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this is good, i guess, although anyone who still believes isn’t going to stop over something like this, and it makes us all ok with twitter and FB telling us what is true.

i can’t stand all the FB and twitter notices that you cannot avoid, saying no fraud in our voting system. everyone please go back to sleep now, nothing to see here.

Don midwest
Don midwest

wonderful!! we do have a 2 party system!!!

time to bridge the gap!!!

Go For It JOE!!!


“People are just the flesh the party uses to vote.”


Zero sum game i guess, Millions of us are still screwed


T and R, Ms. Benny!! 😊☮️👍

Don midwest
Don midwest

the plurality of world views were squashed as the west conquered native peoples

the wooden ship were burned on arrival so there would be no way back

forward progress!!

colonize the heathens!!

“We have never been modern,” Bruno Latour announced in the title of his 1991 book. But what is the nature of this modernity that we have never been? And what does Latour’s understanding of modernity offer to those who feel that they are indeed modern, but don’t quite understand how or why?

modernity colonizes the earth with general concepts and maps

the details of say, Native American lifeworld are wiped out, ignored, jailed. Until 1924, Native Americans had to move off the reservation and denounce their tribal sovereignty to be able to vote (Meteor Blades at DK pointed this out.)

To answer this question, we might first of all take a step back. Latour does not frame his definition of modernity in terms of a particular culture, sociology, or geography.

wait a minute. Destruction of a culture is a culture issue. Land grab is a geography issue. Destroying tribal structure is a social issue. How can I understand that last sentence that is quoted?

What he has in mind is fundamentally epistemological. For Latour, there is no situation that can’t be explained by zooming in to the microscopic level. His strategy, then, is always to seek a more particular account of the world.

what gobbledygook. Throw in a big word, epistemology, theory of knowledge. But a more street definition of epistemology “how to you make sense of what goes on around here?” And for sure there is nothing in native american spirituality that would be of interest to the modern world because it lacks a basis in our rationality.

“Details, please, always more details,” as he puts it in Reassembling the Social (2006).

what? is he asking us to slow down and look at details. I am too busy chasing progress.

The moderns, by contrast, are those who remove their eye from the lens and prefer to subsume the plurality of the world under broad, generic categories.

do you mean like culture, geography, etc?

Famously for Latour these would include such apparently benign categories as “Nature,” “Society,” and “the Economy.” We might describe some physical occurrence as adhering to “the laws of Nature,” or we might analyze human behavior in terms of the “norms of the Social world,” or we might refer to the circulation of “Economic forces.” But in each case, the category is reductive of the concrete reality it is purporting to explain. The moderns, then, are those who exchange the complexity of the local for the simplicity of the global.

so this is how we get progress! simplicity of the global that is reductive of the local. In other words, reduce the local to unimportant, throw it out

my god, this guy is really radical. where did he get the idea that our categories to understand the world are, as he says, “benign categories” Well, fuck him. I cannot get by without them. (humorous note: I made a typing mistake and typed “buy” instead of “by” — according to Latour Capitalism has become the second nature and just as the first Nature was used as a backdrop {can’t deny laws of nature} in our politics today, can’t be against capitalism — so cannot get buy without them …

This is another strange comment.

In talking about politics, we operate in the realm of the concepts like nature, culture, science based on laws of nature, etc. We don’t notice the unconscious frame used to understand what is going on

the first 2 paragraphs from an article on Latour’s modernity

We Have Always Never Been Modern


Thanks, Don, for bringing us Latour in your words. :O)