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One problem with the new citizenship oath: Citizens can’t really violate an Indigenous treaty

Much like a peace treaty between nation states, it’s legally impossible for Canadian citizens to personally violate an Indigenous treaty

In a measure likely set to debut next year, the Canadian citizenship oath will soon include its first-ever reference to Indigenous people by including a pledge to “faithfully observe the laws of Canada including treaties with Indigenous Peoples.”

“I suppose you could indirectly argue, since treaties are part of the law of Canada and indeed of the constitution since 1982, that individual Canadians should be concerned that the government live up to them,” said University of Calgary political scientist Thomas Flanagan, writing in an email to the National Post.

Even there, an elected Canadian government would not be able to openly flout its treaty obligations without butting up against the courts. As with any legal agreement, First Nations can sue the Crown for breaching contract.

But since new citizens could end up in government, it’s surely a good thing that they include treaty rights in the oath?

The text for Canada’s new citizenship oath is taken verbatim from the 94th and final recommendation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The Commission also called on Canada to revise its citizenship guide to include “information about the Treaties and the history of residential schools.”

An internal report from Citizenship and Immigration Canada also noted that citizenship ceremonies may soon open by acknowledging the traditional Indigenous territories on which participants are standing; a practice that is already standard at public gatherings in parts of Western Canada and the North.

The idea with the new oath is to remind incoming Canadians that their new home is most likely situated on land that their government obtained thanks to a standing agreement with an Indigenous band.


LD, I have a question: what Native American Nationality are you? Not sure if that’s the correct wording, but I remember that B&W photo you posted of you and your Dad ages ago. One of the wags from the WU commentariat posted this one: MAGA (Make America Gasp Again). It was in reference to hairballed brain pulling us out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Dumbf doesn’t have a lot of fans on there. 🙂 That is ABFAB about you and JD meeting Jim and Nina (my choice for 1st female POTUS). They better know about the BNR/TPW. T and R to the usual suspects!!


I like the way this was framed and think that supporters of Kaepernick and all of the others who are following his example would do well to consider similar framing.

The kneeling thing isn’t about disrespecting anything, it’s about showing respect for those not currently getting it and for the ideals of this country.

Last year:

Immediately after Kaepernick sat during the National Anthem, he held a locker room media session. For nearly 20 minutes, he directly described why he is protesting and answered reporter’s many questions with an eloquence and candor severely lacking in a White House press briefing. Sarah Huckabee Sanders should have taken notes.

“People don’t realize what’s really going on in this country,” Kaepernick said during the 2016 NFL media briefing. “There are a lot things that are going on that are unjust. People aren’t being held accountable for. And that’s something that needs to change. That’s something that this country stands for freedom, liberty and justice for all. And it’s not happening for all right now.”

More productive when you emphasize the positive.


“Disrespect” is another way FRightwingnuts like Bannon mangle our language to suit their purposes! The correct word is “insult”!


No kidding! The corporatocracy disrespects us 24/7.


Awesome video on top–gave me chills.


Wildfires in Northern CA seem to be spreading:


yes, i know several people in the area, some have had to evacuate and/or are ready–shocking really.

love to anyone out there and stay safe!


Because of course Puerto Rico is all fine now..

White House lets Jones Act waiver expire for Puerto Rico

The White House has let a 10-day shipping waiver expire for Puerto Rico, meaning foreign ships can no longer bring aid to the hurricane-ravaged island from U.S. ports.


How generous Trumpcorp PR is gonna need shipments for months to come not just 10 days.


Wow. The always upbeat Rainer has a bad day.

I Will Not Accept A Party That Normalizes War Crimes

These suppressions come from the social media companies’ involvement in the unelected coordination of power centers-defined as the Deep State-that’s thickened itself in recent decades. In 2005 an agency was created at the request of corporations called the Domestic Security Alliance Council, which lets dozens of elite executives collude with our intelligence agencies. Facebook, Twitter and Google rose amid the new environment of required corporate partnership with the state, leading to these and other companies working with the intelligence community to hand over surveillance data and censor the opposition. The same is true for major media companies like the Washington Post, which is owned by a mega-billionaire who’s received $600 from the CIA through his 2014 Amazon deal with the agency. …

As is true for the government. PAC money and wealthy politicians came to dominate politics decades ago, but this year the state became totally merged with industry when corporate executives were appointed to virtually every major Trump cabinet post. This direct government control from corporations, started by Obama with his appointment of Goldman Sachs executives to some cabinet posts, is the completion of our forty year corporate coup.

The social media companies are the intelligence agencies. The media companies are the state. The banks and the oil companies are the government. The corporations are law enforcement. This alliance showed bloody consequences last year when Standing Rock protesters were attacked with police dogs and shot with rubber bullets, and that won’t be the worst we’ll see of it as dissent is fought with increasing ferocity.

While I believe in release from this oligarchy, as revolutionary changes are clearly happening right now in ways that mirror those before the fall of the Soviet Union, I don’t believe we can have permanent release from it.

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