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T and R, la58!! 😊☮️👍


Bad labor news. Uber and Lyft conned too many CA voters into approving their anti-worker Prop.🤬


With mucho help from Kamala’s family. 🙁

Don midwest
Don midwest

madness of dem party in how they treat AOC

In NYT interview, AOC says

So I need my colleagues to understand that we are not the enemy. And that their base is not the enemy. That the Movement for Black Lives is not the enemy, that Medicare for all is not the enemy. This isn’t even just about winning an argument. It’s that if they keep going after the wrong thing, I mean, they’re just setting up their own obsolescence.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Biden’s Win, House Losses, and What’s Next for the Left
The congresswoman said Joe Biden’s relationship with progressives would hinge on his actions. And she dismissed criticism from House moderates, calling some candidates who lost their races “sitting ducks.”

the dems want to have just enough votes to keep the game going.

We finally have a fuller understanding of the results. What’s your macro takeaway?

Well, I think the central one is that we aren’t in a free fall to hell anymore. But whether we’re going to pick ourselves up or not is the lingering question. We paused this precipitous descent. And the question is if and how we will build ourselves back up.

We know that race is a problem, and avoiding it is not going to solve any electoral issues. We have to actively disarm the potent influence of racism at the polls.

But we also learned that progressive policies do not hurt candidates. Every single candidate that co-sponsored Medicare for All in a swing district kept their seat. We also know that co-sponsoring the Green New Deal was not a sinker. Mike Levin was an original co-sponsor of the legislation, and he kept his seat.

over and over and over the establishment does its thing

Don midwest
Don midwest

did anybody listen to Biden last night?

I have to support my wife who is over the top that Trump lost

and over the top to have a woman VP

but I can’t stand the platitudes from Biden

saying that as someone that didn’t go into the ballroom at a netroots nation event when Biden spoke and sitting outside where there was a monitor and Kos sat watching the speech

so, I am guessing that his platitudes about the greatness of America the beautiful, our ability to come together, and that he will appoint explicit republicans or republicans light to positions in order to “heal” — in other words to continue the duopoly of both factions

did anyone here listen to his speech?

even though I know that real politics is important, the show makes even me disgusted with politics


I did and wasnt particularly impressed. My only expectation is he’ll restore the dignity of the office of president with our allies. As far for any progressive policies at home i have zero expectations. Don’s right the duopoly will roll on. If Byedone actually thinks the turtle will work with him he better think again. Hey i could be wrong and am prepared to eat some crow but not to worried


Remember, Biden probably likes him.


The turtle prefers party over people except for rich people


I saw some of it, I’m allergic to platitudes, so was glad when it ended tbh.
He made me cringe with the stumbles and the religious references, and he shouted too much.

Alluding to scripture, he added: “This is the time to heal in America.”

I’m certainly not going to let myself get too encouraged yet, learned my lesson with Obama. We’ll see how all the ‘healing’ goes, not feeling it yet.


The shouting and religious crap is trying to appeal to the evangelical Trumpites. He is mistaken if he thinks it will work. They had best heal the rift with the progressives, because the regressives will never be on board.


I think Biden has hearing issues and that’s why he shouts.

Don midwest
Don midwest

now for the GA senate races in January

how many Covid 19 deaths by then? 300K, 350K? 400k?

will it make the difference? Recall in July when the governor filed suits against cities/counties that required masks, but now realizes that Covid is sorta real

Stacy Abrams has been given a important vote of thanks for the efforts in registration and participation of voters

I will bring in another character, Greg Palast. He is the journalist who publicized the chad fiasco in the 2000 Fl presidential election. Greg has been exposing election fraud for years.

He was hired by Stacy Abrams and has been on some of the technical work to find those who were scrubbed from the rolls and get them registered again.

Here is a 14 min video of his efforts

The Purged: The Vanished Voters of Trump’s America

Thom Hartmann is part of the Palast Investigative Fund for GA

Save My Vote 2020, is a project of The Palast Investigative Fund and media partner Thom Hartmann.

Our mission is to provide information to educate voters and conduct complex and deep investigative reporting.

Greg comes to Columbus fairly often because of the work on election integrity of Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman.

the short movie linked above

I hope that the uprising in the USA will come to GA full force and track down every possible voter so that the 2 senate seats can be won in the run off election in January

And I hope that the repubs fail even more, fail enough that even Trump cult followers realize that they have been played for fools — and dems win a decisive victory

Without Trump in the middle of everything political things might look different


Got an action email from KOS (Have to unsubscribe – AGAIN) wanting volunteers for Ossoff. One mention in the whole long thing about Warnock. It was all about Ossoff. Actually, Warnock probably has a better chance than Ossoff, if they can get the voters back on the rolls.


The race where the GOPuke candidate is the rich broad who fragrantly plays the stock market will be won by the Democrats. The Perdue-Ossoff race is a ?


Gascon Wins LA DA Job

Fresh on the heels of claiming victory Friday in the nationally watched battle to lead the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, reform challenger George Gascón promised swift changes in criminal justice policies, vowing to stop trying juveniles as adults and prevent prosecutors from seeking the death penalty.

Gascón’s ascension as D.A. in the nation’s largest local prosecutor’s office was a major victory in the movement to elect progressive district attorneys and came after incumbent Jackie Lacey, who had been seeking a third term, conceded the race earlier in the day.

Gascón, 66, is the former district attorney in San Francisco and has had a long career in law enforcement, serving as police chief in San Francisco and Mesa, Ariz., and as an assistant chief in the Los Angeles Police Department.


One of the few progressive bright spots in the election


I think there were many Progressive wins.

The DSA is saying that they sponsored 29 candidates and 20 of them won.

I don’t mean to be argumentative, but the centrist democrats may have had a lousy night, but Progressives did quite well.


The way it is now since Bernie didnt win is this. He would’ve been in charge of the DNC and made changes from the top down. Now progressives have to be like termites and rot the DNC tree from the inside by wining one seat at a time. It will take time but it will happen. Thier are way to many voters who approve of M4A, GND $15 and so on. The Generations after the boomers know they’ve been had by establishment boomers and want change. Its like a snowball going down a hill and the point will come where it cannot be stopped


Very true, but the media and conservadems/republidems are saying just the opposite. They are hammering that as true, and it definitely is NOT.


Yeah the DSA sponsored candidates all won in Dem safe districts where Republicans had no chance. The DSA’s big victories came in the primaries when they beat more moderate Dems.

All of Bernie’s endorsed candidates in competitive House districts lost (none particularly close) (Denney, Gomez, Eastman, Oliver, Siegel, Inam, Doglio). Eastman lost Nebraska 2 by 5 points while Biden was winning it by more than 10. And plenty of other more progressive Den challengers like Hoadley and Balter (likely) lost too. I donated to 9 progressive and 1 moderate candidate, most of whom I thought had some chance of winning. None came close.


Why is that? All the House Progressives up for re-election won. In fact, the House Progressive Caucus became more powerful cos of the seats they won. The Blue Dogs got creamed. Botox Nancy and Steney need to become aware of it.


DSA does better on local and state elections; locals in particular because seldom does anyone run as an R or D necessarily; the branding is through policy positions and apostles who believe strongly in their policies.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Joe Biden ‘Flakes’ on Apartheid

What the hell is Joe Biden thinking? The article below examining the background of republican Jeff Flake who used to work for the govt of South Africa and is being considered for a position in Biden’s cabinet includes this video.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Biden can hire many Republicans who are looking to update their image for the continued neo liberal assault on everything

And can provide employment for blue dog dems who lost their election


we’re fracked, tbh


Like Cedric Richmond? 🙂

Don midwest
Don midwest

my severe difficulties with language included spelling (this is true, not a joke, maybe a joke follows)

Joe is destined to heal the country by bringing politics together

but could this be a spelling error?

considering what is being done to the progressives in the dem party

could we update Joe’s destiny?

Joe is destined to heel the country like bringing a dogs to heel


Byedone won’t have the support of NOTA voters/activists like me. We will be watching him and KWoman with more than a healthy dose of cynical skepticism.


Count me as one of those skeptics, i didnt vote for him either even with Wi being a battleground.