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Don midwest
Don midwest

Glenn Greenwald tweets Bernie

Tim Black was posted here yesterday on an interview with Elizabeth Warren where she was asked about Palestine and she wandered off in space. Bernie answered a question which is happening as we speak and related to the the rise of fascist governments. What should the US policy be?

Agree with Glenn that Bernie is only one who could have given this answer


He really is so much better after his heart attack. Kind of amazing and I’m here for it.

Don midwest
Don midwest

A passport for a new republic. Indigenous people would be a good fit.

Here is the text that appears on the left hand side

“On November 17, 2019, on the rim of the Vesuvius crater a little, landless Republic was founded. It has no land, but its territory coincides with the Earth itself. Among the thousands of passports, time has come for us to have only one valid ID document: The Earthlings passport. Those who belong to this new small Republic are the trespassers, the dreamers, the foreseers.”


:me waving both hands:


Matt Stoller is blocking progressives on Twitter who don’t love Warren. I know at least one other TPW member has been blocked besides me, but I first noticed this when he blocked Johnny Graz.

This isn’t newsworthy in itself, because all it shows is that Stoller has a thin skin. But I thought his reason for blocking me was interesting. In one exchange, Stoller said Facebook should be broken up and the remains not allowed to run ads. I asked how that would impact low income people (my wife is a director at an FQHC and their low income patients use Facebook a lot, including for scheduling):

Matt, how would you address the inherently regressive cost if (for ex.) you break up Facebook and go to a subscription model? Would FB be for affluent people then, along with other sub. sites?

I get that ppl already pay via ads. I’m trying to see how this could work.

This was his answer:

It would be for people who want to pay for it. There’s nothing inherently good about a universal platform based on manipulating people. So if it’s smaller so what?


Thnx for the reply. Your answer to the regressive aspect seems to be “doesn’t matter” and I’m not snarking when I say that.

I don’t see how you can convince ppl to go along with this unless they are affluent. Poor constituencies would seem to be shut out.

Stoller: Nothing.

So I started looking at his tweets more critically, and I realized that although he is very anti-monopoly, he is also quite conservative in many ways. And then he said this, which I hadn’t known:

I went to boarding school and Harvard and when I realized much of what I was taught was bullshit designed to give me a nice sinecure in an unfair aristocracy I got depressed for a few years. It sucks to reject your moral universe even if you know it’s immoral.

But it seems to me that he hasn’t rejected all of the elitist view that he got at Harvard: poor people just have to make more money to use Facebook, that’s all. No effort to even address the issue of how to deal with this problem, just make Facebook stop running ads and have people pay for using it. Anything else and his approach falls apart. He is a meritocrat. So I pointed out that he and Warren are both Harvard people and meritocrats as well, which is why he blocked me.

I do block people on Twitter, and the main reason is that they throw out ad hominem insults. I guess for Stoller, that is what being called a meritocrat amounts to.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Matt has a lot to say about the book Dignity

both of these tweets have threads. Not sure if you get them from this. I did a search on Matt Stoller Dignity and found these

I purchased the book and noted that excerpts were put in a right wing religious magazine and reviewed by conservatives. Matt’s point is that democrats are not facing up to poverty

Interesting comment by Tyronncaster above

Politics so messed up with handles like Left and Right and other slogans that it is hard to tell what is going on with being blocked or not.

Matt has made strong statements about Bernie. And, being an economist, he thinks a lot of Elizabeth Warren.


There are notable economists who think Warren’s M4A plan is not good, tho, as well.

I’m not sure what he expected when he tweeted that berners were responsible for Warren’s downfall in the latest Iowa poll, which we weren’t, anyway.



I didn’t see that tweet, since I am blocked. If I had, I’m sure I would have said something that got me blocked, LOL.


I might have too, gotten myself blocked because it’s certainly not “the left” that is ignoring the issues of poverty and class. Here’s a tweeter illustrating why we follow each other:

Personally, I have been following @Chris_arnade for years. He offered up a lot of insight after Trump won and too many people were busy blaming Russia.


And Thomas Frank, too. And look where that got him. He’s been essentially blacklisted.


i know i like Most of what he writes. Oh well. His loss.


And I’m not too sure about this part of Matt’s thread either (see attached pic), I mean “It’s because conservatives aren’t obsessed with seeing themselves as self-righteous good people”?? He hasn’t met some of the conservatives I interact with on a daily basis!

But, of course, we all have the misfortune to have to deal with snobby, clueless, liberals all the time. They sure don’t help the Democrats thrive.

matt stoller 7-7-19.jpg

Don midwest
Don midwest

politics animated

politics matters

politics worth engaging in


this just so moving. {{{{❤️}}}}



poor Jorge. lol. Bernie was awesome!


Wishing my good friend, @DannyDeVito a happy birthday today 🎉 pic.twitter.com/QKE03UNGPm

— Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) November 17, 2019


Another berner. ?



The Teacher Strikes That Could Hit Presidential Swing States in 2020

The recent Chicago Teachers Union strike was a big story this year. For 2020, it’s possible we could see a twist on that story: big-city teacher strikes in presidential swing states.

That’s because teachers’ contracts with both Detroit and Philadelphia public schools expire next year. The deal between the Detroit Federation of Teachers and the district expires at the end of June, while the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers’ contract with city schools runs out at the end of August.

President Donald Trump’s 2016 election win rested in large part on his victories in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, which had traditionally voted for Democrats in recent presidential races. (If Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had won those three states, she would have won the presidency.) The potential political mix of the 2020 White House race, and labor unrest among educators that could affect a couple of those same states, is intriguing—up to a point.

At a basic level, it’s possible that a Democratic presidential nominee could protest with teachers during such strikes, bringing national media attention along for the ride. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., a current candidate, did the latter during the recent Chicago strike. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., another 2020 hopeful, also backed the teachers’ demands in person.

Strikes might capitalize on political momentum generated by #RedforEd—a movement that advocates for teacher pay raises and more resources for schools—that could impact the White House race or any number of other elections. Perhaps they would also prompt a Trump tweet or other public remarks from the president, who’s no fan of teachers’ unions and vice versa. Trump won Michigan and Pennsylvania, as well as Wisconsin, by a very small margin, and both parties will be looking for whatever edge they can get.

Don midwest
Don midwest

this is impossible

doesn’t know that teachers are almost as attacked as put down as politicians?

they don’t matter

the public schools are just another source for extraction

is this article saying that teachers strikes could effect a presidential election


impossible I say

well maybe

unions + teachers and maybe enough people recall and appreciate that teachers are important


T and R, jcb!! 🙂 The weather is perfect down here today. High will be in the 60s and no rain. Tourism is having $$heart failure$$ cos this is perfect outdoor activity weather.

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