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Sanders elicits passion, and ambivalence, among young Iowa voters

Participating in the Iowa caucus can be more complicated than casting a ballot. So at Iowa State University on Wednesday night, about 20 students staged a mock caucus to practice the process. The names of each Democratic candidate were taped to chairs set up around a room in the student union. Students were instructed to huddle around the chair of their preferred candidate and make a brief pitch.

“He’s been in Congress, um, or not Congress, in government trying to make life better and challenge corporations,” said sophomore Hector Arbuckle of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., before he was cut off by an event organizer with NextGen America, an organization intended to get young people involved in progressive causes.

Iowa State is right in the middle of Iowa, in Story County, which Sanders won by a healthy margin in 2016. Arbuckle was one of five students who stood by Sanders’ chair. He said he likes some of the other candidates, but has more faith in Sanders.

“I’m not sure if I really trust them to stand up when it gets hard, and I feel that Bernie is going to fight for what’s right, even when it’s really difficult,” Arbuckle said.

In less than 100 days, we’ll know whether Sanders wins the Iowa caucuses, the first contest of the Democratic presidential primary. Sanders narrowly lost Iowa to Hillary Clinton in 2016.


Why did the NextGen America person cut Hector off?

Oh, I’m reading now that NextGen America was founded by Tom Steyer and that ‘they’ organize in a dozen or so states right now.

I’m glad that they’re helping to get young people to vote.


‘Ecological breakdown’: Greta Thunberg and youth activists rally as wildfires burn

Paradise is not what it used to be, as Greta Thunberg witnessed earlier this week. Today the town with a lovely name is best known for the apocalyptic fire that ripped through it last year, decimating nearly every home and killing 86 people.

This week California is once more in flames as fires rage in the north and south – a point that was not lost on the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who spoke at a rally in Los Angeles on Friday.

“We can see the wildfires happening right around the corner,” Thunberg said outside City Hall, just miles from an ongoing blaze. “Right now we are living in the beginning of a climate and ecological breakdown, and we cannot look away from this crisis anymore.”

More than a thousand people joined Thunberg for an afternoon of youth-led environmental action, a scene that has become familiar as she – and young people like her – are increasingly frustrated with the inaction of their elders.

“The older generations are failing us,” she told the crowd, where organizers of the Youth Climate Strike were demanding that California’s governor Gavin Newsom impose an immediate moratorium on new oil and gas drilling. “They are failing future generations. But future generations do not have a voice. And the biosphere does not have a voice. So we will be the voice that speaks for them.”

Young people – especially young women – came out in force. Lily Olson, a 17-year-old high school senior from Los Angeles, said Thunberg was an inspiration to people of her generation, her existence a rejoinder to those who think the young should wait to speak out about their future.

“It’s amazing to see someone my age with such articulation and care and passion for what other people would consider ‘not a big deal’,” she said. “People seem to think because we’re young we don’t know what we’re talking about, or we don’t have the ability to make change. But seeing someone like Greta speak about what she’s truly passionate about – it really gives me faith in my generation.”


I wonder why Bernie used the podium


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders didn’t bring supporters to the Liberty and Justice Celebration, keeping with his campaign’s recent tradition of organizing an alternative event instead — this time a “March to End Corporate Greed” early Friday evening. But Sanders, the only candidate to use a podium, arrived with an olive branch, saying his campaign had donated $20,000 to the Iowa Democratic Party.

The comments that got more attention, however, were the riskier lines where Democrats took on Democrats, some of whom shared the stage mere minutes apart.

Warren was the most direct in her critiques of her rivals, telling the audience that some “think that running some vague campaign that nibbles around the edges is somehow safe, but if the most we can promise is business as usual after Donald Trump, then Democrats will lose.”

Warren then took a subtle dig at candidates like Biden, Buttigieg and others who are offering more incremental change.

“We win when we offer solutions big enough to touch the problems that are in people’s lives. Fear and complacency does not win elections.

Hope and courage wins elections,” she said, adding, “I’m not running some consultant-driven campaign with some vague ideas that are designed not to offend anyone. I’m running a campaign based on a lifetime of fighting for working families.”

“This is a time of crisis. And media pundits, Washington insiders, even some people in our own party don’t want to admit it. They think that running some vague campaign that nibbles around the edges is somehow safe,” she said.

But Warren, who has risen to front-runner status in recent months, also took some indirect criticism.

Harris highlighted her career as a prosecutor and then used that experience to subtly hit Warren.

“I have only had one client my entire life and that is the people. Unlike others, I have never represented a corporation,” Harris said, a nod to Warren’s previous work representing corporations.


He may just find it calming. I know I do.


I was wondering too, did Bernie (or his handlers) think others would be also using a podium?

I hear that Harris “danced in”. Personally, I think I prefer a podium to that, but each to their own.


Look how the guardian reports it in the sole mention of Bernie in the entire article:

Liberty and Justice for Democrats in Des Moines – but no clear Iowa star

By comparison, Sanders was subdued. He was the only candidate to read from notes. The staples were all there but he seemed to lack Warren’s fire.


can’t win. When he’s not subdued, he’s angry.


Pretty much it as far as the core-crap media goes, damned by them either way.


Dream on Pete. Maybe in a race for wealthy white professional class voters.


South Bend, Indiana Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said in a new interview that he believes the race for his party’s nomination will be between Senator Elizabeth Warren and himself.

In a clip from Showtime’s The Circus, Buttigieg told co-host John Heilemann: “I think this is getting to be a two-way. It’s early to say, I’m not saying that it is a two-way. A world where we’re getting somewhere is where it’s coming down to the two of us.”

In the interview snippet, Buttigieg believes believes that he and Warren stand out among the other candidates. “The contrasts are real,” he said. “They’re substantive, respectful policy contrasts, but they’re real.”

Heilemann asked if Buttigieg “accepts the notion that it’s Warren against the field. Someone is trying to become the alternative to Warren.” Buttigieg agreed: “It’s shaping up that way.”


Honestly, He wont win the presidency , to many people with prejudices either kept to themselves or they do what the extreme Trumpcorp supporters have done with racism.
Forget the R older(boomer) crossover vote ,the evangelical vote period. As their ok with cheating on a spouse but Vote for a gay candidate that wont happen as their so called morals will kick in. Then the D boomers and other voters whose “Morals” wont let them vote for him either. The gay prejudices are still out their in society and as long as boomers are the voting block that turns out the most to vote they will take that into the voting booth. They will take 4 more years of trumpcorp vs. Buttigieg. Me personally I don’t care what anyone “life style” is or what they with consenting adults and no laws are broken to each their own and if it came to where I had to vote for Warren or Buttigieg over Trumpcorp I would probably vote for either of those two over Trumpcorp. This county may not survive 4 more years of Trumpcorp . Still Bern’in and don’t have to make that choice yet. I’m just being realistic as its not his “time” yet, in 10 years or so the last of the aging boomers wont have the clout that they do now nor will the evangelical voter block. The outright hatetrid and racism was exposed when Obama was elected. I actually thought we were moving beyond that but it was simply buried and realize we have a long road ahead.




This will help rev up the crowd


Minnesota’s own New Power Generation is slated to appear at a campaign rally this weekend for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, along with Rep. Ilhan Omar, are set to speak at Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota campus for the Nov. 3 rally.

New Power Generation (NPG) was Prince’s longtime band. The group toured and recorded with Prince for over two decades. NPG formally got back together in 2016 in tribute to the late musician.


I saw Prince and the Revolution back in the mid 1980s. It was called ‘The black and White Tour.’ They were beyond tight.


Pelosi declares war on Bernie and Warren

She actually said this: “As a left-wing San Francisco liberal I can say to these people: What are you thinking?” ??? Makes sense the interview was for Bloomberg


Nancy Pelosi is issuing a pointed message to Democrats running for president in 2020: Those liberal ideas that fire up the party’s base are a big loser when it comes to beating President Donald Trump.

Proposals pushed by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders like Medicare for All and a wealth tax play well in liberal enclaves like her own district in San Francisco but won’t sell in the Midwestern states that sent Trump to the White House in 2016, she said.

“What works in San Francisco does not necessarily work in Michigan,” Pelosi said at a roundtable of Bloomberg News reporters and editors on Friday. “What works in Michigan works in San Francisco — talking about workers’ rights and sharing prosperity.”

Pelosi also expressed worries about voters’ reactions to the Green New Deal, which Sanders and Warren also support, that calls for radical, rapid reductions in carbon emissions. “There’s very strong opposition on the labor side to the Green New Deal because it’s like 10 years, no more fossil fuel. Really?” she said.

Pelosi said Democrats must stick with pay-as-you-go rules to avoid adding to the debt, a point of contention with left-leaning figures who want to permit more deficit spending for ambitious liberal priorities.

“We cannot just keep increasing the debt,” she said.

Pelosi added that she doesn’t understand the race to the left among some candidates, because “Bernie and Elizabeth own the left, right? Is anybody going to out-left them?”

She stopped short of endorsing a tax on wealth, an idea that Warren and Sanders have embraced as a means to reduce income inequality and expand the safety net. The speaker said she wants “bipartisan” tax changes that lower the debt and fix the “dumb” Republican tax cuts of 2017.

She also steered clear of backing a cap on pay for chief executive officers.

Warren has been under pressure from Biden and other candidates to demonstrate that her plan wouldn’t require tax increases on middle-class Americans.

On Friday, her campaign said it would cost $20.5 trillion and would be funded by raising taxes on large corporations and the wealthy, cracking down on tax evasion, reducing defense spending and putting newly legalized immigrants on the tax rolls. The Biden campaign called that plan “mathematical gymnastics” intended to hide the fact that it would result in higher taxes for the middle class.

Warren swatted back at the criticism, accusing Biden of “running in the wrong presidential primary.”

“Democrats are not going to win by repeating Republican talking points,” the Massachusetts senator said in Des Moines, Iowa. “So, if Biden doesn’t like that, I’m just not sure where he’s going.”




House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the target of a blatantly bogus advertising campaign underway on Facebook meant to draw attention to the social network’s policies for political ads.

“Breaking news,” begins a 33-second video ad that recently started being shown to Facebook users. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is giving away all her mansions to house thousands of homeless folks in her district.”

The spot was purchased by Shahid Buttar for Congress, the political campaign mounted by a self-described Democratic socialist hoping to unseat the incumbent in next year’s elections.

Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, has not announced plans to house the homeless in her private residences as alleged in the ads.

Facebook recently said the company will not subject political ads to the same fact-checking standards as other ad spots, prompting Mr. Buttar’s campaign to test the policy’s limits.

“Facebook allows politicians to lie in ads. Facebook then profits off of these ads. It’s never easier for politicians to create fake news on Facebook. Our Democracy is at stake,” reads a message shown at the end of the video ad.




Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders may be focusing his energy on trying to win over voters in early primary states, but a variety of musicians have shown that they are listening, too.

From Jack White to Ariana Grande, musical stars have signaled a liking for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Democrats have long turned to Hollywood and the music industry to leverage their own candidacy and gain support. Sen. Elizabeth Warren received an endorsement from Netflix’s “Queer Eye” star and advocate Jonathan Van Ness, and John Legend recently told Vanity Fair that Warren is “the best candidate running today.” South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has had fundraisers hosted by Mandy Moore and Ellen DeGeneres. Businessman Andrew Yang will have Weezer perform at his event in Des Moines prior to his appearance at the Iowa Democratic Party Liberty and Justice celebration.

But so far, Sanders is gaining traction in this musical primary.

On Wednesday, two members of indie band Dispatch joined the ranks. Brad Corrigan and Chad Stokes Urmston performed at Sanders’ rally in New Hampshire and shared their support.

“It’s a real honor to be here” Stokes Urmston told the crowd. “We’ve been Bernie fans for a long time now and really admire his courage to say what he believes all these years. It’s the same thing from 30, 40 years ago, he’s been saying the same thing and finally the world caught up to him.”

“Let’s get behind Bernie with all that we have” Corrigan added.

And ahead of Sanders’ joint rally with Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis on Sunday, New Power Generation, Prince’s longtime backing band, announced its endorsement.

“We’re really proud to stand with Sen. Bernie Sanders as he attempts to bring America back to the people. It’s time for the people to take back the government,” said Morris Hayes, the late star’s musical director and longest standing band member. “Like the good Senator says, it’s not me or him, it’s us.”

Such support has come as the campaign aims to make live music central to its events, Sanders deputy campaign manager Ari Rabin-Havt said.

“One of the questions Bernie always asks before an event is do we have a band. So we try to have a musical event at every rally because that’s something he really believes in” Rabin-Havt told CNN. “For Bernie, political events should be fun, should be cultural and should be entertaining. And it’s not just I’m about getting famous musicians to perform. We try to have local musicians of a variety of genres from rap to blue grass to reggae perform.”

That was on display last weekend, when Jack White, of the former band White Stripes, opened at Sanders’ rally in Detroit, where Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib offered her endorsement to the Vermont senator.
In the middle of his seven-song set, White, performing at his high school alma mater, told the crowd why he backed Sanders.

“Listen, I’ve never done a political rally before. I’m not really politically affiliated too much. I don’t consider myself a member of any party or anything I just listen to the issues” White said. “I want to listen to someone and understand that they’re telling me the truth if I trust them. Bernie Sanders is telling the truth, and I really do trust him.”

White noted that Sanders’ position on abolishing the electoral college is what drew him toward the senator’s candidacy.

That endorsement came just days after singer Jason Mraz also announced his support for Sanders.

“To me, he’s the only candidate who can continue to drain the swamp,” Mraz wrote on his website.


I spent some time reading about Warren’s health care plan.

Some people were positive,


but a lot of people have concerns.

First of all, the head tax. I think those concerns seem valid (so far, am still reading up).


Then there’s all the talk of a 10 year transition to her plan. That’s a deal buster for me! I know that she says she will be more explicit about the transition period later, but:



Jayapal says four years

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