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Don’t know if I’d call it collusion, more like courting of FB PTB by Clinton campaign.

On Thursday, Assange tweeted key sections of his series, The Podesta Emails, that expose the very intimate and positive conversations had between the campaign and those pesky members of the Silicon Valley elite, such as his interactions with Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

And Zuckerberg, of course.


Rainer compares U.S. government to Israel’s

Israel, formed under the guise of amending for the holocaust, has devolved into something resembling Nazi Germany. The country’s aggressive and corrupt government, aided massively by a U.S. that blindly wants a strategic ally in the Middle East, has illegally invaded almost all the Palestinian land that initially surrounded Israel. Palestinians and Arabs in the occupied areas are kept under martial law, with all free Palestinian political assembly brutally banned. Meanwhile Israeli soldiers and border guards constantly look for reasons to kill Palestinians, including Palestinian children, in an operation of ethnic cleansing. Neo-Nazis like Richard Spencer are pro-Israel, simply because they support its model of repression and ethnic hierarchy. …

and on to America….

This extreme corporate ideology, teaching that profit should be advanced at all costs, has fully encroached into our political culture. Education, health care and law enforcement have been largely turned over to private racketeers, with the Trump administration working to complete this transformation. Social services have become inadequate as nearly all of Americans’ tax dollars go to funding the military, and the wealthy pay far lower effective tax rates than others. This dismantling of the welfare state has been justified through the monumental U.S. government debt, which was created mainly because half the population is now too poor to pay taxes

I did not know that (my emphasis). No link provided, but I have come to trust Rainer, and even if close to half, just wow. And they still don’t get it?

The neoliberals enforce this the same way ethnic cleansing is enforced in Israel: through dehumanizing the victims, concealing the atrocities taking place, and luring people toward nationalism. As the assault on Palestinians is excused by insisting not to call it apartheid, the suffering of the lower classes is dismissed. Articles are put out stating, against undeniable accounts of legislation almost only getting passed when approved by corporate interests, that America is not an oligarchy. The massive wealth inequality is explained as a legitimate result of business, with those opposing it being decried as “leftists”-a derogatory term in Israel as well. The poor, much like the black and Hispanic populations who especially make up that lower class, are objects of contempt and blame, portrayed as apathetics that want unearned resources.

Like how the Israeli people’s religious faith and patriotism are exploited towards support for atrocity, Christianity and the flag encompass the cult that the corporate state surrounds itself in. Siding with this cult is implicitly encouraged through the safety it can bring one from persecution. The American surveillance state, with the help of the social media companies that collude with it, has lately taken to targeting dissenting activists and censoring alternative media. Since 2005, the intelligence agencies have been directly colluding with corporations through the Domestic Security Alliance Council, which allowed for Occupy Wall Street protestors to be spied on by the FBI in 2011.

more at link.


26 Gun murders (equiv. 130) in England vs. *11,004* in US Annually

Just that fact is enough. More interesting factoids.


Three Years for Eternity: A Prayer for Climate Action and the Common Good

By seeking to change that today—October 4th, 2016, St. Francis of Assisi’s Day—the Diocese of Umuarama, in the Brazilian State of Paraná, became the first episcopacy diocese and the first Latin American institution to join the global campaign to divest from fossil fuels.

This has been the biggest collective announcement made by the religious community so far. Today, a year later, more than 20 institutions in four countries have joined the call to divest. This illustrates the strength of our movement, which has already divested more than US$ 5,2 trillion from investments in fossil fuels all around the world.

Through peaceful and conscious mobilizations, we have gone down the path of fighting the exploitative practices that threaten life and the common good. We promote a low-carbon agenda that allows us to create an awareness of a new energy economy based on clean, just and free sources, that are available to everyone.

On this October 4th, 2017, I beg the patron of ecology and ecologists, who is also my patron, to intercede for us, so we can keep strong in this arduous path toward eternity. “Praised be the Lord.”

St Francis of Assisi is my favorite saint and a patron saint. The original animal whisperer. I remember seeing the movie, Brother Sun, Sister Moon when I was little and of course we had kids’ books all over about him. Some beautiful stuff.


We might be overdoing Common Dreams today, but I didn’t want to leave this one out. I like the author–he keeps hammering away with facts.

1. Give Us Your Technology, Infrastructure, Security, Patent Law….But Sorry, Our Profits Were Made in Another Country.

2. Pass Around the State Tax Deals….You Take This Governor, I’ll Take That One

3. To Hell with American Jobs… Just Make Our Stocks Go Up

All the big companies — technology, pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, agriculture, finance — owe their great profit-making success not so much to individual, self-made, “start with nothing” innovation and entrepreneurship; but rather to the taxpayer-funded research and development that built the foundations for these industries while the middle class trusted in the American work ethic. Now the middle-income jobs are going away, leaving underpaid service-oriented jobs. The tax money withheld by the big corporations is desperately needed to restore living-wage opportunities to millions of workers. But these companies refuse to pay for all the benefits they’ve happily taken over the years.




I missed this last night–I’ll have to watch online.


Larry David and Bernie Sanders learned on PBS’ genealogy series “Finding Your Roots” that the two are distant cousins. Viewers got to watch the big reveal on the premiere of the show’s fourth season.

In a clip, host Henry Louis Gates Jr. gives David and Sanders each a book that has photos and information about a cousin.

“I hope it’s a good athlete,” David says. 

Then when he opens the book and sees a photo of the Vermont senator, he shouts, “What the hell!” 

Meanwhile, Sanders opens the book and puts his hand on his head and says, “You’re kidding!” before pealing into laughter. “Oh my God! That is unbelievable. It’s true?” 

David says, “That is amazing. All right, cousin Bernie.” 


Behavior of a typical Republican!


Rep. Tim Murphy just voted for a 20-week abortion ban. He allegedly asked this woman to get an abortion.
The Pennsylvania Congress member says he’s anti-abortion, but a woman he had an affair with tells a different story.

Ha! Ha! Ha!


Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) announced Wednesday that he will retire at the end of his term next year after a report that he suggested a woman he was having an affair with get an abortion.


I wonder if he threw out paper towels again?

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