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HomeActivism11-1-2016 Election Integrity Updates – 6 Million Lost Voters via Sentencing – NC, WI, TX, GA, IL quick updates – The Best election software tampering explanation video ever (promoted on a site i never agree with), and more…7 new links
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Thanks for keeping us informed. This is one of the most important issues of our time.


I’m only going to vote because of our state rep. He’s an okay Dem – not progressive, but concerned with kids and education at least. AND Medical Marijuana. Although there were two issues on the ballot, and one was struck by the state Supremes AFTER 140K voters had already voted! Of course, they struck the good one.

Don midwest
Don midwest

again, thanks for the updates

there are 8,000 counties in the US and they set the rules for voting, but under some overarching limits

since the integrity of the entire system of government is now at stake, one would think that an easy path would be to put in place systems to ensure election integrity. This would he elimination of gerrymandering, felony rules, photo ID rules, etc.

the people here in Columbus OH who have been at this issue for years and years agree that this is the first time that election integrity has been a wide spread concern. But, will the corrupt political system do the right thing and fix it????? Probably not unless they have to, or, if there is a “citizen” movement that forces their hand

like the sex scandal of the Bill Clinton presidency hid the deeds he did to move away from the New Deal, the election mess hides the corruption of our political system

and like you, I occasionally find excellent material these days from right wing sources that in the past would have been rejected out of hand. This is another way to see how far the coup d’etat has progressed