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Hate monger in chief at it again


Donald Trump’s Twitter account has retweeted three anti-Muslim videos by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of the far-right group Britain First who has been convicted of religiously aggravated harassment.

Trump, who has 43.5 million followers on the network, retweeted three separate tweets by Fransen, which all included separate, unverified anti-Islamic videos.

One purported to show a group of Muslims pushing a boy off a roof. Another claimed to show a Muslim destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary and another showed immigrants hitting a Dutch boy on crutches.

Earlier this month, Fransen was found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment after she verbally abused a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.


But Fats the Dummy couldn’t refrain from tweeting:

In case folks aren’t familiar with my metaphor, Fats the Dummy is a character in the thriller, “Magic” from 1978.


I wish I could find the clip where Fats keeps talking even though he’s told to be quiet.


Go Bernie Go! Here’s hoping more sign on as sponsors. This is vital, not only for PR, but as an example of how relatively little money can change things drastically, and in the right direction.


Bernie: tell me GOP colleagues that you have no intention of cutting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and Education as a result of the heavy deficits this bill will cause! Tell me I’m wrong!

Bernie’s speech on the floor courtesy of FB.


crickets from the GOP as expected


Media Erase NATO Role in Bringing Slave Markets to Libya

One of the very few drawbacks about not receiving any MSM channels: I did not realize that people are being sold as slaves in Libya.

Twenty-first century slave markets. Human beings sold for a few hundred dollars. Massive protests throughout the world.

The American and British media have awakened to the grim reality in Libya, where African refugees are for sale in open-air slave markets. Yet a crucial detail in this scandal has been downplayed or even ignored in many corporate media reports: the role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in bringing slavery to the North African nation.

In March 2011, NATO launched a war in Libya expressly aimed at toppling the government of longtime leader Muammar Qadhafi. The US and its allies flew some 26,000 sorties over Libya and launched hundreds of cruise missiles, destroying the government’s ability to resist rebel forces.

US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with their European counterparts, insisted the military intervention was being carried out for humanitarian reasons. But political scientist Micah Zenko (Foreign Policy, 3/22/16) used NATO’s own materials to show how “the Libyan intervention was about regime change from the very start.”

Ben Norton details the media reports, and some outlets did hint at what was coming. The rebels were openly racist from the beginning, even as we supported them.


Supreme Court Must Understand: Cell Phones Aren’t Optional

Along with 15 other scholars, we at Data & Society, an independent, nonprofit research institute focused on the social and cultural issues arising from data-centric technologies, filed a friend-of-the-court brief in Carpenter, explaining the necessity of cell phones to the public.

When they hear oral argument this morning, the Supreme Court justices will have already learned that cell phones have become basic social infrastructure necessary for jobs, for safety, and for crucial social services. The justices will surely understand that without any alternatives for accessing online services, vulnerable (and over-policed) populations will be unable to make meaningful choices to protect their privacy, amplifying the disadvantages they already face. The justices will have to confront the fact that absent a ruling that requires police departments to obtain warrants to retrieve cell phone location data, cell phones will render our lives involuntarily transparent.

At its core, the Carpenter case is about whether Americans’ rights to privacy should turn on whether they “voluntarily” choose to have a cell phone. We hope the Court realizes that it’s really no choice at all.

Douglas Godfrey

Has Puerto Rico suffered through one too many power failures? You BET it has! So, go semi-off-grid with solar.

Solar power can meet 90-100% of your needs [Solar Electric, Air Conditioning, Heat and Hot Water].
Use the Grid only as a backup for your Solar panels when it has been cloudy for multiple days.
Store Heat or Cold in a large water tank(s) [water can store much, much more energy per dollar [as heat/cold] than batteries].
Have full electric power during the day and enough electric power at night for lights and appliances.

Puerto Rico should rebuild by building small neighborhood Solar Powered mini-grids.
What I plan for my high power consumption house would be enough to provide heating, cooling,
hot & cold water and electricity for 5-10 small houses or 10 apartments in Puerto Rico.

The cost is $3000 per appartment/house in groups of 10 appartments or houses.
[$30,000 total equipment cost, this presumes that people rebuild themselves like Habitat for Humanity] .

Here is how to do it:

1) A 12kW Solar array sufficient to power:
a. A 36,000 BTU heat pump + heat Exchanger + fans [5kW]
b. 4kW for 40 5W LED Lights, 5 LCD TVs, 1 Large or 10 small Refrigerator/freezers, 5 Laptops
c. 2kW for High Power appliances [toaster, vacuum, etc.]
d. 1kW for charging batteries for lights at night

2) A 36,000 BTU Heat Pump [water to water or split air to freon]
If you have a nearby lake, use a water to water heat pump instead of an Air Source heat pump
since a water to water heat pump has about twice the efficiency.

3) A 8’x8’x6′ lined box Water Tank with R15[foam-board]+R50[fibreglass Insulation
for storing Cold Water for cooling or Hot Water for heating.

NOTE: an 8’x8’x6′ Water Tank at [25 degrees F] stores 900,000 BTUs
[18 hours * 5000 BTUs * 10 Apartments for summer cooling.

The same n 8’x8’x6′ Water Tank at [165 degrees F] stores 1,650,000 BTUs
[33 hours * 5000 BTUs * 10 Apartments for winter heating.

4) Two 120 Gallon stainless steel lined water storage tanks with Freon heat transfer coils for storing
potable domestic hot water for sinks, and non-potable hot water for washers, toilets and baths.

5) A 100 Gallon [above ground] Rain Catcher water storage tank with coarse and fine screens.
A 800 Gallon [below ground] water storage tank with medium fine filter for non-potable water
for baths, toilets, washers and garden.
A 800 Gallon [below ground] water storage tank with fine and ultra fine filters and UV sterilizer for
potable water for drinking, cooking and dish washing.

6) Either a Tesla Powerwall 2 [AC or DC] or a 48 Volt – 400 Amp-hour Lithium Iron Phosphate battery
to provide 12 hours of nighttime power for 20 5W LED Lights, Water Pumps, Heat Exchanger
Fans, 10 small refrigerator/freezers, and 5 laptop computers.

7) Inverters, Charge Controllers, Grid Cutoff Switch, etc. configured to use the Grid as a backup for Solar
and to only use Grid power when there multiple days with no sun.

8) The Heat Pump, Inverter, Solar Charge Controller, Batteries and Water Tank should all be in a small
utility building located in the center of a group of 10 small houses or apartments.

Contact me by Email for Plumbing/Electrical Diagrams:
douglasgodfrey *at* lycos *dot* com.

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