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Have a warm and fun Thanksgiving, jcb!! Many grateful Turkey Day thanks to you and Ms. Benny for Nest Opening duty. BTW, T and R x 4!! 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving my fellow progressives, thank-ful that TPW is here for us to vent politically with the political unrest thats been going on in this country this site has provided an escape form all that. Its nice to have a place where like minded people can post and even disagree with out the mean vitriol that happens at other sites. Its time to watch FB with more of an intrest than usual and wait for family to arrive as dinner is after the game. I doubt GB will put up much of a fight as GB had about a 3rd of the 52 roster on its weekly injury report. GB Dr’s are ultra conservative on approving injured players play. So hopefully they dont embarrass them selves today i may check in later to see whats up with all.


@wi65, hope you guys are staying warm up your way. 🙂 It’s 69 here, and gorgeous. I have the games on, and the Pack has been killing Motown, 23-6 and the half isn’t over yet. We’re just doing our usual TDay meal. Very grateful for TPW but would like to see LD check in more often. Happy Holidays everyone. 🙂


We’re watching the Pokes-Commanders game. We bought Turkey Dinner takeout at a local restaurant as I’m not inclined to be in crowds too much. Lovely fall day though for T-giving.


In the mid 30s sun is out so out side work in prep for winter isnt so bad. I was fully prepared to have a few triple Ol”Fashions before GB took the field. It turned out to be a few regular ones thru dinner and rest of the evening…. Not a bad way to spend TG with my sons and the Mrs. killed it once again for dinner.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

This was interesting from DWT today. They are supporting a progressive running for the house in a red Appalachian district of West Virginia, a district in which tRump trampled Biden in most of the counties in 2020. But Bernie won in the democratic primaries against Hilliary in 2016 in these districts and his actual number of voters exceeded the actual number of votes that tRump got to crush Biden in 2020. The problem was that too many dem voters didn’t bother to show up.
“Was it because they felt the choices wouldn’t make any difference in their lives? “

It’s interesting. Check it out at

Zachary Schrewsbury.jpg

Aint, hope you are having a good holiday time with your family krewe. 🙂 Storm season is now over. Nature has spoken as we are going down into the 40s (night) next week. Will check this out. I’ve read similar articles, and agree wholeheartedly, 1000%.


Just finished reading. This lines up with what I experienced working in the trenches here in central FL in 2016. Plus, it reflects what older voters like me think. I won’t vote for a craporate fossil like Byedone. He’s no different from a Repuke back during Raygun before the FRight fruitcakes took over.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Thanks, obf. Had a great time with family. My 24 yo grandson just left my house to drive home to SC. My daughter did all the cooking at her house and brought it here where we gathered so I had little to do, except the cleanup – which wasn’t bad cause we used paper plates (but real silverware). Lol. Hope your holiday was enjoyable too.


The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse,but we do have a horse in the race


Sums up 2024


I would really like to avoid this time line


It’d a pathetic pattern of human history that keeps repeating itself. Why?


That should be It’s.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Listen to President Carter in 2006


Aint, Carter was the first POTUS I voted for. I am a futuristic leftie and was back then–1980. So, Carter was much more conservative than me, plus he was a Southern Christian. I was very hesitant but Raygun galvanized me. I knew precisely the threat RR was. Man, was I right. My future hubster wept when he heard Raygun won. He is a FL native.