that’s “not how it works” and linking to a manual that discusses the FCC’s regulation of broadcast radio and TV licenses. (We asked Rosenworcel to expand on her thoughts but haven’t heard back yet.) Threats from public officials to stifle protected speech can violate the First Amendment. Adam Steinbaugh, who previously practiced … Read more at the link



Amazon real effects:

The True Cost of Amazon Revealed

amazon effect.jpg

In light of Cy Vance’s questionable actions vis-à-vis the Trump kids and Weinstein a challenger has emerged at the 11th hour:

Cyrus Vance was running unopposed, will be very difficult to supplant him, but it’s great to see someone give it a try!

Embattled DA defends not prosecuting Weinstein, Trumps over the years


Scandal-Plagued Cy Vance Suddenly Has a Write-in Challenger

Cy Vance’s glide path to reelection as Manhattan district attorney has hit a speed bump.

Marc Fliedner, a civil-rights lawyer who lost a Democratic primary this fall to become Brooklyn district attorney, has announced a write-in campaign to challenge Vance.
“I’m not doing any fundraising, I don’t have any staff, but it is accurate to say that I am a candidate via this grassroots write-in effort,” Fliedner said in a phone interview this morning. “It’s important we give voters an ethical choice in a landscape totally devoid of women’s rights and equal justice.”


Even Ian Millhiser is down! Normally I would see that as a suspicious thing, but Fliedner seems ok..so far.



Just another example of the double standard when applying the law, One set of rules for the rich and powerful. The rest of us are treated differently.

Also too! It used to be the rich could hire the best lawyers. Now they just influence the prosecutors.


edit: Comment deleted due to posting in wrong thread.

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