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It turns out those pink kitty-cat hats weren’t just for show after all.

Among its many electrifying aspects, the early Trump era has had a politically galvanizing effect on women. They are organizing in the streets and on social media, running for office in record numbers, training to enter future races, and volunteering on campaigns. And on November 7, they flocked to the polls to officially have their voices heard.

What they had to say more or less boiled down to: Things around here have got to change. Now. Which has many folks in the Republican Party reaching for the Xanax.


That’s great to hear!

But I’m not about to give credit to the “pink kitty-cat hat” wearers until I see more evidence. 😉 Because some of the worst posters on twitter have those hats on things like Bald Eagles for their profile pics and their behavior towards progressives can be quite atrocious.



We generally believe presidents should have wide to appoint people who share their views to cabinet and other executive branch positions. Some nominees, however, are so far out of the mainstream or so unqualified that their nominations should be rejected.

Michael Dourson is one of those people. President Donald Trump has nominated Dourson, a chemical industry consultant, to oversee the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.

Dourson isn’t just your run of the mill chemical company apologist. He built a career helping companies, like Exxon, Dow Chemical and Koch Industries, weaken and evade federal chemical safety laws. He previously did the same thing for tobacco companies. Oftentimes, his findings that chemicals were safe at very high levels were at odds with not only the recommendations of federal regulators but also the chemical companies themselves.


A lit match in charge of dynamite. Another of Trumpcorps swamp building appointments.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Tom Dispatch on the rehabilitation of W Bush

On the Rehabilitation of George W. Bush
Say It Again: The Enemy of Our Enemy Is Still a War Criminal
By Rebecca Gordon

And then there was the Nixon rehabilitation but forgotten were his crimes listed by Gordon

Nixon’s rehabilitation not only reduced the Watergate scandal in American memory, but also essentially obliterated his greater crimes, among which were these:

In case you didn’t notice,

Articles in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and even the Guardian eagerly reported Bush’s implicit criticisms of the president as a hopeful sign of resistance to Trumpism from the “responsible” Republican right. Politico simply labeled the event a “George W. Bush speech on Trumpism,” although much of it was about the decline of democracy in Europe and the value of free trade.


At a family event recently a cousin of MIL said something to me about how kids don’t know much history and I replied with something like, “Yes, with all of the rehabbing of GWB lately I realized that young people might not understand how awful he was, especially considering that GWB’s war has been going on their whole lives.

So he started babbling about yellowcake and cobalt-60, lol, oops, guess he’s a Republican who still can’t accept that he bought the GWB/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Powell lies. He said that a friend of his was tasked with guarding it in Iraq.

He did say one thing that was interesting, in a tragically sad way, he said that local Iraqis were so desperate that there were instances that some broke into the storage area, hoping to find anything they could sell, and were poisoned by the radiation. 🙁 I wonder if that’s why it was eventually moved to Canada?

p.s. while yellowcake was in Iraq, it was not of the bomb-making variety, and while cobalt-60 was also discovered, it was locked in a storage room in a Mosul college campus, and appears to have been related to cancer research and/or treatment.

Uranium recently shipped from Iraq to Canada was left over from Saddam Hussein’s defunct nuclear weapons program and had been in sealed containers, under guard, since the end of the first Gulf War in 1991. Claims that this material is “vindication” for President Bush’s WMD claims in 2003 are completely false.


(officials) also acknowledged that their worries (about terrorists getting their hands on the cobalt-60 in Mosul) extend far beyond Mosul. Similar equipment exists in hundreds of cities around the world, some of them in conflict zones.

“Nearly every country in the world either has them (radiotherapy machines), or is a transit country” through which high-level radiological equipment passes”

Don midwest
Don midwest

This is probably not the worst thanksgiving family gathering, but it is close


Don midwest
Don midwest

COP23 Proved That Indigenous Peoples Still Don’t Have a Real Voice in Climate Negotiations
While the Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus was given a seat at the climate negotiations table, this role was largely symbolic.

Kate Arnoff continues to write good articles which are posted in several places, including, recently, The Intercept

She attended the conference in Germany.

Tom Goldtooth says there is no real guide on how to do that within the United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

This year’s UN climate talks were a mixed bag for Indigenous people from around the world. Having met at least daily through the two-week duration of the talks, the Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus—drawn from seven different regions in every corner of the globe—won a seat at the table in the UNFCCC processes. However, that representative has no decision-making power, not technically representing a party at COP23.

This gave Indigenous negotiators present at COP23 a two-fold task: ensure their right to participate in UNFCCC proceedings and ensure their concerns actually get discussed.

The results were spotty.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Has anyone else ever noticed this guy?Max Keiser Interview with Dmitry Orlov

Interview from 2009. Guy from Russia who followed their collapse and thinks that USA collapse will be worse.

Here is his blog with his recent posting ( 2x per week) is up. On collapse again. His book on the subject was the 5 stages for collapse. Here are they in Americas’ case today

To gauge the international response to America’s mental collapse, it is useful to run through the five stages of collapse.

• Financially, most of the largest trading partners in the world are working diligently to free themselves from their dependence on the US dollar and immunize themselves against American extraterritorial legal claims.

• Politically, many countries, including former allies such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have realized that the US is no longer a reliable partner who can act as a guarantor of their security and are striking out on their own.

• Commercially, the US no longer makes much of anything. The rest of the world is happy to let Walmart and Amazon suck the remaining financial blood out of the American consumer while American attempts to hold the world at ransom by making it pay for US “intellectual property” have largely failed.

• Socially, the US is no longer a melting pot; the American Dream is now commonly seen as a nightmare of degeneracy, dependency and decay. Few people who have a choice choose to integrate into what remains of American society, which is increasingly divided against itself along political, regional, racial, ethnic and religious lines.

• Culturally, the US still manages to export quite a lot of pop culture by relentlessly appealing to the lowest common denominator. But in many parts of the world the influence of international pop culture on actual local culture, observable in how people relate to each other, is increasingly insignificant. Adults are not particularly easy to corrupt by various American freak shows. Their effect on children, especially through cartoons and movies (and especially the violent ones), pop music and video games, is somewhat more worrisome, but is commonly viewed as more of a distraction than an actual danger.

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