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This was one day ago from Ross Barkan:

Stop Blaming the Left

The argument for Joe Biden as a presidential candidate was always two-fold: he would beat Donald Trump and deliver for Democrats down the ballot.

As the votes trickle in more than a week later, it’s increasingly clear only one of these two assumptions was true. Trump triggered an unprecedented turnout of Republicans that appeared to swamp Democrats everywhere but the presidency. Biden’s coattails didn’t matter much in crucial state legislative races—where Republicans dominated again—let alone the U.S. Senate contests that showed Democrats badly underperforming. What to make of all this? Like 2016, this year should be studied thoroughly. There are dangerous trends for Democrats ahead, like a loss of Black and Latino support and the overall flight of less-educated, rural voters to the GOP. Trump, in defeat, won more than 70 million votes. Narratives were scrambled and new ones will need to be written.

In New York, the outcome is still muddy. Our outdated election law means absentee ballots are just being tallied. We can only begin to assess what happened down the ballot, where the real action took place. Though New York is thoroughly blue—Biden won it convincingly—Trump inspired a heavy GOP turnout in the suburbs and upstate, likely powering congressional and state legislative victories there.

But we won’t know the exact performance until votes are tallied. This hasn’t stopped Jay Jacobs, the chairman of the New York State Democratic Party and mouthpiece for Governor Andrew Cuomo, from preemptively blaming progressives for whatever losses Democrats may incur.


Might be the shortest coattails in presidential history.


I heard them call Biden a ‘radical leftist’ on Fox, we need to stop caring what right-wing media calls us, they’ll only stop calling us radicals if we agree with them.


they don’t have the Russians this time. progressives are actually worse. lol


k nite