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Caitlin puts it into words. It may sound “out there,” but I feel this–i never related it to power quite this way, though:

If America ever gave its citizens single-payer healthcare, just for example, that would no longer be the case. The threat of an unpayable $1,000 medical bill combined with the fact that healthcare takes a much bigger chunk out of Americans’ bank accounts than single-payer would is enough to keep that massive supermajority politically impotent in a system where money equals political power. You can’t be donating a meaningful amount money to anti-establishment leftist insurgencies when doing so could put you out on the street.


This is how we may be certain that the Democrats’ popular Medicare for All bill will not pass. Ever. Not if Democrats are able to somehow persuade Republicans to vote for the bill, not if Democrats win back majorities in the House and the Senate in 2018, not even if Democrats somehow win supermajorities in both congressional houses. Never. Democratic party leadership has made it abundantly clear that they’ll be changing nothing whatsoever about their position on corporate donations and lobbying, which necessarily means that they’re still beholden to the plutocratic donor class, which necessarily means that they’ll never support economic justice measures. If the Republicans stop being powerful enough to sabotage Medicare for All, the Democrats will sabotage it themselves. Guaranteed.

This is not to say that Americans should stop fighting for single payer healthcare; far from it. Nobody should ever be allowed into elected office without promising to do everything they can to give their constituents a sane healthcare policy, and nobody should ever be re-elected if they fail to deliver it. By all means demand loudly and aggressively that your elected officials support Medicare for All; Americans should fight for all forms of economic justice like their lives depend on it, because they do. But you will you will have to fight tooth and claw in order to get it, as you can only get it at the expense of the most powerful plutocracy in the history of civilization. And you can be absolutely certain that you will not be helped toward that end by the corporate incrementalists of the Democratic party.

My bold.

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