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‘They haven’t tried’: Bernie Sanders on Democrats’ economic messaging

Bernie Sanders has criticized Democrats for not doing enough to motivate voters around the economic issues that have an impact on everyday life, as he warned next week’s midterm elections are the most “consequential” in modern American history.

In an interview with the Guardian in Texas, the leftwing Vermont senator said: “Obviously, everybody should be turning out for what is the most consequential midterm election in the modern history of this country. Democracy is on the ballot. Women’s right to control their own bodies is on the ballot. Climate change is on the ballot, so everybody should come out.”

But Sanders said he worried “very much that Democrats have not done a good enough job of reaching out to young people and working-class people and motivating them to come out and vote in this election”.

Sanders, a Democratic socialist who ran for president in 2016 and 2020, maintains a strong core of support in the Democratic party. He has been a fierce critic of Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, but has also been unafraid to point out what he sees as flaws in Democratic strategy.

Sanders was in Texas last weekend as part of a barnstorming trip across the US ahead of next week’s midterm elections that he wants to use to highlight economic issues, which are emerging as the primary concern for many voters.

“People are hurting. You got 60% of our people living paycheck to paycheck, and for many workers, they are falling further behind as a result of inflation. Oil company profits are soaring, food company profits are soaring, drug company profits are soaring. Corporate profits are at an all time high. The rich are getting much richer, and Democrats have got to make that message,” he said.

In assessing his party’s success at communicating the threat of corporate profiteering to the cost of living, Sanders said, “It’s not a question of [Democrats being] successful. They haven’t tried.”



Right On, Bernie!!





Trump advisor Kash Patel has been granted immunity by the Justice Department, NBC News confirmed, after a judge ruled that an immunity offer was the only way to compel Patel to testify in the ongoing probe of classified documents removed from the White House in the final days of former President Donald Trump’s first term.

Patel is expected to testify soon in the case, NBC reported.

Patel’s testimony is considered crucial to answering the question of whether Trump declassified any of the documents he took with him to his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. FBI agents removed thousands of government documents during a raid of Trump’s property in August, including more than 100 that bore classification markings.

Trump has claimed that he declassified all the documents he took with him before he left office, but so far the aides who have testified before a grand jury have said they saw no evidence that Trump declassified anything. Presidents have broad powers to declassify documents, but declassification orders must follow a procedure, and there is no indication that Trump ever initiated this procedure before he took the documents with him.

Patel, however, claimed in an August interview with The Wall Street Journal that he had personally witnessed Trump verbally declassify documents.

Patel also indicated that Trump wanted the documents to be made public because the former president believed the records supported his claim that he had been unjustly targeted by the Justice Department over his campaign’s ties to Russia.

“It had to do with Russiagate. It had to do with the Hillary email scandal. It had to do with a whole lot of other stuff,” Patel told the Journal. “And [Trump] said, ‘This is all declassified.

But when Patel was called later to testify before the grand jury in October, he reportedly did not make the same assertions. Instead, he repeatedly invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination.

I thought Patel would ultimately be the fallguy in regards to taking responsibility/the hear for the documents, so an interesting development.