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But the problem here goes beyond a political insider class that’s engorging billionaire dollars and flattering billionaire egos. These political insiders appear to buy into the core assumption behind plutocracies everywhere: that our wealthiest have something truly special to offer. The super rich, that core idea goes, must be super smart. How else could they have become so rich? Brilliance, in effect, both explains the existence of our billionaires and justifies that existence.

Bloomberg’s foray into Florida, CNBC reports, actually had Democratic Party leaders in the state “privately becoming more convinced that they were going to defeat Trump.” How could they not? They had a brilliant billionaire on their side.

In real life, billionaires don’t bring any exceptional brilliance into the political process. They bring their billions. They bring outsized stashes of cash that can distort election outcomes and safeguard their fortunes. Witness the $200 million our tech giants spent this fall on a ballot initiative to kill protections for gig workers.

And these dollars, even worse, drop a suffocating ideological wet blanket over the campaigns that Democratic Party candidates run. In this fall’s presidential contest, for instance, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were formally running on a platform many analysts considered “the most progressive document to come out of a major national party in US history.” The ideas in that platform — everything from a $15 minimum wage and ending tax breaks for capital gains to making public colleges and universities “tuition-free” for most students — had come out of joint task forces that brought together the party’s left and moderate wings.

But the campaigns Democratic candidates up and down the ticket actually ran essentially ran away from anything that might overly discomfort the nation’s most comfortable — and let Donald Trump and his pals pose as champions of average people against America’s overbearing elites. Trump came unnervingly close to winning. Many of his endangered pals did win.

Various national pundits are now savaging Republican movers and shakers for indulging Donald Trump, post-election, at his every narcissistic turn. But Democratic Party insiders remain largely free to indulge their super-rich benefactors. That has to change.

“Acquiescing to an unpopular and timid agenda that further entrenches the wealthy and the well-connected,” as Senator Elizabeth Warren puts it, “will lead us to more division, more anger, more inequality and an even bigger hole to climb out of.

“Unless Biden unites the people against the oligarchs who dominate the nation,” adds Guardian analyst George Monbiot, “the people will remain divided against each other.”


“Unless Biden unites the people against the oligarchs who dominate the nation,” adds Guardian analyst George Monbiot, “the people will remain divided against each other.”

tbh, i don’t know how anyone can say this with a straight face.


Biden will do no such thing. The platform was to ensure that there was not a mass defection by the left, not a statement of what Biden was going to do. He TOLD us what he was going to do, but a lot of people don’t listen well, “Nothing will fundamentally change.”



‘And these dollars’..’drop a suffocating ideological wet blanket over the campaigns’

I concur.


Liz 🐍 Warren is still treated like some sort of progressive which she is not. She is a GOPuke Lite. Sick of reading about her.


me too, but i’d rather have her in there than the ones Joe is picking.


President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain, urged the Trump administration Sunday to reverse course and begin working on a presidential transition so that “nothing drops in this change of power” that would jeopardize the incoming administration’s ability to distribute a coronavirus vaccine.

President Donald Trump and his campaign continue to pursue legal challenges in several states contesting results and making unfounded allegations of widespread fraud.

In the meantime, the federal government has not yet gotten a key determination from the General Services Administration that would allow agencies to begin to cooperate with a transition, which Klain told “Meet the Press” has left the Biden team unable to speak to current administration officials or begin planning for how to take over during a crisis that’s killed more than 240,000 in America alone.

“Joe Biden is going to become president of the United States in the midst of an ongoing crisis. That has to be a seamless transition,” he said.

“We now have the possibility, we need to see if it gets approved, of a vaccine starting perhaps in December, January. There are people at [the Department of Health and Human Services] making plans to implement that vaccine. Our experts need to talk to those people as soon as possible so nothing drops in this change of power.”

Last week, the drug manufacturer Pfizer announced its vaccine appears to be 90 percent effective and the White House touted its “Operation Warp Speed” that it said will have enough vaccine to begin vaccinating about 20 million people per month in December.

But Biden’s transition effort says it has begun to plan its own distribution for the vaccine because the federal government is still blocking them from working with its public health officials.

Klain described the effort to get an effective vaccine from a laboratory to manufacturing, distribution and ultimately into the arms of Americans is a “giant logistical project” that requires careful cooperation.

“It’s great to have a vaccine but vaccines don’t save lives, vaccinations save lives,” he said.


Los Angeles County is home to the nation’s biggest local jail system. It also has the largest local prosecutorial office and some of the deadliest law enforcement agencies: The Los Angeles Police Department and the county sheriff’s department each kill more people per year than police departments in other major cities with comparable rates of violent crime. And, despite its progressive reputation, it’s a sprawling county of 10 million people who have, for years, elected tough-on-crime politicians.

But 2020 was different. In a key test of police reform after the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the rallies that spread across the country this summer, anti-carceral candidates and policies won across the board — victories that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.

From the City Council to the district attorney’s office, voters chose the candidates who ran on reducing incarceration and holding violent law enforcement officials accountable while also approving a measure requiring part of the county’s revenue to be set aside for alternatives to incarceration. At a time when some establishment Democrats are blaming their party’s electoral setbacks in the House on calls to “Defund the police,” activists in Los Angeles helped oust incumbents and went up against well-funded police unions and won.

The outcome, activists say, is the result of grassroots organizing by Black Lives Matter and allied groups who have worked for years to mobilize the community around racial justice demands.

“This is one of those cases where grassroots pressure, storytelling, organizing all worked together perfectly to beat back police union money,” Chris Lazare, the organizing director of Real Justice PAC, said in an interview. “I don’t think this happens without BLM.”






i like this much better coming from the Squad, since they were the ones who really energized the poor.


In other words—–PROGRESS.

Building out a progressive base. Increasing our numbers.

This is the only hope we have for meaningful change in our country.

More AOC’s wearing out their sneakers awakening their neighbors and less DNC mismanagement.

If we do this (highly unlikely) we can win the 2 Senate seats in GA.


and less Joy Reid, who works against us. i think jcb is just goading me, at this point. luv ya, jcb. :O)


Well the Poor Peoples Campaign is not affiliated with Joy. It is affiliated with Rev. Barber though. Because Joy tweeted about it doesn’t make it bad. And for the record, I have little use for Joy. 🤮


i stay away from her like the plague. She was awful to Bernie.



This tweet is the truth.

We are a brainwashed, overwhelmed and poorly informed country.

The best way to right our listing ship is by energetic grassroots action.

Which is what we have manged to do with astonishing success in New York City.

Not that you’ll hear about it in your media, but we have M4A in NYC. Everybody can sign up with a personal physician and get regular care, including referrals if specialists are required. Free. You are supplied with a card stating your access. No more humiliation for poor people or undocumented people who need care. We have all of our backs.


Really!?! wow! is there an income limit?


Not as far as I know.

It is for people who don’t qualify for any other program.


We are on our own down here in “god’s” country aka Floridumb. 💩🤮


that’s great!


if more people could survive and stay in their home without working, the zones would be even more effective.

still, 💗

Don midwest
Don midwest

This probably means that Bruno Latour’s Biennial’s exhibit, in Taiwan will be open to the public

I have mentioned before his fictional planetarium to describe that we don’t live on the same planet

Talking about different planets, Latour explains, “It gives a vocabulary to talk about politics in different ways. Because it’s not just the classical politics of interests and nation-states, it’s now—we claim—a politics of planets.” He adds, “So, the metaphor is that, if you begin to have one planet which has a very different view, it attracts all the others and it repels all the others. [As such], it’s a hypothetical or fictional planetarium and we invite people to situate themselves in this different set of planetary influences, so to speak.”

The core of the Biennial’s framework is the coming together of knowledge and discussions spanning across a field of studies encompassing humanities and history, geology, marine science, sociology and political science. Conversations of diplomacy, which Latour and Guinard argue is inevitably linked to science, are also at the heart of the Biennial. Latour explains, “By using all sorts of disciplines, it’s not just a question of science, it’s not just a question of art, it’s not a question of politics. And inside the sciences, we are interested in all sorts of different scientific disciplines having to do with the Earth, of course.”

The 12th Taipei Biennial Tackles the Big Questions: In Conversation with Co-curators Bruno Latour and Martin Guinard

another short article with some visuals

The two curators also highlighted their goal to transform the exhibition into a fieldwork. To achieve this goal, they proposed to Eva Lin to join the team in order to benefit from her experience in both within and outside of the museum context. One of the highlights of the program will be the Theater of Negotiations, in cooperation with local scholars from the Taiwan Science, Technology and Society (STS) Association and their students. The first step will be based on a research effort where the participants will look at some of the controversies in Taiwanese society by carefully studying the role of each stakeholder involved. The second step will be a reenactment taking place at TFAM where each of the participants will endorse the role of these stakeholders and negotiate according to their divergent agendas.

The exhibition will be organized as a “planetarium,” where each artist depicts a certain “pull of gravity.” For example, Aruwai Kaumakan’s practice is characteristic of what Latour calls the Terrestrial Planet. As a former jewelry maker, she decided in 2008, after a violent Typhoon devastated her village, to “upscale” her productions so that she could work collaboratively with members of her community, using weaving as a resilient and social fabric. This “grounded approach” presents a sharp contrast with the “off-shore” and limitless space of the Global Planet, depicted by artists such as Antonio Vega Macotela. The latter has initiated a fairly unusual collaboration with a textile atelier (Marisol Centeno Studio) and the local craftsmen with hackers. Together they encrypted within the mesh of large tapestries information related to tax evaders, whose capital flows through borders and escape the tax system put in place in the boundaries of their nation states. Based on the planetary approach, the curatorial team will continue to build upon this framework.

Taipei Biennial 2020
You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet
November 21, 2020–March 14, 2021


so wonderful.


My county count:
Thursday 482
Friday 504
Saturday 520
Sunday 526

Holding steady at 13 deaths for the last week.

14K population, and little regard for masks/social distancing. Not North Dakota, by any means, but still spiking too much for a small county with not that much going on.


T and R to a most excellent usual suspect, Ms. Benny!! 🙂 Thanks for all you do with hosting the OTs and our Nest. 🙂

Don midwest
Don midwest

would Bernie have won if nominated?

I have been operating on that assumption for months

In an ongoing interaction with articles and phone calls with my historian friend who lives in rural WA state, he reminds me that north of him is a armed, vigilante group. He points out that I don’t understand where Trump supporters are. 70 million or so, more than 2016 voted for him

and here in the USA, the label Socialism is still linked to communism and government control which limits freedom

Maybe I don’t understand where Americans are

The effects of Fox News, right wing radio, along with the fact that elites figured out that globalization won’t work, so throw the public under the bus and create confusion to keep the masses uninformed

examples are everywhere

destroy education

support rampant capitalism that destroys lives and Gaia, and protect capitalism at all costs

provide multi billion dollar advertising effort that works wonders on people’s heads and turns people into “smart” consumers who know how to figure out the “truth” . Proof that manipulation works.

cover up the existential crisis of Gaia — they can’t understand anyway.

and I could go on on…

but forgot one of the big ones

use the almost a thousand military bases, and troops in the majority of countries in the world, to spend the country into collapse following the experience of other empires.

so could Bernie have won if nominated?

would the dem establishment support Bernie?

if he won the nomination, would he have been assonated?

in the mean time, he has been the most important politician in decades

and he continues his great work


Bernie would have won. I wonder if your friend ever saw one of his rallies–small ones with coal miners and vets or big ones with a whole lot of New Yorkers.

Bernie had what people are literally dying for: honesty, sincerity, and ability to work hard for everyone. irresistible when reported on honestly and not subtly and not so subtly demeaned and slandered.


Charles Booker is so much like Bernie, and probably the reason I just fell in love with him, LOL. I so hope he can rise to a place of national prominence. He has the policies AND the charisma to take on Bernie’s work.




Yes, Bernie would have won, plus he would have had the all important coattails.


Absolutely. Down races should never have been called, as long as those huge outstanding numbers were there. And it may not be just Rs that are ok with that. Ds don’t want any chance of real reform, either, imho. the more downstream Rs there are, the more the donors are happy and the more they can blame the progs.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

I agree. If this is any evidence of delayed voter ballot …? I received 2 birthday cards in the mail yesterday, Nov14; one was from my sister in AZ which was postmarked October 27. One was from a friend in MD which was mailed Nov 2. My birthday was Nov 4. I wouldn’t be surprised if voter ballots are still being delivered today.


happy birthday! my dad was a Scorpio–good people. :O)