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Don midwest
Don midwest

I listened to the entire live stream by Mark Clark. I agree with what he said about the history of the White Men and what they have done to indigenous people and others, including women. He is using the founding documents of the US to bring us together, the WE which means all people. I don’t explicitly recall, but I would not be surprised if WE included water, soil, animals, etc.

11/13 News Roundup & Open Thread

I am not sure if that gets you to the video, but it is a start. You could go back to yesterday’s post and find it.

Here is what I disagree with. Yes what he says is important, and what he is calling for is important for politics that the USA face up to who we are, but he is not pointing out the extreme changes needed for human survival. As a politician and historian, that is not his job.

The inability of politics to deal with what is going on is a global issue and this is why it is so important to elect Bernie because he will, with our support, take many important steps.

Here is some of what will be needed for humans to survive.

“The expression ‘you and I don’t share the same vision of the world’ is a frequent figure of speech in political debates, whether in an official or informal setting. But the point is that today it is not merely a difference of ‘visions’ about a space that would be the same for everyone, but a question of ‘the material nature’ of the very world that we are talking about. Whereas in earlier times, geopolitics implied that there were different people with different interests fighting for territories that were parts of the same nature, today it is the composition of this very nature that is at stake.

It does not take much time to realize how divided the different people of the Earth are as to what is the exact nature of their planet. It is clear, for instance, that Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg don’t live on the same planet! In the world imagined by Donald Trump, CO2 emissions are not an existing threat to the environment, greenhouse emissions are a mere belief, and business as usual must go on with American interests at its center. Obviously, those who support such a view don’t live on the same land as those who are suffering from a deep ecological crisis.”

The curatorial concept emphasizes that there is no way to hide society’s deep divisions on questions of ecology. Thus it is fair to portray the present political situation not only as a clash of visions, but also as a clash about what the earth is really made of. What was a mere figure of speech is now literal. Of course, “You and I” indicates a form of confrontation and division, but hopefully a productive one. By holding an exhibition, workshops and research projects, the museum will serve as a venue for a new form of diplomacy between the various positions depicted by each planet.

This is information on an exhibit that will be presented next year in Taipei, Formosa, next year. It is based on the work of Bruno Latour

Here is the link with the source of above quotation

A couple of links. First to a paper describing the 7 planets, the fictional planetarium of the different worlds people live in. The second is a you tube of a speech Bruno gave at Harvard on the 7 planets.

Senior Loeb Scholar Lecture: Bruno Latour, “A Tale of Seven Planets – An Exercise in Gaiapolitics”

Don midwest
Don midwest

Matt Stoller continues on twitter

Comment: there were 4 tweets in a row that came up Private when I tried to link them. Have never seen that. Was that Matt or Twitter trying to protect Patrick? Or, neither?


Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Lol. Can’t wait till Hillary jumps in.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Don midwest
Don midwest

Journalists defend the first amendment, but not usually the constitution or the rule of law. First paragraph of article.

There’s been a weird phenomenon during the Trump presidency, where journalists and media organizations loudly defend one small part of the Constitution — the one that benefits them personally, the First Amendment — but seem to believe it would be partisan to defend the Constitution and rule of law more generally.



the anchor could barely say “Bernie Sanders.” And if course the clip is of W. Ro did well in his stance on equity basically allowing acquired businesses to fail.


These people make it hard for some of us to support legitimate inquiries. In addition, the first place we should be looking is to our machines. The fact that we are not tells a lot of us that we are not serious about election integrity, no matter who’s doing it.


yuge differences pop up often.


‘giving’ that much money to any org associated with David Brock usually gets you something in return.


great clip—billionaires’ tears. so i guess i’ll stop worrying about every new, elite entry.



“I don’t even know what the door to their school looks like,” she tells me. Her voice begins to crack. “That’s why I left my country, to give my children an education,” she says. Lorena’s eyes are welling up, and a knot begins to form in my throat. “That’s why we fight through this life: Until my children finish their schooling, so that they don’t have to suffer the way we do.”

Two of her three children are studying economics, and she talks to them every single day.

Lorena has a license that protects her as a food vendor, the mobile food vending license, which is sold from 10 to 50 dollars, depending on whether it’s a seasonal or full-time permit. But she does not have the mobile food vending unit permit.

I ask her why she doesn’t have one, and she tells me the office she visited, the DCA Citywide Licensing Center on 42 Broadway, persuaded her against buying a permit.

“They told me it would be too difficult to get a sticker [for my cart], that I wouldn’t be able to buy it but that I could rent it to sell fruit,” she says. “It’s a little strange.” [Editor’s note: We are awaiting comment from the New York City Department of Health.]

Media outlets have turned their attention to churro cart vendors this past week after actress Sofia B. Newman posted a series of videos on Twitter that went viral of a churro vendor, whom we now know as Elsa, being handcuffed and dragged away by three NYPD officers. A fourth, in plainclothes, is seen lugging her cart out of the station. Elsa was taken to the precinct, given a civil summons and released. This came after Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced he would “expand the force by 20 percent, hiring 500 more officers,” according to a New York Times article, in attempts to control fare-evasion.

Some people, like Lorena, have every intention of living and working in line with the law, and still, the system seemingly works against her. Others, like Martin*, the only churro cart vendor at the Broadway-Junction platform, where Elsa was handcuffed and dragged off on November 9, don’t have any kind of licensing.

When I first asked Martin if I could interview him, he was nervous; he had just been issued a ticket. He asked me, “What’s going to happen to me when I go to court?”

Martin doesn’t tell me his age but says he’s very old, and doesn’t feel well that day. He works an average of ten hours daily, and at best makes 80 dollars per day. Losing his cart means losing his livelihood. He’s here from Ecuador alone, with no family to speak of or care for him.

“I’m old now. I can’t find work in anything else,” he tells me, struggling to speak. “If I don’t have this, I don’t have food to eat.”

Coexisting with the police on subway platforms has proven stressful. He tells me he’s gotten four tickets alone this year, and some days cops sweep in and take away their merchandise, making it a big financial loss for Martin, who regularly doesn’t make enough money to even cover rent.

“When the cops come, they take all my churros, and my cart too,” he explains.

With limited resources, capital, and support, this work is all he has, and yet, instead of the city opening pathways to facilitate his work, he is made to feel like a criminal for it.

“It’s unjust. We’re not criminals,” he tells me, his voice clearer than before, “we’re not stealing anything; we only seek the bread of the day.”

love it when Twitter spurs increased public interest.


The scourge of “fare evasion” racism in disguise hitting New York too, eh? Broken window policing for the 2020s. Sad.


T and R, LD!! 🙂 I read an interesting article about Netanyahoo and Israeli anti-monopolists. It was written by Matt Stoller. There was a lot of good info in it. Stoller left out one important fact: Netanyahoo was kicked out of power years earlier cos of corruption. He reminds me of Trick the Dick Nixon in more ways than one. 🙁