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‘Get Our Country Off Fossil Fuels’: Demanding Green New Deal, Youth Climate Leaders to Flood Congressional Offices Nationwide

Lobbying TODAY. There’s a link in the article to see if there’s one near you. I’ll be watching the little one and likely won’t make it. Ours is at noon.


Can’t join the group today? Here’s a way to participate>


The closest action to me is in New Haven at Rosa DeLauro’s office. Not sure if my new rep, Jahana Hayes, will be our ally on this, but she does claim to represent the younger generation:

There Was An ‘Army Of Children’ Behind 5th District Democratic Nominee Jahana Hayes

so, hopefully, she will pay attention to this ‘movement’ and be an ally.

Here’s a nice tweet that includes Jahana.

This one’s nice too. I sure do hope she flexes some progressive muscles.


I support them 100%, but have one complaint. What is with the slightly militaristic logo designs? This one reminds me of Justice Democrats.


What is Courage?

One night, he told us, several men sent by the dictator to kill him, and armed with swords, arrived at his door. A brutal attack ensued and as he lay on the floor with his gut ripped open—believing death was near—Rev. Njoya wasn’t wailing. Instead, he began gifting his treasures to his assailants, including his library and even his favorite Bible.

As Rev. Njoya spoke, my heart began pounding wildly. I just couldn’t grasp what I was hearing, so I blurted out: “But how is this possible? Isn’t humanity’s fear response automatic? How, in pain and fearing death, could anyone express kindness?”

To answer my question, Rev. Njoya posed as a lion that had spotted its prey. The lion, he told us, doesn’t just react. It recoils and postures itself, and then it leaps. Acting out the scene, he explained that, like the lion, we can harness and harmonize our fear. It is a source of energy we can use.

I’d always been afraid of fear. But, now I had to imagine what would happen if I thought of fear as pure energy, energy I can use how I choose. Anna and I lay awake into the night talking about what it would mean if we could live that understanding of fear. Ah, what freedom, we realized.

Since that night, I continually remind myself that fear doesn’t necessarily mean “danger”: stop or fight or run. Maybe my pounding heart or cold sweat is telling me that I am on the brink of possibility, that I am, right in that moment, simply in the unknown where most growth and creativity are possible.


Wall Street Is Leading the Attack on Pelosi—Steny Hoyer Is the Real Barrier to the Progressive Agenda
“A Hoyer speakership would be a catastrophe for the left.”

But Pelosi is playing along, too.

It’s Not About the Speakership—It’s About Blocking Progressive Change

The No Labels crowd is throwing its public influence (negligible) and its ability to muster campaign cash (considerable) behind the anti-Pelosi effort for a reason: they see this as an opportunity to weaken the Democrats’ newfound power in the House. That’s especially urgent for the big-money crowd at a time when nearly half of successful new candidates ran on Medicare for All and more than 100 House Democrats have joined the Expand Social Security Caucus.

The “centrist” campaign may help explain why Pelosi plans to impose a new rule making it harder to raise middle-class taxes. This rule would make it harder to achieve either Medicare for All or expanded Social Security, even though any new taxes would leave the working class much better off financially than it is today.

Rep. Tom Reed, a Republican member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, has already indicated he could back Pelosi if more such changes were put in place. The caucus’ additional proposed changes, roughly outlined here, would effectively give Republicans veto power over progressive legislation.

It is noteworthy that there was no serious attempt to implement these rules when Republicans ran the House.

Even more than the speakership, this procedural power grab motivates the anti-Pelosi crowd and its backers. They might even withdraw their opposition to her if they could seize this power for themselves and their “centrist” allies in both parties.

No wonder these “rebels” are vague about their goals. Given the massive support for Medicare for All (more than 70 percent of the public, 85 percent of Democrats) and expanding Social Security, they know their agenda is extremely unpopular. If they truly believed in “country over party,” they would support programs that most of the country wants and needs.

Underline mine.

More in the article about these Wall St. backed, “problem solver” (haha) Dems.


The centrist rebellion is good for the progressives who are getting positive stuff in exchange for support.


I have publicly and privately said that Pelosi is the most progressive candidate who can win,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), a Bay Area liberal who backed Ocasio-Cortez’s primary bid, told The Hill on Monday. “I’ve said that to many freshman and to folks close to AOC.”

Pelosi has already personally met with Ocasio-Cortez “numerous times” during the past week, sources said, though they declined to offer any specifics about the conversations.

Ocasio-Cortez has made clear that a select committee on climate change is a top priority for her, which Pelosi has already agreed to establish. Pelosi, if elected Speaker, would also decide which lawmakers get to serve on the panel.

“Congresswoman-elect Ocasio-Cortez is a dynamic and engaging leader with an extraordinary gift for connecting with young people who may be getting involved in politics for the first time,” said Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill. “Her groundbreaking use of social media is engaging and energizing a whole new level of grassroots.”

Leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), where Ocasio-Cortez is likely to join next year, put out a statement praising Pelosi following a sit down with her last week. They said they were encouraged that Pelosi agreed to ensure that “CPC members are represented proportionally on the key exclusive committees” and that she envisions “more elected leadership positions that CPC members can run for.”

“We had a very productive conversation with Leader Pelosi today about the growing numbers of the Congressional Progressive Caucus after the election and the need to ensure that CPC members are well represented as we go forward,” said Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), co-chair of the CPC, and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), first vice chair of the CPC.

“We look forward to reporting back to our CPC members on the productive and successful conversation with Leader Pelosi.”


Pocan is on the fence for supporting Pelosi so he said in an recent local article, but expect him to support her, he may be playing that concession card in leu of support for more progressive ideas.


“Good” ole Turd Wayers: some garbage never changes its/their stench.


DeFazio and many others notably absent. I imagine more will be joining. Heck, Senators should join just to show support.



Support for a Green New Deal is building, both on the streets and inside Congress. In the past week, nearly a dozen members of the House—mostly newcomers like Representative Rashida Tlaib, but also a handful of sitting representatives like Ro Khanna, John Lewis, and Jared Huffman—have backed a proposal by Ocasio-Cortez for a Select Committee for a Green New Deal. This committee would be tasked with drafting a ten-year green jobs and infrastructure plan to radically reduce carbon emissions while expanding living-wage jobs. As detailed on Ocasio-Cortez’s website, “The select committee shall have authority to develop a detailed national, industrial, economic mobilization plan … for the transition of the United States economy to become carbon neutral and to significantly draw down and capture greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and oceans.”

It’s an ambitious plan and an inspiring one, even as questions abound: what exactly would this Green New Deal look like? Will Democrats and their leadership make this blend of environmental salvation and economic justice a top priority and lend it all their political will? Or will they remain far behind the climate change curve, slow-pedaling moderate reforms? And even if they push it forward, what’s Plan B when the Republicans stifle it in the Senate?


It’s good to see John Lewis in there. I thought we’d lost him after the 2016 fiasco.


I will believe it when it’s passed, I see the details, and I know it has real teeth/fangs.


Even if there is no plan b, we want the constant exposure. Let’s hope some charismatic scientists jump on board. (Looking at you, Bill Nye, maybe Manning?) I know you’re out there.


A welcome change of heart


Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.) is urging the U.S. to legalize marijuana at the federal level, a call that comes on the same day that Massachusetts opened its first recreational marijuana stores.

Kennedy in an essay for Stat admits that he’s been skeptical about relaxing regulations surrounding marijuana because of his work with “mental health and addiction communities.”

But Kennedy notes that he’s heard from many other people about the positive effects that marijuana can have and that it’s changed his perspective.



Massachusetts became the first state on the East Coast Tuesday to allow recreational marijuana sales, meaning tens of millions of adult consumers, including those in New York City, are now within a three-hour drive from a pot shop.

CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil reports from Northampton, Massachusetts, where one of two stores opening in the state is located and where David Narkewicz will welcome legal recreational marijuana as both the ceremonial first customer and the town’s mayor.

“I think there’s a lot going on here in trying to bring marijuana out of the shadows,” Narkewicz said.

But when asked whether the purchase is simply ceremonial or it will be consumed, Narkewicz said, “I am actually going to probably preserve it and display it…because it is historically significant.”


Stephen Mandile, an Army veteran who served in Iraq — and medical marijuana advocate — was the first to buy cannabis at the second store, Cultivate Holdings, in Leicester, on Tuesday morning.




This past year has, hopefully, been full of lessons for the Democratic Party. While Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum have provided blueprints for how to turn out voters in red states, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also shown an important skill for before and after an election: how to not take the bait from extremely online, bad faith trolls.

There’s not necessarily one right way to handle these attacks, but Ocasio-Cortez understands that it doesn’t do any good to engage them on the terms they’re trying to establish. Instead of falling for obvious responses, she comes back to her central messages. Yes, it’s deflection. But that’s because there’s nothing of substance to engage with. She’s dealing with professional trolls, and dealing with them earnestly is exactly what they want.



Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questioned why Republicans are happy to pay for tax cuts and “unlimited war” but the GOP, and some Democrats, don’t see “Medicare-for-all” or other progressive ideas as financially feasible.

“People talk about the sticker shock of Medicare-for-all, but not of our existing system,” Ocasio-Cortez said during an interview on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”

“This is not a pipe dream. Every other nation does this — why can’t America?” she added.

Later on the show, Ocasio-Cortez said there’s a certain amount of hypocrisy coming from lawmakers who criticize her platform while ignoring a “$2 trillion check for a GOP tax cut.”

“When it comes to tax cuts for bills and unlimited war,” she said, “we seem to invent that money very easily.”


How many politicians can compete with this? LOL


We are in trouble


I’m thinking that this will be a CRAZY primary.



Armed with the 6 million-plus person email list gained from his $50 million Need to Impeach campaign, NextGen America’s grass-roots resources and lists, and an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion to dig into, Steyer would immediately start out with a potentially potent political machine.



No thanks, Tom. My vote is not. for. sale.


There are no morals when it concerns arms sales!


President Trump said Tuesday the U.S. would maintain a “steadfast” alliance with Saudi Arabia in a defiant statement that made it clear Trump does not want the killing of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi to disrupt the relationship between the two nations.

Trump refused to blame Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for Khashoggi’s killing even though the CIA has reportedly concluded that Prince Mohammed ordered his assassination. The CIA on Tuesday was expected to share its final report on the killing with Trump.

“Our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information, but it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event — maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!” the president said, adding that “we may never know” who was responsible.

Trump indicated he believes the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia should override any concerns about Prince Mohammed’s alleged involvement in the plot, a stance that will likely anger members of Congress and other U.S. allies who have pressured Trump to hold the crown prince responsible.


Not surprised by this as Trumpcorp boasted that he could shoot someone and still have supporters, MBS actually ordered a killing (CIA Info) and Trumpcorp supports him. 2 peas in a pod I guess.



I hope he died before they cut him to pieces. Doubt it, tho. 🙁


This is one way to get the redneck vote. Highlight your racism!


Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith posed for a photo wearing a confederate soldier’s hat and holding a rifle in a Facebook post that surfaced Tuesday.

Hyde-Smith took the photo during a 2014 visit to the Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library. “Mississippi history at its best!” Hyde-Smith exclaimed.

Davis was the president of the Confederacy during the Civil War, and his former estate now includes a library and museum in his honor.

“I enjoyed my tour of Beauvoir. The Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library located in Biloxi,” Hyde-Smith wrote. “This is a must see. Currently on display are artifacts connected to the daily life of the Confederate Soldier including weapons. Mississippi history at its best!


She’s pushing her luck. She’s obviously a stupid FRightwingnut racist/female trailer park trash redneck. Know them all too well down here. There are more AAs living in MS than in just about all the other southern states. They come out for this race and Ms. Whitey redneck is toast. Hope so and good riddance!


Here is one highly placed redneck who likes her.


The usual genetic greedbag garbage. What a portrait. BAH!


A sign of the times?

NOAA’s ‘HRRR-Smoke Model Fields – Experimental’ map.



In a juvenile, clumsy White House statement on Tuesday full of falsehoods, Trump repeated the Saudi lie that Jamal was an “enemy of a state” and that the “United States would stand steadfastly by Saudi Arabia,” even though its regime lured, killed and dismembered a peaceful Post op-ed writer who lived in Virginia.

In effect, Trump is doing his best to help the Saudi regime get away with the murder of a U.S. resident and one of the Arab world’s most prominent writers. If the administration continues down this path, it will further destroy whatever is left of America’s moral credibility on global human rights and freedom of expression. It puts truth-seekers and journalists who dare challenge the Saudi regime and other intolerant governments in grave danger, no matter where they live. Trump’s refusal to act gives a symbolic green light to the young, power-drunk Mohammed bin Salman so he can continue his reckless exploits in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, for possibly the next 40 to 50 years, and face zero consequences.

“If we allow a murderer to get away because we think we can make some deals with him, we are just reinforcing the idea that money can silence everybody”, says Abdullah Alaoudh, a senior scholar at the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University. “And this is the dangerous message that created Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gaddafi. We can better protect the good relationship with Saudi Arabia in the long run through building a relationship with the Saudi people, institutions and even the majority of the royal family. Or we can risk losing all that by protecting one powerful individual who has been implicated in a horrible crime.”



Washington Post publisher Fred Ryan said Tuesday that President Trump’s response to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi represented a “betrayal of long-established American values of respect for human rights.”

“[Trump] is placing personal relationships and commercial interests above American interests in his desire to continue to do business as usual with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,” Ryan said in a statement.

“The CIA has thoroughly investigated the murder of this innocent journalist and concluded with high confidence that it was directed by the crown prince. If there is reason to doubt the findings of the CIA, President Trump should immediately make that evidence public.”


True. And to be fair, we have long “placed commercial interests “ above not only American interests, but above life itself.

This is beyond the pale in its defense of a ghastly murder, but small and large scale versions are played out every day.

My hope is that this sick episode starts a larger conversation.


Yemen is the first place to look


Thank goodness we. Won.



Leading Democrats in Congress called on Tuesday for cuts in U.S. support for Saudi Arabia and criticized President Donald Trump for failing to take action against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who the CIA believes ordered the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Representative Adam Schiff, who will chair the House Intelligence Committee when Democrats take control of the House of Representatives in January, said it was “inconceivable” that the crown prince was “either unknowing or uninvolved in Khashoggi’s murder.”

In a statement, Schiff called for an immediate cut-off in U.S. support for Saudi military operations in Yemen and a suspension in U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia.



Since winning her seat in Congress on November 6th, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been using social media —particularly Instagram Stories —to provide a detailed, comprehensive and often humorous breakdown of her process of preparing to take office in January.

In the first post from a pinned Instagram Story titled “Congress Camp 1” Ocasio-Cortez asks, “So you get elected to Congress…now what?” She has shared images and videos from Congressional field trips and other orientation events, explained the resources provided to members-elect (including a yearbook, a swag bag and a Congressional Management Guide), walked her followers through the steps of setting up her office and discussed current issues on Instagram Live while cooking dinner.

Corbin Trent, Ocasio-Cortez’s Director of Communications, tells Rolling Stone that the motivation behind the member-elect providing this information is “to shed as much light on the process and to be as open and transparent as possible, to give people an insight into what a freshman Congressperson is like, to give them some insight into what their government’s like, and hopefully make [politics] seem less foreign and unapproachable.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s choice to use Instagram along with Twitter as a primary tool for communication sets her apart from many older politicians. Instagram offers “more capacity for transparency and just to be herself,” Trent says, “I think there’s a larger comfort level there.”



Yet many people would like to pretend that the financial woes of millions of Americans are not systemic but, rather, their own fault, a side effect of their spendthrift, undisciplined ways. There’s been a long campaign to blame financial difficulties — especially millennials’ troubles — on everything from lattes, to avocado toast and iPhones. Others attempt to sound well-meaning and posit that it has to do with lack of financial literacy, as if there are millions of people out there who somehow don’t believe they need to save money or are ignorant about how to do so.

Personal finance advice likes to pass itself off as service journalism, but when the advice is passed off as something anyone can do, with no serious attempt to grapple with how greater economic and sociological circumstances combine to render the advice offered useless to almost everyone, that “service” becomes as political as it gets. It’s blaming individual Americans for their failure to surmount a system in which the rich get richer and the rest of us fall behind.

The attacks on Ocasio-Cortez’s finances fall into this category. If you can somehow prove she isn’t who she says she is financially, or that her financial woes are largely the result of her own behavior, you don’t need to take the economic concerns of millennials and other falling-behind Americans that fueled her political ascent seriously.



What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s critics still don’t understand is that their focus on how she doesn’t meet their expectations only amplifies her power—and deepens her connection to the young, ambitious, working- and middle-class Americans who see her as their representative on the national stage.

Ocasio-Cortez’s power is that she does belong, precisely because she is such an untraditional officeholder (not wealthy, white, and male). American college students and alumni collectively owe an estimated $1.5 trillion in student-loan debt. The skyrocketing cost of rent in every major American city, including DC, and the lack of affordable housing options just compound their financial imprisonment.

The squeeze is even tighter for women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, non-Christian Americans, and people of color who see a rise of sexism, racism, homophobia, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, and nationalism as a frightening feature of public discourse in America. And as the #MeToo movement proves, barriers to entry and power remain formidable for women, especially women of color, in every major industry.

Ocasio-Cortez, like so many millennial Americans, has experienced these problems. Yet she refuses to indulge in a victim narrative. She defines herself as a survivor and as a change-maker. As she wrote on Twitter in response to Scarry, “Dark hates light—that’s why you tune it out.”


Paul Ryan presided over a 40-seat loss in the House that is more-or-less directly attributable to the lousy legislative strategy his caucus pursued for two years. Why isn't there more talk about Paul Ryan being a huge failure?

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) November 21, 2018



I think this is Michael Mann in the image. Anyone know?

📷 mediamattersforamerica: The science is clear: Climate change is a major contributor to the increase… https://t.co/IuDJ4WThCO

— Sagan Sense (@sagansense) November 21, 2018



After doing a bit of searching, you are correct.
comment image


Dr. Michael Mann is distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University and author of The Hockey Stick and The Climate Wars and, more recently, The Madhouse Effect.


Thanks Humphrey! I’m on my phone and was lazy. I’ve read some articles about Mann and really like him.


CBS, no less. Is this a Green Deal ruckus effect?

This is the way the world ends? A new scientific study warns that climate change disasters will soon start piling on top of each other, bringing multiple disasters at once pic.twitter.com/Q0Z0Sou9aB

— CBS News (@CBSNews) November 20, 2018



Like, DUH?!


It’s a shame I like romaine lettuce.


Federal health officials are urging consumers to stop eating romaine lettuce and asking industry to halt all sales amid an extensive E. coli outbreak unfolding across the U.S. and Canada.

At least 32 people in 11 states have become sick as public health authorities in both countries try to pinpoint the source of the problem.

“Consumers who have any type of romaine lettuce in their home should not eat it and should throw it away, even if some of it was eaten and no one has gotten sick,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a warning issued Tuesday.

The unusually aggressive step, which comes just days before Thanksgiving, signals that government officials have pinned the outbreak on romaine lettuce but haven’t been able to narrow down the source or region more specifically.

No deaths have been reported, but there has been one case of kidney failure.


Thanks for the warning. Yikes.


Why is it poisoned and hazardous? I don’t see an explanation. BTW, I and MR obf don’t do salad on Turkey Day. It doesn’t store well, and it’s only the two of us.


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