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never get tired of this one.


The National Morning Consult poll had good news too
Biden 30 (-2)
Bernie 21 (+1)
Warren 15 (-2)
Buttigieg (9) (+1)

Warren is really dropping quickly in this static poll. Buttigieg is rising—probably at Warren’s expense. They share a white wealthier more educated voter base. Bernie is at his highest point since April (matched one other time)


Bernie has the highest favorability in the MC poll. Biden has dropped in this lately

Bernie 75/19, Biden 68/23, Warren 63/19, Buttigieg 49/14. Buttigieg’s name recognition is well below the others.


Byedones Sr, Latino quit today.
Vanessa Cárdenas has quit her post, telling two allies she was frustrated over her lack of input and with the presidential candidate’s immigration rhetoric.


I wonder if he told her to vote for Trump??



Bernie Sanders insists he has nothing personal against Michael Bloomberg.

“I really don’t.”

He just thinks he’s trying to “buy an election,” is demonstrating “the arrogance of billionaires” and, as Bloomberg opens his near-bottomless wallet to pay for TV ads, is complicit in “undermining” American democracy.

One day after Bloomberg announced his late entry into the Democratic presidential field, Sanders and his progressive allies aren’t holding back.

“What he believes — and this is the arrogance of billionaires: ‘Hey, I can run for president because I’m worth $55 billion, and maybe I’ll take $1 billion out of that $55 billion’ — not a lot, when you’re worth that much — and … start running a massive amount of TV ads in California and, in fact, all over this country,” Sanders told reporters after a town meeting with union members in New Hampshire on Monday.

Several hours later in New Hampshire, Sanders suggested that Bloomberg was circumventing norms central to democracy, including with his plan to forgo competing in early-voting states and to instead focus on Super Tuesday. Recounting the numerous town halls and other events he has held in New Hampshire and elsewhere, Sanders said “real politics” was about meeting with voters.

“I don’t believe that Mr. Bloomberg is going to succeed,” Sanders said. “Because I think at the end of the day, people of this country do not want to see a billionaire buy an election, and that is precisely what Mr. Bloomberg is trying to do.”


She’s mostly losing older, wealthy, educated voters


After a steady late-summer rise, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is losing ground with the Democratic electorate.

The latest Morning Consult poll, conducted Nov. 21-24 following Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate, found 15 percent of likely Democratic primary voters prefer her as their first choice, down 2 percentage points from the previous week and marking her worst showing in the national polling since late August.

The finding marks a 6-point drop from the 21 percent first-choice vote share she had held from late September through a poll conducted Oct. 16-20 following the Oct. 15 Democratic presidential debate. It erased the slight lead she held over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a candidate whose policies appeal to the type of Democratic voter her own policy plans appear to target.




haters gonna hate.



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