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Not telling you how to run your business, New York Times—but does anybody over there actually read these columns before they go in print?

Obviously, the Democratic candidate most likely to win over Egan’s sister is Bernie. He doesn’t talk down to Trump voters. In fact, he’s always chastising his colleagues to show Trump voters more respect.

And though he’s pro-choice, he’s not doctrinaire about it. In 2017, he caught flak from the very Democrats who upset Egan’s sister by supporting Heath Mello, a pro-life Democrat running for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska.

And yet neither Stephens nor Egan promotes Bernie as a candidate who could beat Trump, on the grounds that he’s too radical for mainstream Americans to swallow.

I feel as though I’ve gone back to 2016 and I’m hearing Hillary Democrats explaining why a vote for Bernie is actually a vote for Trump.

You know, there seems to be a double standard when it comes to what is acceptable political discourse these days. It’s elitist, condescending, and nasty when lefties criticize Trump voters, but it’s fair game for Egan, Obama, and Stephens to mock, marginalize, and demean lefties.

Hey, what about our feelings—don’t they count?

The left may have invented political correctness. But apparently, it’s only politically correct for centrists and Trumpsters to still employ it.

Don midwest
Don midwest

The Many Ways Sanders and Warren Are Different & Why It Matters

From Naked Capitalism with their usual links at the top of the article


Ah, Naked Capitalism. I miss some of the wonkier stuff on there, like MMT, but I stopped going a while back due to the lousy stances espoused there on race and immigration. Good to see some good coming of the site still.


I like the site and donate to it. However, I have a feeling I’m banned. Why? I gave Lambert Strother a written lecture over the misuse of ‘liberal.’ It’s considered a pejorative on there. I’m really fed up with the media abuse (since Raygun) of that word. I am a proud life-long liberal Futurist. Needless to say, I have plenty of sites I can and do run my big mouth on. LOL 🙂