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Don midwest
Don midwest

The owner of The Hill — right wing media

Jimmy Finkelstein, the owner of The Hill, has flown under the radar. But he’s played a key role in the Ukraine scandal

Finkelstein resides at the nexus of President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and John Solomon, the now-former executive at The Hill and current Fox News contributor who pushed conspiracy theories about Ukraine into the public conversation.

While Solomon has received significant media attention for his work at The Hill, Finkelstein has stayed out of the headlines, despite having himself played a crucial role in the saga.
Fingerprints from right-wing media figures are all over the Trump impeachment depositions

Beyond his relationship with Solomon, Trump, and Giuliani, Finkelstein was Solomon’s direct supervisor at The Hill and created the conditions which permitted Solomon to publish his conspiratorial stories without the traditional oversight implemented at news outlets. And he has kept a watchful eye on the newspaper’s coverage to ensure it is not too critical of the President.

As one former veteran employee of The Hill told CNN Business, “Solomon is a symptom of the larger problem of Jimmy Finkelstein.”


Politico is more of the same though not quite as obvious. If one can read and understand the words, they will get a sense of the ‘slant.’


At least they hired a real progressive for their staff, which is more than one can say about Politico.


I do my best to take anything from The Hill and Politico with a big grain of salt. Well, I suppose I do that with almost every media outlet these days! I was more naïve when I was younger though.


I recently spoke with Thom Hartmann about the Democratic Party, the 2020 presidential election, and the Age of Trump. He is the host of the most popular progressive radio show in the country, a New York Times bestselling author, and one of the country’s leading progressive voices. Hartmann’s new book is “The Hidden History of the Supreme Court and the Betrayal of America.”

Hartmann’s program can be heard from 12 to 3 p.m., Eastern time, via the nonprofit Pacifica Network and on commercial radio stations all across the United States.

In this conversation, Hartmann argues that concerns about “electability” are misplaced and that a progressive candidate such as Warren or Sanders actually has a much better chance of defeating Donald Trump than Joe Biden does. Hartmann also sounds the alarm about the deep desperation which moved so many Americans to support such a dangerous and unqualified person in the first place. Hartmann also expressed his deep concern that if Trump wins re-election it will be the end of American democracy, and that Trump and the Republican Party’s right-wing paramilitaries and political terrorists will be fully unleashed against the American people.

And what about these discussions about “electability” and the field of Democratic presidential nominees? How do you respond to those people who tell you on your radio show that they really like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren but they are voting for Joe Biden because he has the best chance to win over “Middle America”?

It’s nonsense. How does anyone know that? What makes someone think that Biden has the best chance of winning? Just look at the primaries. Consider how Bernie did in the Midwest, for example.

Bernie or Warren have the potential to walk away with it all. The American people are so desperate for change. They know that they’ve been screwed by Reaganomics, which was a destructive assault on the American middle class. There are people so desperate in America that they are willing to vote for an orange-faced buffoon or mobbed-up New York real estate guy. That is an act of desperation.


It is also the act of a populace that has been systemically dumbed down for decades. This country started the rapid slide into corporo-fascism in 1980.

Don midwest
Don midwest
Don midwest
Don midwest

a journalist goes to Bolivia

Don midwest
Don midwest

when elite media personalities show their tie to the oligarchs

he outs himself in 14 seconds


No its not, that’s why we have so many American’s that have given up on voting in the first place as they feel hopeless against the rigged system the Neolibcons/rich enjoy. Unfortunately some use it as an excuse not to vote and others simply have given up fighting the status quo.