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Learning To Fly — My Take On Humanity In General

Dozens dead, hundreds wounded in the Las Vegas mass shooting. Last I heard the body count was at 58, but with so many wounded that number will almost certainly rise. The Spanish government has been attacking dissident voters in Catalonia, and Tom Petty is either dead or about to die. …

And that’s the essence of humanity’s current struggle right there, in my opinion: we’re stuck on a rock with seven and a half billion of the deadliest predators of all time, and we’re all trying and failing to feel okay. Even if we’ve technically got everything we need to survive and thrive as an organism, our thoughts are always churning out these discontented stories about potential threats to our well-being. We try to control and dominate our fellow deadly predators using money, power and manipulations so that we’ll feel more safe and secure, and whoever’s the best at that game winds up being in charge. Generally, the more willing you are to step on other people, to destroy the environment and knock down anything that stands in your way, the better you are at the game. …

In order to avoid extinction via nuclear holocaust or ecocide we’re going to have to, at some point in the very near future, transcend this willingness to run the whole planet through a wood chipper in order to feel okay. This world is too small and too fragile for us to continue trying to out-survive and out-thrive our fellow humans and the ecosystemic context in which we evolved; we’re going to have to learn to move into a collaborative relationship with it all instead. …

My experience has been that reality just needs one tiny crack of light where it can get a word in edgewise in order to drastically change things forever. We’re at evolve-or-die time, and humanity has never been more ready for sanity than it is right now. It won’t take much to carry us into a radically unprecedented paradigm we can’t even imagine right now. All we can do as individuals at this point is be as open to truth as possible, speak our truth loudly and unapologetically, and be ready to leap when it’s time to fly. We’ll find out which Tom Petty song we’re in when that time comes.

Emphasis mine.

And please, please, let’s get so many people voting for true progressives that we overwhelm any voting or election fraud, that they just can’t take it away this time.

Worth a read.


How Perpetual War Deprives Us Of Our Humanity

The American war propaganda machine has expanded to almost all-reaching proportions since the invasion of Iraq. Most of the corporate media have started coordinating their efforts, as revealed by WikiLeaks, under a self-described echo chamber. The 1948 ban on covert CIA propaganda has been repealed, letting unknown government psy op agents be installed in media posts around the world.

An agency has been created under the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act which suppresses what the state judges as seditious foreign media material, helped by the measures from social media companies in this last year to fight “fake news.” So the current war runnup efforts are able to go on with virtual impunity, as most of the public figures who’ve fought the Iraq WMD claims leave these deceptions unchallenged. …

All this is normalized by the voices of power, presented as routine military involvement that’s necessary no matter how insanely it’s inflated. Recently a column in the Washington Post, which is run by a mega-billionaire who’s received funds from the CIA, said “Sanders bemoans the exorbitant cost of defense spending when, to be honest, it hasn’t been that much of a burden as a percent of gross domestic product for quite some time. He echoes President Dwight D. Eisenhower in railing against the military-industrial complex, a boogeyman that strikes me as decades out of date. His focus on inequality is sound, but he offers no solutions. He never reconciles his desire to alleviate global poverty with his protectionist urges.” These are lies. Virtually all of our tax dollars are now funding the military, which has become increasingly linked with companies like Raethon and Halliburton in recent decades as it’s caused not just massive poverty abroad, but the killing of over four million people since 1990 alone. …

This is robbery of some of our basic human traits: empathy for other people, the ability to nurture and be nonviolent, curiosity for unfamiliar stories and knowledge. …

Trump and the system that produced him could destroy us. Or they could inspire us to revive a different narrative within ourselves, to strengthen our nonconformity, our inquisitiveness, our sense of compassion. We, not the war profiteers, are the ones who will make the choice between these two.

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