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Don midwest
Don midwest

Scientists were not alarmist enough about the climate crisis. Long article in the comment section that they should have scared the shit out of us earlier so humans would have reacted to the crisis. First tweet that came up this morning was on this


in certain Twitter circles, Latour would probably be seeing “ok boomer” all over his thread. 😉


I listened to serious climate change warnings over a dinner table as a teenager! JFCOAC!

Don midwest
Don midwest

my wife was deeply worried about melting glaciers over 50 years ago

could it be that she learned about this from science?


scientists and others could gave done a lot more to get unbiased, easy to digest info out to more people. yes, we are lucky to somehow be types that have been on this since we were very young, but too many of those with knowledge kept it in their circles, preferring not to get political or in the public eye, allowing the fossil fuel corpses and their MSM minions to control the conversation.

We all share some blame, even tho we all did the best we could at the time.

i love scientists and academicians, but it took a child to step up, while they (and the collective we) hung back. imho 😊


T and R, jcb!! 🙂 How is your weather up north? The cold front stalled out north of FL. We have cooled down to 70s/50s. Weekend has been drop dead gorgeous. Tourist corpses love it. 🙁

Don midwest
Don midwest

Matt Stoller tweets which include “elect ability is not a thing”

This is my attempt to display a sequence of tweets so a little rough

Matt Stoller @matthewstoller 11/10/19

One: One of the true pleasures of 2019 is the collection of historical work on the history of capitalism. Reading the books of @MehrsaBaradaran @KeeangaYamahtta just brings home how powerfully racism has pervaded virtually every aspect of business and banking.

Two: I defend Warren because she gets a constant barrage of cheap shots. I saw her tear apart bankers over and over during the financial crisis and fight for foreclosure victims and it annoys me she gets little credit. That said, I’m undecided between Warren and Bernie. I like both.

Three: I also really like all their surrogates. I find @AOC @AyannaPressley @katieporteroc @Ilhan @RashidaTlaib exciting not for the heated political rhetoric but for the cool and collected *policy* chops they show in committee hearings.

Four: My view is electability is not a thing. @daveweigel is good on the ‘Dems always panicking’ theme. In all likelihood any Dem is the same against Trump bc this is a referendum on the incumbent. The question is who can lead in a moral and competent way.

Don midwest
Don midwest

What was the experience on the day of 9/11?

Saw a book TV program from last year that was rebroadcast. A usual history would be the exact time of the first plane, then the second then the third at the Pentagon, etc.

The author spent a year or two with 2,000 transcripts of the events of the day to get at the EXPERIENCE and how to better understand how much it has changed America.

He mention the name of Peter Zelesky, the Boston FAA air controller who was at the controls for a plane that hit the world trade center. When I met him on a South America trip run by OAT, Overseas Adventure Travel, about 5 years ago, he was off all media because of being attacked. I did a search of his name followed by … 911 air traffic control … and the articles at the top are how he, as a Jew, was responsible for directing the plane to the WTC. This is a solid example of fake news that still remains on the web. Actually he gave an early warning which was not acted on soon enough.

And interesting organizational things that happened that day. 500,000 people were evacuated from Manhattan, mostly by boat, which was one of the largest or maybe the largest (don’t recall what was said) evacuation in history in such a short time. And there was no plan. A lot like the Sandy Hook response of people on the ground.

We just got the HBO Chernobyl series from the library which is a reenactment of the events of the day – and design flaws, cover ups, and the possibility that it could have taken out Europe. This book sounds like it captures the drama of the experience.

Here is the link to the BookTV event on C-Span


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