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As the name implies, Awake, A Dream of Standing Rock, is a series of images and reflections, unbound by the conventions of documentary storytelling. The film’s dream-weaving approach at times works masterfully, capturing sounds and images that should be preserved in crisp, heartbreaking detail. In other moments, the film veers between the poetic and the historic with such ease that I was left wondering whether some viewers would know the difference.


Bill Clinton was in NJ campaigning for Murphy on Tuesday night. Here is a snippet:

The former president then delved into the evidence of Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election and how it may have affected future votes.

“What they’re really trying to do is not just win one election. What they’re really trying to do is to be able to pollute the sources of information so much that there’ll be no difference between fact and fiction, truth and lie,” he said.

“And then all this crowd of authoritarians will come along and say ‘well since you can’t get good information any more, and since you don’t know whether two and two is four or five, it’s really impossible to have a genuine democracy. So you won’t mind very much, will you? If we make it harder for some people to vote? Or we don’t get around to counting their votes, and we don’t really need an inclusive democracy,'” Mr. Clinton said.

I couldn’t help but think of last year’s Dem primary when I read that.

‘well since you don’t really have a say in who the party annoints to be the candidate, and since we’re rigging the primary all along the way, and since the superdelegates will just overpower your votes anyway, it’s really impossible to have a real primary. So you’ll just fall in line, won’t you? If we make it harder to vote in places like Brooklyn? If we call the primary early and don’t get around to counting all the votes in California? You’ll just have to vote for the annointed one, right?’


A-MEN! (snort of disgust.) 🙁


The games that the DNC played with Bernie at the convention wasn’t the stinkin Russians it was the DNC.


The opioid problem affects all layers of society. Even police.

Video shows Florida deputy accused of stealing from dying man

The video shows (sheriff deputy) Cooke go into the master bedroom, the documents say, but it is unknown what he did there because the camera is in the common area. He reappears a couple of minutes later as he walks from the bedroom to the kitchen. Cooke picks up an item that seems to be a container and empties it on his hand before putting it in his pocket, the documents say, adding that he does this again with a second item and proceeds to inspect the kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Cooke disappears as he goes to the rooms in the front of the house. He later reappears walking back to the garage and is seen holding his hand on his mouth as if he were consuming something, the documents say.

Another deputy identified Cooke on the video during the investigation. He was questioned and confessed to taking Tramadol from the home. It is a pain reliever that is a Schedule 4 controlled substance. Cooke also admitted taking some other medications from a death investigation and not submitting them to evidence, police said.

Cooke’s attorney, Stuart Kaplan, told CNN this case is “a perfect example of the opioid epidemic, with respect to medication.”

The attorney said his client has faced “traumatizing” circumstances in both his personal life and in his job as a police officer.


Flori-dumb strikes again. (end of comment.)


I hope Kaepernick makes mad money from his book.

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