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Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Here’s David Feldman’s solution in a follow up to his “who is to blame for gun violence” video.




T and R x 3, jcb!! ☮️🙂👍 Hope you had a healthy and fun 🦃 Day weekend. 🙂

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Wow! Kevin McCarthy’s congress is going to be a doozy. Here’s how Down with Tyranny describes it – The 118th Congress Will Be Built On The Corrupt Bargain

And that’s assuming McCarthy locks down the 218 votes he needs to win the Speaker’s job. There are 222 Republicans and 5 from the fascist wing have publicly stated they’re not going to vote for him: Matt Gaetz (FL), Matt Rosendale (MT), Bob Good (VA), Ralph Norman (SC) and Andy Biggs (AZ). That leaves him with 217 votes IF other fascists like Paul Gosar (AZ), Clay Higgins (LA), Michael Cloud (TX), Scott Perry (PA)… all get behind him. What kind of deal is he going to have to make to get these racists and Nazis onboard? Democrats have already christened it the Corrupt Bargain.

Marjorie Traitor Greene “landed an especially sweet corrupt bargain with McCarthy by throwing her support to him early. First, McCarthy promised MTG she would get committee seats— lost because of her open embrace of racism, antisemitism, and violence against Democrats— back and even possibly one on House Oversight. Then, MTG extracted the promise of a hearing on the plight of the violent January 6th insurrectionists being held in jail. Every day, MTG continues to reveal new pieces of the deal, saying McCarthy also promised to bring back the Holman Rule— which allows amendments to appropriations bills to cut the salary of or fire individual federal employees— so she can try to halt investigations into Trump by defunding the Special Counsel appointed to oversee the probes. McCarthy is engaging in a corrupt bargain— Democrats should be relentlessly pointing out this fact. The media should also be pressed to hold McCarthy accountable for his actions and to come clean about what secret deals are being cut behind closed doors to abuse the legitimate investigatory powers of Congress to falsely tar the Biden administration with allegations of malfeasance and corruption for political gain in 2024.”

There’s more at

And here’s the picture that is published with the quote above: Lololol


IN A WISCONSIN TRUMP COUNTY, AND ACROSS THE U.S., PROGRESSIVE HEALTH CARE INITIATIVES COASTED THROUGH Initiatives to expand health care access and reduce costs won big on election night, rattling for-profit industry lobbyists.

Medicare for All has become associated with the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party — not a large population in Dunn County. National party operatives consider it an albatross around the neck of Democrats, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has warned candidates to stay away from it, and to focus instead on lowering prescription drug prices, which everyone who doesn’t work for the pharmaceutical industry supports instantly.
“The wording of the question sold it to them, because we avoided using words like Medicare for
All and single payer,” said John Calabrese, a Dunn County board supervisor who works for Our Wisconsin Revolution, an offshoot of Sanders’s 2016 campaign for president. Taking the issue out of a partisan lens allowed for conversations that, he believed, wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.</blockquote

Note This is a deep R cult-45 county

More at https://theintercept.com/2022/11/29/wisconsin-medicare-for-all-health-care/


Excellent read. Did you notice the 50-state-strategy being used by the M4A folks in visiting small rural towns and trailer parks? It worked.


Funny if you take the time to actually visit them and talk strange things happen. Just gotta get them away from Fuax news and the rest of the talking heads…


Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

BAM!! Go Bernie. I love you man.


I love Jamaal too!


But, he, AOC, and others except Rashida Tlaib still voted for a strike in the first bill. Not good.


Raising fist in proud solidarity!! Hey, bernin, hope you and yours had a good Thanksgiving. 🙂


Breadcrumbs as usual. We won’t hear anything more until 9/2024 Biden’s touting of future cannabis research as “one of his major accomplishments”. He could have taken it off Schedule One himself.