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So honest! “That’s pathetic!” lol.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Progressive populists around the country are “running values-driven campaigns that take aim at the establishments of both parties, and the result shows a surprising number of close races in districts that national Democrats have long written off.”



A Small Town in Mexico Prepares to Double in Size With the Arrival of the Migrant Caravan

By seven o’clock on Monday morning, the caravan, flanked by trucks carrying women and children, began filing into the village. The group’s numbers have thinned slightly in recent days, as migrants have increasingly travelled ahead of the pack in hitched rides or special transports arranged by church groups. But on the small streets of Santiago Niltepec, the crowd appeared massive. Villagers, many of whom remained inside, peered through their windows at the passing multitudes, and, with the exception of a few clarion announcements (cheese for sale at a nearby house; fresh beef at the carnicería), the voice of González Luna was mostly inaudible in the din. However reticent the town’s residents had been about engaging with the caravan, many of them had quietly managed to donate mounds of food and clothing. The migrants entered town to find giant grills smoking with chicken for lunch.

… This small village, with fewer residents than will make up the additional contingent of Trump’s soon-to-be-deployed troops along the U.S.-Mexico border, was openly wrestling with its own competing impulses: to help the migrants or recoil from them. Neither would plainly win out by the time the caravan set off for its next destination the following morning.

On the far side of the village, out of view of the group massing in the main square, a few migrants who’d arrived that morning were bathing in a river. “We’re trying to get this in now before everyone else comes down here,” Juan Serramos, a forty-six-year-old migrant from San Pedro Sula, who’d just dried off, told me. The previous night, in San Pedro Tapanatepec, he slept on a side street to stay clear of the larger crowds, which, in his view, were growing nervous and skittish. The hysteria, he said, was dangerous for everyone, but it was also understandable. “Now we’re getting deeper into the country, and everyone knows it’s getting more dangerous. There are kidnappings and things like that, and the government might try to deport us.” Serramos worked in a factory in Honduras, and then, after being laid off, took a job driving a taxi; working with cash, he said, meant that he was frequently assaulted and robbed. “I saw the caravan and decided I’d try this. There was nothing else to try.” He left behind his wife and nine-year-old daughter. “She’s been watching the news,” Serramos said, of his wife. “She heard that Trump was willing to shoot people on sight if they got close to the border. She said, ‘Please turn back.’ I told her, ‘How can I?’ ”


Friend who lives in Toronto just gave me a heads up about a planned debate up there, the ‘Munk Debates’, between Steve Bannon and David Frum (@#%&) on populism. You all and I know what that’s REALLY about. It’s about making the case for centrism and an opportunity to squash populism on the left.

Here’s a comment under attached video about how the NDP is trying to get the debate cancelled:

It is a debate that showcases both sides..Free speech should never be banned. NDP is showing me that they are about taking individuality of thought away.

One person rightly pushes back on that nonsense with this:

It’s a proto-fascist versus a neocon, how is that both sides?

(the NDP is a lefty party in Canada)

The needle of what’s considered moderate just keeps getting pushed more and more to the right! Thank god for Bernie.

Edit: no way I’m going to make you have to look at Steve Bannon’s face all day (which is what would happen if I post the youtube link directly, so please see my next comment for the link).


Link here.

The clip is basically a debate about the debate and they talk about free speech. One of the problems I have with this debate pair-up is that it could give more legitimacy to neocon jerks like Frum while at the same time giving a platform to Bannon to continue his worldwide hate tour (Bannon advised Bolsonaro recently and before that Le Pen in France).

The person who made the most sense to me, Supriva Dwivedi, is the person on the left in the attached screenshot. The clip is 7:46mins.

One panelist seems to conclude that the political landscape is far-right vs. liberal, hence my fears that progressives get cut right out of the picture.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Tomgram: William Hartung, The Pentagon’s Plan to Dominate the Economy

From Tom Distpatch. Tom has an intro then the article. Tom wrote in 1990

“In the 1950s… a ‘military Keynesianism’ drove the U.S. economy toward a consumerism in which desire for the ever larger car and missile, electric range and tank, television console and submarine, was wedded in single corporate entities. The companies… producing the large objects for the American home were also major contractors developing the weapons systems ushering the Pentagon into its own age of abundance.”

Now with the support of both factions, forgot, they are called parties but are actually factions,

From the article posted today by William Hartung

First, were you aware that the Pentagon even had an Office of Defense Industrial Policy? It sounds suspiciously like the kind of government organization that engages in economic planning, a practice anathema not just to Republicans but to many Democrats as well. The only reason it’s not a national scandal — complete with Fox News banner headlines about the end of the American way of life as we know it and the coming of creeping socialism — is because it’s part of the one institution that has always been exempt from the dictates of the “free market”: the Department of Defense.

Second, how about those 300 subject matter experts? Since when does Donald Trump consult subject matter experts? Certainly not on climate change, the most urgent issue facing humanity and one where expert opinion is remarkably unified. The Pentagon and its contractors should, however, be thought of as the ultimate special interest group and with that status comes special treatment. And if that means consulting 300 such experts to make sure their “needs” are met, so be it.


A tweet I liked:


Those tweets are a response to this news:



Like I said, these aholes are NOT corrupt conservatives, they’re corrupt extremists-the worse!


Exactly a real corrupt ‘conservative’ would be Hillary.


Found the pic of sweaty Bernie! With a side of Briahna Grey as bonus.


A commenter under the tweet told the readers that the pic is from 2016, which makes sense considering the sign. But I don’t care, lol.

This is from 2016. He’s still shooting hoops. He’s fine.


Renee is very strong on healthcare.

Please note the cardboard cutout in the background. 😉



Early voting data from Texas shows a 508 percent growth in the youth vote since 2014, which is likely good news for Democratic Senate hopeful Beto O’Rourke.

With just one week until the midterm elections, polls indicate that the El Paso congressman and Texas senatorial candidate has a 5-point gap to bridge in order to catch his competitor, incumbent Senator Ted Cruz. But O’Rourke has long insisted that a large chunk of his supporters, Texans under 30 and Hispanic voters, don’t show up in those polling numbers. New data from Target Smart, a political data firm, would appear to back his claims.


i swear part of the reason they keep up that BS is so that when they rig it, it’s what’s expected. but that’s me….

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