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Bernie will oppose the Trump trade deal.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said Friday that he will “strongly oppose” President Trump’s new trade deal with Mexico and Canada, arguing as currently written it would continue to “ship U.S. jobs to Mexico.”

“In my view, a re-negotiated NAFTA must stop the outsourcing of U.S. jobs, end the destructive race to the bottom, protect the environment, and lower the outrageously high price of prescription drugs,” Sanders said he in a statement.

He said that the trade pact signed by Trump on Friday “does not meet these standards” and that he cannot support it.

“Unless strong enforcement mechanisms are written into the text of this agreement, corporations will continue to ship U.S. jobs to Mexico where workers are paid as little as $2 an hour,” Sanders added.

Sanders has been an outspoken critic of international trade agreements including using his 2016 presidential campaign to push the Democratic Party to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was negotiated under the Obama administration.


Warren also


Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced her opposition to a revamped North American trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, arguing that it doesn’t do enough to stop the “serious and ongoing harm NAFTA causes for American workers.”

Warren, a Democrat, said in a speech Thursday that the new North American trade deal “won’t stop outsourcing, it won’t raise wages, and it won’t create jobs. It’s NAFTA 2.0.”


🙂 ^^^^ 🙂


An establishment Dem bites the dust!


California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman resigned Thursday amid an investigation into allegations that he sexually harassed and assaulted several party staff members.

Party officials said that the investigation into Bauman’s behavior will continue despite his resignation.

“I have made the realization that in order for those to whom I may have caused pain . . . to heal, for my own health, and in the best interest of the Party that I love and to which I have dedicated myself for more than 25 years, it is in everyone’s best interest for me to resign my position as chair of the California Democratic Party,” Bauman said in a statement Thursday night.

Roger Salazar, a spokesman for the party, confirmed that Bauman had submitted his resignation. Alexandra Gallardo Rooker, who assumed the role of acting chair on Tuesday, will continue to lead the party until a new permanent chair is elected.


Bauman, Bauman, why is that name familiar…. Oh, I remember now, from May 2017:

The California Democratic establishment, like the national party leadership, has favored corporate and wealthy donors, undermining pushes for a single payer health care system that would provide Americans with health care—not just health insurance. Eric Bauman, the California Democratic Party vice chair and candidate to succeed Burton as the Party’s chair, received $12,500 a month from the pharmaceutical industry to fight Proposition 61, which would “cap the price that any state agency or care program could spend on prescription drugs at what the federal Department of Veterans Affairs pays.” Bauman received these payments while earning a six-figure salary as an adviser to California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. Proposition 61 failed to pass in November 2016 after the pharmaceutical industry spent millions of dollars opposing it.



A bit more about this.


Sure, it was impressive the way you took on the political establishment last month, nearly delivering an upset to Eric Bauman, the longtime chairman of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and vice chairman of the state party.
Indeed, at 1,493-1,431, the vote was incredibly close.
But you didn’t win and you refuse to concede.

For the sake of “the resistance” that you, the California Nurses Association and the rest of your Bernie Sanders-loving supporters swear to represent, things can’t continue this way.

Another example of a progressive being stymied by the establishment.


“stymied” and insulted, imo.

(“the rest of your Bernie Sanders-loving supporters”?? what a super-divisive and downright snide way to word it- I can see the nose in the air now to go along with the sneer on the lips)



That is as certain as the sun coming up in the morning. With one caveat is that you live in Alaska.


This literally echos my thoughts over the last week about Beto to a tee, which is good to see the whole left looking at Beto in a true light now and not just his reflection off of Cruz.



I wonder how many actual serving politicians will ruin their reputations (and their pac money) by showing up in person?

Edited: To add underline in order to clarify my point.


Many of the new members are in their transition period and probably too busy getting set up to have the free time to come, they have to set up offices and staff in both DC and their home districts.


It is not so much the new members that concern me (with some exceptions) it is the old guard that control the power and are unwilling to facilitate actual progressive change.


Thats just a given, this was just round 1 of the revolution and it all happened so fast there is not enough time for the centralists to digest its realities and have no choice but to deal with it like an aberration to the status quo.

I’m impressed we are even getting consideration on a Green New Deal committee, thats more than I expected this time around. Its 2020 where we have the potential to take enough seats (and maybe even the Presidency) where the way the wind is blowing can’t be ignored. That is when we will begin to see some establishment members begin to jump ship, some for political expediency and others because they actually believe in the movement and want to be unshackled.

One data point does not make a trend but 2 data points do, so in 2020 is when we will be able to really begin to apply real leverage and until then anything is bonus.


These kind of actions is what I mean.


Hakeem has credentials!


Hakeem Jeffrey’s victory in the race for Democratic House caucus chair on Wednesday was a loss for progressive groups that rallied against him, but it was a victory for one national group in particular: Democrats for Education Reform, or DFER — a political action committee that funds candidates supportive of charter schools and is critical of teachers unions. DFER was founded in 2005 by a number of Wall Street leaders, with the mission, as co-founder Whitney Tilson explained it, “to break the teacher unions’ stranglehold over the Democratic Party.”

While DFER really began to flex its financial muscles in 2008 — when it raised about $2 million to help elect pro-charter candidates — its earlier work focused primarily on New York. There, the group helped elect Hakeem Jeffries to the New York State Assembly in 2006. (He served in the state Legislature from 2007 to 2012.) In 2007, DFER also helped lobby New York legislators to lift the state’s charter school cap, increasing it from 150 schools to 250. In 2010, Jeffries co-sponsored legislation to raise the state’s charter cap even further, to 460 — where it stands today.

Over the years, Jeffries has become one of DFER’s top candidates. In 2012, when Jeffries announced that he would run for Congress, the group rallied behind him, elevating him to its so-called DFER Hot List. No other Democrat received more in direct DFER contributions that cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.


I’m surprised they didn’t get a congratulatory tweet from Bitch DeVos.







Not sure if I’ll ever truly get over how betrayed I feel by Obama.

“Just say thank you, please,” former President Obama told a room full of bankers, and boasted of making the US the world’s largest oil producer at an opulent gala with James Baker.

Barack Obama urged bankers to thank him for helping make them so much money during his tenure as president. He also boasted of turning the US into the world’s largest oil producer, while surrounded by wealthy Republicans in tuxedos.

Obama made these appeals for elite adulation at a lavish gala hosted by former Secretary of State James Baker. His comments came just a few hours after he met with former Republican President George H. W. Bush at his home in Texas.

If there was any single event that captured Obama’s centrist, neoliberal capitalist politics, it was the former Democratic president’s oligarch lovefest in Houston on November 27.

At this sumptuous black-tie gala, Obama talked the 1,100 elite guests into raising a staggering $5.4 million, in just one night (at an average donation of nearly $5,000), for Rice University’s centrist, pro-corporate Baker Institute for Public Policy, the honorary chair of which is James Baker.

Baker quipped that Obama would be getting paid 10 percent of the $5.4 million in donations. It is unclear how much Obama raked in for this specific speech, but given the $400,000 fees the ex-president has charged Wall Street firms to speak since leaving the White House, Baker’s joke might not have been far off.

After begging for the gratitude of the ultra-rich, Obama and Baker rattled off a series of platitudes about the importance of “bipartisanship.” The Baker Institute described the event as a discussion of “political civility.”


Good ole YUPPIE BO. GOPuke Lite showing (again) his true colors.