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T and R, la58!! I tried to post an OT, but as usual, blew it. Bad news from FL. We will be stuck with DeShiteasse for Governor, and Sick Rott for the Jr. Senator. 4-6 more years of feeling humiliated for living here. 🙁


i’m so sorry, OBF. it’s not fair.


These Wall Street millionaires literally plotted to overthrow the president
When FDR messed with their money, they began engineering a coup

MacGuire informed Butler that the press would soon make an announcement about the league of businessmen fatigued by the president’s reckless economic reforms. They planned to plant stories about Roosevelt’s ill health, and expected the president to comply with orders from his fellow patricians to hand over the highest seat of government. He would be permitted a ceremonial position while Butler and his allies steered the country in the proper direction.

An astounded Butler debated where to turn first, and decided to enlist a liberal Philadelphia paper to verify the details of his outlandish story. The paper sent their star reporter Paul Comly French who feigned anti-Roosevelt sympathies to interview MacGuire, who was candid about his views and details of the plot. He mentioned that the Remington arms manufacturers would supply the army, thanks to a working relationship with the DuPonts. “We need a Fascist government in this country,” he told the reporter, “to save the nation from the communists who want to tear it down and wreck all that we have built in America. The only men who have the patriotism to do it are the soldiers and Smedley Butler is the ideal leader. He could organize a million men overnight.”

Of course, the media (looking at you, NYT) laughed at Butler, better known as the author of War is a Racket, and none of the those accused ever had to testify for the “hearings.”

Whomever posted a link to this some time ago, thank you. It seems things have changed in that those who support facism are much better organized. After careful stacking of our system throughout the years, they are now coming out in the open.

This fight will take years of the kind of intensity we saw in the midterms.I pray we are up for it, because they are dangerously close to controlling the process. Honestly, when I look at what Pelosi and Hoyer just did and how “progressives” are going to support them, all I can do is support our new, excited, true progressives and hope that Bernie and they have it in them to rally even bigger crowds in 2020 and beyond.

And thanks, lala, and thanks to the unions, too. They can be such a force for good.


Because ‘Good Planets Are Hard to Find,’ Extinction Rebellion Shuts Down Central London Bridges
Day of revolt leads to mass arrests in the UK as protest participants argue too many still don’t “recognize the seriousness of our existential crisis” and almost nobody is doing enough to end humanity’s wreckless assault on planet’s living systems


Beto O’Roarke Gstting the Most POTUS Buzz


Sorry, all I have is linky.


Written pre-election results.
It seems like Iowa in 2007….

Ask yourself this question: today, looking at the likely Democratic primary field, who is the person most able to fill stadiums, command attention in both traditional and social media, sell T-shirts, suck in small-dollar donations, stir up genuine excitement among millennials, and throw a haymaker at Trump in the process? Is it a U.S. senator who occasionally sends out sternly worded e-mails about Mitch McConnell? Or is it the cool Texas guy you read about in your News Feed who used to play in a punk band and who’s now taking the fight to Ted Cruz in the deep red cradle of American conservatism? If you picked the former option, you probably watch Morning Joe too much.

Bernie Sanders is perhaps the only other name that comes to mind, but Sanders was also unable to dispatch Hillary Clinton, one of the most unpopular candidates in American campaign history, in the last presidential race. Sanders is also 76. And his fellow putative front-runners, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, will also be in their 70s if they decide to run next year. Maybe that won’t matter, but millennials are now the largest voting-age population in the country, and as Florida’s 39-year-old Democratic nominee for governor, Andrew Gillum, demonstrated this week, it’s helpful to speak the language of young, diverse voters who increasingly make up the beating heart of the Democratic Party. History also bears out an important pattern: since Vietnam, Democrats have only captured the White House by nominating youthful outsiders who offered a clean break from their predecessor. Jimmy Carter was inaugurated at 52, Bill Clinton at 46, and Obama at 47.


This Beto hype is a construct to push Bernie out, they literally describe Bernies traits and then say Beto first and then, oh yeah and Bernie too.


It does look that way. I wonder if Beto and Bernie are talking about what’s happening here.


What a load of wi60’s graphic :-)!!! So I looked up the source: Vanity Fair. A fashion rag that pretends to be serious about politics. I sure hope Beto tells the foo-foo media to shove it. I would be insulted if I read this crap about my campaign for office.


If Cruz’s chief strategist is saying he’s unbeatable, the Rs must think they can beat him?
Beto’s consolation prize: Running for president

Even after beating O’Rourke, Cruz’s chief strategist, Jeff Roe, stands impressed. “The Democrats don’t have anybody like him,” Roe said. “I’ve seen all of them. They don’t have anyone of his caliber on the national stage. I pray for the soul of anyone who has to run against him in Iowa in 453 days.”

As it happens, O’Rourke’s barnstorming campaign style, which took him to every county in Texas, is the same retail-intensive approach that has traditionally worked in the state’s first-in-the-nation caucuses. Rick Santorum famously won the 2012 Republican caucuses after visiting all 99 of Iowa’s counties in a pickup truck, a feat O’Rourke matched this year in Texas’ 254 counties with the aid of rented minivans.


Give me a break. Beto followed the Dean and Bernster’s campaign blueprints. He is a class act but he is not ready for POTUS.


Abrams Ends Georgia Governor Bid but Plans to Sue

Abrams’ campaign sparked huge energy across the state and she became a national Democratic star. Election turnout among both sides’ energized bases nearly equaled that of the 2016 presidential vote.

Aides close to Abrams said that since the election she had been wrestling with competing priorities: She wanted to advance her assertions that Georgia’s elections process makes it too hard for some citizens to vote. But she also recognized that a protracted legal fight would harm that cause and potentially her political future.


That yahoo who ran against her needs to be jailed. The FRightwingnuts are out of control (including the monied aholes who pay for them) now. I sure hope they can be stopped without a bloody revolution!


The VA Is Stiffing Countless Vets on Their Benefits

In August, an explosive report found that a trio of Mar-a-Lago members, Bruce Moskowitz, Marc Sherman and Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter, were secretly running the VA without any form of government oversight. None are elected officials, and their only qualifications would appear to be their proximity to the president. From ProPublica’s Isaac Arnsdorf:

The Mar-a-Lago Crowd [speaks] with VA officials daily, the documents show, reviewing all manner of policy and personnel decisions. They [prod] the VA to start new programs, and officials [travel] to Mar-a-Lago at taxpayer expense to hear their views. ‘Everyone has to go down and kiss the ring,’ a former administration official said.

Three months later, the department remains in disarray. NBC News reports that as many as 45,000 jobs within the VA have gone unfilled, and that it is yet to replace Chief Information Officer LaVerne Council, who stepped down during Trump’s presidential transition. (The department’s acting CIO, Scott Blackburn, resigned in April.) As for veterans like Shelley Roundtree, they’re unlikely to find relief any time soon.


The Egregious Lie Americans Tell Themselves

“I can’t believe in the richest country in the world. …”

This is the expression of incredulity and dismay that precedes some story about the fundamental impoverishment of American life, the fact that the lived, built geography of existence here is so frequently wanting, that the most basic social amenities are at once grossly overpriced and terribly underwhelming, that normal people (most especially the poor and working class) must navigate labyrinths of bureaucracy for the simplest public services, about our extraordinary social and political paralysis in the face of problems whose solutions seem to any reasonable person self-evident and relatively straightforward

Elsewhere, the con artists running America’s military-industrial complex are worried that the hundreds of billions we sink every year into planes that cannot fly in the rain and ships that cannot steer have left the United States virtually unable to win any wars. The United States spends perhaps a trillion dollars every year on its military and wars.

Poverty—both individual and social—is a policy, not an accident, and not some kind of natural law. These are deliberate choices about the allocation of resources. They are eminently undoable by modest exercises of political power, although if the state- and city-level Democratic leaders of New York and northern Virginia are the national mold, then our nominally left-wing party is utterly, hopelessly beholden to the upward transfer of social wealth to an extremely narrow cadre of already extremely rich men and women.

I voted last week, an exercise that now feels like mouthing polite prayers at someone else’s church. The line snaked out the door of the tiny, hot basement room and into the cold rain. There were only three voting machines. One was broken, and one seemed to be working only intermittently. A young woman with a baby in a stroller was in line in front of me. After we’d waited for 10 minutes without moving, she looked at me and rolled her eyes. “Can you believe this is how we do this?” she said. “In 2018.”

I smiled. I shrugged. I waved at her cute kid. I did not say, “Yes. I can believe it.”


The funny thing is their narrative that our military isn’t up to snuff doesnt really say we should spend more, because if we are already spending more than our potential enemies times 2-3 and still behind, that just says its all a waste of money and we might as well just spend less.


I wonder if Trump the “Nationalist” will pardon them?


Federal authorities say 39 white supremacist gang members were arrested in a gun- and drug-trafficking operation centered in Pasco County.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa announced the arrests on Thursday. Investigators say the suspects are connected to the Unforgiven and United Aryan Brotherhood gangs.

They face a range of charges that include the sale of heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine and marijuana, and possession of firearms by convicted felons, including pistols and shotguns.
The investigation was a joint partnership of local and federal agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.


What was missing from the above article was mention of “domestic terrorism.


Florida: Rocket Launcher, Pipe Bombs, Firearms Seized in Raids on White Supremacist Gangs.

Police found a weapons cache including a rocket launcher and pipe bombs in drugs trafficking sting targeting Florida white supremacist gangs.
The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida announced Thursday that 39 members of the Unforgiven and United Aryan Brotherhood gang had been arrested as part of the operation.

Officers seized more than 100 firearms, a rocket launcher and several pipe bombs as part of the operation centres in Pasco County, Florida, according to a statement.
Authorities also seized “several pounds” of meth and fentanyl, ABC affiliate WFTS-Tampa Bay reported.

The three year long Operation Blackjack investigation was conducted by the ATF, with assistance from Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office
The gang members arrested have been charged with various federal drugs and firearms offences, and face sentences ranging from two years to life in prison.


Good. “three year long” means it started under Obama. Wonder if anything like that could happen under Trump.


i mean good on Obama. imagine Trump would find some way to block it.


If you buy plenty of arms from us anything goes.


President Donald Trump on Saturday heralded Saudi Arabia as a “spectacular ally” two days after his administration leveled sanctions against 17 Saudi officials for the death of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The president said he had not yet been briefed by the CIA on the latest developments in the investigation into Khashoggi’s murder in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last month, but he would speak to intelligence officials and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo later Saturday.

Trump demurred on any potential involvement by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom the CIA has concluded ordered Khashoggi’s assassination by a team of Saudi agents, according to a report first published Friday by the Washington Post.


Lets see what happens now. The “I know nothing” alibi has come to an end.



There oughta be a law against this. LOL



What an excellent plan!


Ro! Pelosi should not be chairperson! Not with her plan to allow Republicans to help block needed funds for M4A and her pay-go plan. No. No. No.

i replied to his tweet. hope he reads it.


It says make AOC chair not Pelosi 😉


Yeah, but chair of the Green Deal committee that Pelosi has apparently agreed to. I’m worried that progressives are supporting Pelosi for Speaker partly b/c of stuff like this.


If she is willing to do stuff like this that does give her some value for being speaker, its if she wont do stuff like this that should be the reason she isn’t.

Some people want power more than policy and if she is more interested in power to the point she will bend to the progressives to get it, im not sure thats a bad thing.

You have to remember politics are very complex and it might not be possible to keep her from the position and fighting her, only to have her win anyway could be a big mistake. Better to get something meaningful from her and have her feel she owes progressives some for helping her get there.

The real political animals go with the wind, like Obama changing views as public opinion went over 55% in favor during his time in office. They may not care one way or the other if the progressives or the oligarchs control things, they just ride what ever wave keeps them afloat.


Yeah, I just cannot support her with her wanting to make it a 3/5 majority to raise taxes. Like someone said, if you want to make it a 3/5 majority, make it for cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, stuff like that. If you make if for taxes, it makes M4A impossible.

That’s a step too far for me and I hope it is for the progressives too. I don’t know that she can win without them, but I haven’t counted and wouldn’t know how to. AOC might be able to be a sort of whip.

Add to that her “pay-go” rule she wants, and you have a recipe not just for bending progressives, but breaking them.



Fair enough, Who do you feel can get enough votes to beat her that would be any better?

(and yes I dont trust her either, but this is only round 1 of the revolution and we just dont have that much leverage yet)


I’d like to see Barbara Lee run, but apparently she is running for House Dem Caucus Chair. After that, I’d have to research–looks like Maxine Waters is also taking a different position. Anyone who won’t put in measures like the ones above.

I’m not sure who might be popular and brave enough to oppose her, and, at the least, not block progressive actions. :O)

And you’re right, we don’t have much leverage yet. I’m not sure what it would take to rescind these two things in 2020, and I’m not sure how much damage it will do. Once something like these are in, I know it’s harder to get them thrown out. But yeah, it’s a quandry.



It looks as if the “Anyone but Bernie” campaign is beginning.


Democrats say Sen. Sherrod Brown is a potential 2020 candidate who could thread the needle and unite a party divided by people debating whether it’s better to move to the left or the center to win back the White House.

Brown is the kind of politician who can appeal to both sides in that debate, which has defined the 2020 conversation in Democratic circles so far.

He’s a progressive who has embraced progressive social views on gay rights and abortion, who just won reelection in Ohio — which increasingly is seen as Trump territory.

Brown might be best known for his liberal economic views, including support for a higher minimum wage and opposition to the Trump tax law. But on trade, he’s long espoused positions similar to Trump’s, which have been popular with his political base.

I am sure that there will be much more to come!


i don’t think so. he won’t unite a lot of people i know. i honestly don’t get why so many are so determined not to help people. Bernie helps people. They do all they can to marginalize him.


Their problem is too many establishment candidates to dilute each other, which is why there is so much push for nons to run too, thats where Ojeda and the push for Beto are coming from. They saw Bernie go from 3% to 45% with everything stacked against him, this time he will be starting where he left off and going from there, which is probably even uncheatable.

Their only chance is to confuse the voters with as many non establishment people as they can get, but I think Beto is the one that could actually do the trick for them, splitting the progressive vote enough for an establishment tool to win.

This will be a real test of his ego, because he is smart enough to see how all of this works and should only jump in if Bernie doesn’t, unless his ego gets in the way. Beto didnt win his state and doesnt have the national recognition Bernie does, not to mention lacks the experience and national infrastructure Bernie can turn on in an instant.


With comments like this once again proves that he is an ASSHOLE.


President Trump on Saturday said other countries do a better job than the United States of “cleaning the floors” of the forest in efforts to reduce forest fires.

Trump made the remarks during his recent visit to California to survey wildfire recovery efforts.

“You’ve got to take care of the floors. You know the floors of the forest, very important. You look at other countries where they do it differently and it’s a whole different story,” Trump said to reporters while standing alongside California Governor-elect Gavin Newsom and California Gov. Jerry Brown.

“I was with the president of Finland and he said, ‘We have a much different—we’re a forest nation.’ He called it a forest nation, and they spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things,” Trump continued. “And they don’t have any problem.”

“And when it is, it’s a very small problem, so I know everybody is looking at it to that end and it’s going to work out, it’s going to work out well,” the president said.


This was all that he could come up with while touring the devastation.


The death toll from the “Camp Fire” in Northern California has increased to 71 while authorities try to locate 1,011 people who are unaccounted for. The blaze is now 55 percent contained after consuming more than 148,000 acres.

California wildfires fast facts
Firefighters are battling two major wildfires in California. Here’s a breakdown by the numbers as of Friday morning, according to Cal Fire and local officials.

Camp Fire
Location: Butte County
148,000 acres burned
55 percent contained
71 fatalities confirmed
11,862 structures destroyed (including homes)

Woolsey Fire
Location: Los Angeles County, Ventura County
98,362 acres burned
82 percent contained
3 fatalities confirmed
713 structures destroyed, 57,000 in danger


He truly does behave despicably.


the Santa Ana winds have been longer and hotter for a while, now. The dry season is way longer, etc. etc. Climate chaos. He’ll never admit to it, even as he builds walls around his property in Ireland.

“In the first application, Trump cited “global warming and its effects,” including rising sea levels and water erosion, as reasons for the wall, Politico reported….”

Why doesn’t the media advertise that little factoid?


Because it’s so normal to rake the wilderness. Not that much of it is truly wild anymore.


The obvious point in this nonsense is Finland is a cold northern country not bordering on some of the hottest driest parts of the continent.


Nancy sure can control her caucus?


Its the old we arent crooks we are idiots defense.


One more Dem is successful.


Democrat Gil Cisneros is projected to win the open-seat race for California’s 39th District, a critical victory for Democrats in the battle for the House.

Cisneros, a Navy veteran, defeated former Republican state Assemblywoman Young Kim in the race to replace 13-term Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.).

The Associated Press called the race for Cisneros Saturday after more than a week after Election due to ballots being counted.

Royce’s retirement opened up a seat that was viewed as one of Democrats’ best chances to pick up a House seat.


A good question.


It is obvious to everybody but President Doofus.


President Trump on Saturday called reports of a CIA assessment concluding that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered on the orders of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman “premature.”

Speaking to pool reporters in California after touring damage caused by wildfires in the state, the president stated that the CIA had made no such assessment yet and touted the release of the CIA’s report over the next few days.

“They haven’t assessed anything yet. It’s too early. That was a very a premature report,” Trump said Saturday when asked about a Washington Post report about the CIA assessment.

“We’re going to have a report on Tuesday. And it’ll be very complete. In the meantime we’re doing things to some people that we know for a fact were involved and we’re being very tough on a lot of people,” he added.


I gotta say that she she keeps on impressing me!


Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), implored more than 700 attendees of a Justice Democrats strategy call to run for office against incumbent Democrats as well as Republicans in their home districts.

During the video call with supporters Saturday evening, Ocasio-Cortez remarked that her own journey to the House began on the other end of a Justice Democrats strategy call while calling on supporters to mount similar bids in their own districts around the country.

“Long story short, I need you to run for office,” she said on the call. “All I’m asking you to do is throw your hat in the ring, say ‘what the heck.’ ”

Ocasio-Cortez was elected Tuesday after running a successful primary against Rep. Joe Crowley, who was House Democratic Caucus Chairman.

The incoming freshman Democrat added that she and other members of the Justice Democrats, a group of progressive Democrats seeking to shift the Democratic Party left, would support challenges to incumbent Democrats they view as insufficiently aligned with the views of progressives in the party, particularly on the issue of corporate campaign donations.

“All Americans know money in politics is a huge problem, but unfortunately the way that we fix it is by demanding that our incumbents give it up or by running fierce campaigns ourselves,” she said.

“I don’t think people who are taking money from pharmaceutical companies should be drafting health care legislation. I don’t think people who are taking money from oil and gas companies should be drafting climate legislation,” she added.


Finally! Bernie must be proud. Alexandria, you GO, girl.


All the Democrats running for top spots in the House
House leadership isn’t just about the speaker’s race. Here’s who else is running


The unfortunate part (as far as I understand it) is aside from the speakers position a simple majority of the caucus is all that is required. The likelihoods of changes is not all that large.


Just adding this for perspective.


Although he is presently only a state member I would like to see this democratic socialist make it to congress.


I am pretty sure that you will like this tweet pb4


I LOVE this tweet! Thanks.


I like his optimism—that one day it will be discovered.


The fucking smiling Amazon logo under the word “military” is just a reminder that we’ve already gone full dystopia. https://t.co/wkLls7JLAH

— Bill will miss some of you when this site implodes (@birru) November 15, 2018


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