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Beto’s consolation prize: Running for presidentAnd, to O’Rourke’s credit, there was no blowout, a fate that would have extinguished his star. Indeed, he showed an unapologetic liberal could compete and almost win in Texas.

O’Rourke’s narrow loss to Cruz instead sets him up to run full time for president — and jump immediately into the top tier of Democratic contenders.


I hate this yellow press RW hysterical media. Beto needs to get more experience before he even considers POTUS. That is a power shark pit of the first order. FDR knew that and he had plenty of public servant experience when he ran.


Agreed, He needs a lot more OJT, to even think about it


Cornyn’s seat is up in 2020. He could run for that.


Georgia posts private information of 300,000 absentee voters

The office of Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp recently posted a public spreadsheet containing the home addresses and contact information of nearly 300,000 absentee voters, including disabled, elderly and active-duty military personnel. Shortly after releasing the information, he declared victory in his contentious race for governor against Democrat Stacy Abrams.

The public disclosure of this private information is standard practice, according to Kemp’s office, but still raises the specter of voter intimidation just as his campaign for governor declares victory over Abrams.

Currently, Republican Brad Raffensperger and Democrat John Barrow are in a tight race that’s headed to a Dec. 4 runoff election, over the vacated Secretary of State position.

In the weeks leading up to the midterm elections, Kemp came under fire for his controversial dual role as candidate and Georgia secretary of state. His office purged over 650,000 people from the rolls in 2017, and almost 90,000 in 2018, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The years-long practice of purging Georgia’s voter rolls is the backdrop to more recent scandals arising during Kemp’s tenure. In early November, days before the midterm elections, his office opened an investigation into allegations that Abrams’ campaign attempted to hack voter registration files. Kemp and his office cited no evidence, and drew criticism for the timing of his announcement.

Candace Broce, the spokeswoman for the secretary of state, said the office has been publishing the information for more than a decade – in compliance with state law. She said the office has never faced legal challenges or lawsuits for the practice.


I got this from the Atlanta Constitution Journal. My apologies for no linky. This happened a couple of hours ago.

Republican Brian Kemp on Thursday resigned as Georgia’s secretary of state as he sought to position himself as the “clear and convincing” winner of the race for governor.

But Democrat Stacey Abrams is not conceding anything yet, hopeful that a trove of provisional ballots and other votes not yet recorded could be enough to force the tight race into a runoff.

Her campaign unveiled a litigation team poised to take the fight to the courts as it continues a search for an additional 25,632 Abrams votes that will push this race into runoff territory.

Kemp’s office has said there are roughly 25,000 outstanding provisional and absentee ballots – making his lead virtually insurmountable – and on Thursday released for the first time a detailed accounting of where each was cast.


That’s pretty crazy. If it’s legal it shouldn’t be.


Political scientist says O’Rourke will play role in deciding 2020 candidate

Political scientist Michael Cornfield said on Wednesday that, despite his loss against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday, Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) will play a major role in choosing the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.

“At the very least, Beto O’Rourke is someone who’s going to help decide who the Democratic nominee because he has a fundraising list,” Cornfield, the director of the GW Politics Poll, told Hill.TV’s Joe Concha on “What America’s Thinking.”

“He set a record for Senate fundraising,” he continued. “And most of that was small donors, which means he has their names.”

“He’s also rewritten the textbook…on how to use Facebook, both in terms of advertising, and his ‘I’m narrating my life live on Facebook,'” he said.

“He will continue to do that, and as long as he continues to do that he will have a national following, and he will have money that he can either use himself, or swing toward the candidate of his choice,” he added.



You’ll note I responded to Sarah Smarsh as well as James Thompson.

National Book Award Announces Finalists for 69th Annual Award

The National Book Foundation announced the finalists for the 69th annual National Book Awards on Wednesday, with a stylistically and thematically diverse group of 25 finalists in five categories — fiction, nonfiction, poetry, young people’s literature and translated literature.

Fiction finalists included Lauren Groff, for her short story collection, “Florida”; Rebecca Makkai for her acclaimed novel “The Great Believers”; and the debut author Jamel Brinkley, for his collection “A Lucky Man”; while Sarah Smarsh’s memoir “Heartland” [A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth] and Jeffrey C. Stewart’s biography of Alain Locke made the nonfiction shortlist.

Sarah Smarsh is a big supporter of James Thompson. I’ve been tweeting her a little bit here and there. I read about 2/3 of her book “Heartland” while on vacation last week. There’s a lot that resonates with me. When I’ve finished, perhaps I’ll do a post on it.


Ms. Smarsh was on one of the NPR shows, “The Takeaway” today to talk about Kansas changing voting landscape.

Since 2016, Have We Learned Anything About Rural Voters?


It’s about 6 1/2 min long.


A local progressive, Ken Gucker, won this week after trying to attain office for years. I really hope Thompson keeps at it!

(Gucker ran for State Senate back in 2016 but wasn’t able to beat the repub that Julie Kushner beat this week. The Hillary/Bernie crap had really divided this state’s Dems in 2016, and the time just wasn’t right for a white, male, lefty prog to get enough support from all Dem voters. Btw, Gucker was born in Texas.)


Here’s an interesting one:

Maybe better that Ossoff lost in the long run?

Gun Control Advocate Lucy McBath Wins Georgia House Seat In Major Upset

McBath defeated GOP incumbent Karen Handel, who famously beat Democrat Jon Ossoff in last year’s special election.

McBath’s race also may have reflected Americans’ evolving views on gun control. She campaigned on a bold gun control platform in a state with gun-friendly laws in the heart of the Deep South, which has some of the nation’s highest rates of gun ownership.

McBath, 58, was thrust into the national spotlight in 2012, when her black 17-year-old son, Jordan Davis, was shot dead at a Florida gas station by a white man complaining about loud music. The killer claimed he was justified under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, but a jury convicted him of first-degree murder.

McBath later became a spokesperson for gun safety group Moms Demand Action. After the Parkland, Florida, school mass shooting in February, she set her sights on Congress.



Yes, funny thing, McBath actually lives in the district. Ossoff did not.


Nelson has a real chance to take the lead after provisionals are counted. His margin has reached the hand count territory of under .25%



In a fierce scramble for votes that’s expected to soon intensify, thousands of provisional ballots cast by people who didn’t have IDs, or who voted at the wrong precinct, are already the focus of both sides in the Senate race.

Thursday at 5 p.m. is the deadline for voters who cast provisional ballots to verify their ID or provide other documentation to county supervisors to ensure that their votes count.

A machine recount is simple, Corley said, where completed ballots are fed through ballot counting machines to verify original, unofficial counts. A manual recount will occur if a machine recount shows one candidate is leading by one-fourth of a percentage point or less.

A manual recount is vastly more complicated and time-consuming and involves ballot-by-ballot reviews of all under-votes and over-votes. That requires local canvassing board members to interpret voter intent, which was at the heart of the legal battles in the 2000 presidential recount.

The highly-decentralized nature of Florida election administration means that a hand recount will be fought out in 67 counties at once, as a second campaign marshals legal and political forces on each side’s behalf.

As George W. Bush, Al Gore and the world discovered in 2000, it’s a short step from there to raucous demonstrations at courthouses, and chants of “Count every vote! Count every vote!”



Elias said, “I think that they are roughly equal probability,” that Nelson will be ahead or behind ahead of a hand recount, calling it a “jump ball.”

“We believe that at the end of this process, Sen. Nelson is going to be declared the winner,” Elias said.

That’s in part because in some more blue parts of the state, the first round of counting has not yet completed.



I hope those seven precincts that needed to be downloaded onto ‘travel’ drives (as the report I read described them) and then driven somewhere to download and be included are all kosher!


Who knows just maybe Orl may celebrate a win yet!!!!! Still cant forget the “hanging chads” of Bush – Gore


Already made my peace but if one of these races switches, I will be a happy camper! 🙂


Pulling for you first Orl, want to see either of them win just to see Trumpcorps head explode as he failed to mention that Walker and Vukmir both lost whom he personally campaigned for in Wi. If Gillum would pull it out the orange would melt off his face.


From the Orlando Sentinel 515et Nelson .22 down law says hand recount.

Gillium .47 down machine recount – Both say broward county has a lot of votes to count by Saturday when the results have to be turned in.


Oh yeah!


The two indies are left leaning who told their supporters not to list Polquist, so it looks pretty good that Golden will win. But Polquist has vowed to sue if he loses.


Maine is on the verge of making history as it appears the state’s new ranked choice voting system—in use this year for the first time—will be needed in order to determine the ultimate winner of a too-close-to-call race for the U.S. House.

As of Wednesday afternoon, incumbentRep. Bruce Poliquin (R-Maine) had exactly 46 percent of the vote while Democratic challenger Jared Golden held 45.9 percent. Eighty-one percent of voting precincts had reported their results. Two independents, Tiffany Bond and William Hoar, had captured 5.7 and 2.4 percent of the vote respectively.

Under the state’s ranked choice voting (RCV) system, which voters approved for state-wide elections by referendum in June, Mainers are able to rank congressional candidates in order of preference.

A candidate must capture at least 50 percent of the vote for a race to be called for him or her. With neither Poliquin nor Golden appearing to have gathered a decisive majority of votes, votes for Bond and Hoar will likely be distributed to those voters’ second and third choices until either the Republican or Democrat has 50 percent.


great! Our limited Star voting failed here. took down my signs this morning after walking Bella.


Very cool. Here in my city (I read the detailed results this morning) the Independent voters seemed to slightly favor Repubs, but hopefully Maine is the opposite.

But it sounds like a good test for ranked voting’s viability.


our system is based on trust. gotta laugh….


Poops this is out of place LOL see you all tomorrow



In another pick-up for House Democrats, Kim Schrier has defeated Republican Dino Rossi in the state of Washington’s 8th Congressional District, CNN projects.

“Congress is broken, and people in the 8th District are ready for a community pediatrician to bring a dose of common sense to DC,” Schrier said in a statement Wednesday. Once sworn in, Schrier will be the only female doctor serving in Congress, according to her campaign.


I’m all for doctors, especially female doctors, being in DC!



Environmentalists are hoping that Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) will bring science back to the House science committee when she takes over as chair in the next Congress.

Johnson, if elected chair, will be the first woman with a degree in a STEM field to hold the position since 1990. She was the first registered nurse elected to Congress when she won her first term in 1993, and she’s served as ranking member on House Science, Space and Technology Committee since 2011.

The Democrat will represent a significant shift from the previous chairman, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas).



Congratulations fellow Democrats on the midterm elections. We took back the U.S. House. We put Democrats in governor’s mansions in seven more states, including: Maine, Wisconsin and Kansas. We flipped hundreds of state legislative seats nationwide, and at least six legislative bodies.

But if we want to build on these victories into 2020 and beyond; if we want to save our republic from the anti-democratic assaults of the Trump administration; then we must do more than just build fleeting electoral majorities. We need to use them. It is only by unambiguously improving the lives of the majority of Americans that the Democrats can become the majority party America desperately needs


Of course, there’s not much a Democratic House can achieve on its own while Trump loyalist still control the White House and the Senate. But this is where all those governor’s mansions and state legislatures come into play.

If your state hasn’t raised the minimum wage, do it. Same with raising the overtime threshold — overtime pay is like a minimum wage for the middle class. And do everything you can to reinvest in housing, transit, education, childcare, health care and all of the other prerequisites of an affordable middle-class lifestyle.

These next two years are crucial. If Democrats put the American people back at the center of the American economy, voters will reward us at the polls. But if we merely prove to be kinder, gentler corporate stooges — if we allow the nascent Trump loyalist autocracy to take hold — we may not get a second chance.


“It is only by unambiguously improving the lives of the majority of Americans that the Democrats can become the majority party America desperately needs.”

And “But if we merely prove to be kinder, gentler corporate stooges — if we allow the nascent Trump loyalist autocracy to take hold — we may not get a second chance.”



“It is only by unambiguously improving the lives of the majority of Americans that the Democrats can become the majority party America desperately needs”

Upvote X a zillion! Man oh man, that almost brought a tear to my eye.




With these type of Trumpcorp supporters coming out of the woodwork and other Rs that fall in line like Lemmings we are in dangerous times.


Yes the caravan is more threatening than US citizens who massacre fellow citizens in dance halls or send letter bombs.


Why Hines thinks voters in any district are clamoring for their elected officials to be bank friendly is beyond me. Of course, he actually doesn’t think that— he just says that to justify supporting his bank donors.


“Since so many moderate Dems who supported S. 2155 lost, it may now be harder to get the Dems needed to get to 60 on financial services legislation,” said Ian Katz, a partner at Capital Alpha Partners, referring to the number of Senate votes needed to overcome a filibuster. “After last night, it would be hard for Dem senators to think that cooperating with Republicans on financial policy is helpful to winning re-election.”

The conversation on the minority side of the Senate Banking Committee will continue to be dominated by Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), the panel’s top Democrat, and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a potential 2020 presidential candidate who wields considerable star power.

“In theory, for the banks, Republicans replacing Dems should be good,” said Katz. “On the other hand, it’s nice for the industry to have some moderate Dems to deal with when they’re trying to find some bipartisan common ground.”

Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), who heads the business-friendly New Democrat Coalition, said he expects that group to have a stronger presence on the House Financial Services Committee in the wake of Tuesday’s elections.

“It’s pretty typical for some of your more centrist members to wind up on Financial Services,” Himes said. “New Democrats come from districts where by and large they’re purple districts, where you need to listen to everybody. And that tends to give you a slightly more open-minded-approach to policy.”

“As we celebrate our progressives and their progressive ideas, we just need to make sure that we also don’t do that to an extent that it hurts the people who are on the bleeding edge of our caucus,” he said.


Blue Dogs better be careful in the next House. Their numbers keep shrinking. Our side keeps growing. One smart move on their part (if possible) is do not re-elect Pelosi as Speaker.


Ya know what? If helping the American people “hurts” your people on the “bleeding edge of the caucus,” I’m really not going to cry for them, Mr. Hines.


Ugh, Himes…

I find his language interesting. Why did he say “some of your more centrist members”? Wouldn’t it have been more accurate to say ‘our’? I mean, I know it’s a figure of speech, but..


Randy Bryce, in Defeat, Looks at the “Whole Picture”

Thought he would win, but I guess his the mudslinging did its job. Makes one wonder what Meyers might have accomplished.


I was thinking the same thing about Myers yesterday, PB4. And LD called it correctly that Myers pointing out Bryce’s personal foibles during the primaries would distract from Stache’s campaign in the GE.




Good. I hope she fights until she wins!


So many R’s are so against recounts or even counting votes after election day if their candidate is ahead. If a D ahead its voter fraud and demand a recount. When Milw had to count the absentee ballots for Tuesdays gov race reps from both parties were present and the local tv interviewed the R rep that witnessed it and he confirmed that everything was on the up and up and complemented the professionalism by Milw county personal in charge. He verified that the correct totals were loaded on the flash drive and was present when it was loaded into the official totals.


America Rejects Trumpism

Which presumably is why Trump decided to focus the midterms on hate and fear rather than the economy.

He thereby created a large opening for Democrats aiming for 2020. They can become the party of the bottom 90 percent by creating a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition to wrest back control of our economy and democracy.

They would focus on two big things: First, raise the purchasing power of the bottom 90 percent through stronger unions, a larger wage subsidy (starting with a bigger Earned Income Tax Credit), and Medicare for All.

Second, get big money out of politics through public financing of elections, full disclosure of all sources of political funding, an end to the revolving door between business and government.

Democrats shouldn’t try moving to the “center.” The center no longer exists because most Americans are no longer on the traditional “right” or “left.”

The vast majority of Americans are now anti-establishment, and understandably so.

The practical choice is either Trump’s authoritarian populism backed by the moneyed interests, or a new democratic populism backed by the rest of us.

The direction couldn’t be clearer. It should be the Democrat’s hour.


Getting more interesting in FL with the Gillum vote chasing project…I snipped this bit off Gillum’s FB feed. You will need to click on the image to see the thread.

Gillum FB Feed Nov 8 2018 (A).JPG

I hope Beto will follow in Gillum’s and Abrams’ lead. I was looking at Beto’s numbers and compared them to 2012 for Cruz. Beto flipped Williamson, Tarrant, and Ft Bend, improved in Colin and Brazos but I find it hard to believe he didn’t improve that much more than Sadler in the very red areas.



Of course, hostility towards efforts to protect the environment precedes Bolsonaro. Before he assumed office, suspected arsonists burned to the ground the local headquarters of IBAMA and ICMBio—the two main federal environmental agencies—in the Amazonian town of Humaitá. Last year alone, 57 environmental activists were murdered in Brazil, making the country the deadliest for those resisting ecological destruction. The majority of these cases remain unsolved, largely because they mostly involved low-profile activists and because the local police can be lenient and corrupt. Bolsonaro will only add fuel to the fire. Even if he somehow fails to pass most of these reforms through Congress, the anti-environmental rhetoric that he will continue spreading will only make things worse by encouraging environmental violations and worse.

After all, Bolsonaro’s message is clear: you can cut and burn the forest; harass local communities and kill activists who stand against you; and local cops will do nothing to stop you, as you have the backing of the man in the highest office in the land. These anti-environmentalist plans are entirely consistent with his goals to clean up the reds. Instead of fighting the urban guerrillas or the rural communist militias active during the dictatorship, Bolsonaro aims to persecute a diverse group of moderate liberal political actors that include human rights activists, LGBTQ and Afro-Brazilian militants, indigenous peoples, left-wing school teachers and college professors, journalists, and members of the center-left Workers’ Party. In the Brazilian version of U.S.-style cultural wars, Bolsonaro will use the power of his office to “put an end to all types of activisms,” as he declared in the campaign. There’s no reason to think that Brazilians who intend to fight to protect the Amazon will be spared from the government crackdown and from the anti-environmentalists emboldened by his message, all the while police officers become even more reticent to protect environmental activists.

The United States government supported the coup that brought the military to power in Brazil in 1964 and, turning the blind eye to the growing evidence of human right violations, remained closely aligned to the dictatorship until the mid-1970s. If Bolsonaro carries out the crushing of dissent voices and the indiscriminate opening of the Amazon to commodities exploitation he promised in campaign, we can expect the current U.S. administration will give an even more enthusiastic support. White House national security adviser John Bolton, unsurprisingly, already called Bolsonaro a “like-minded partner” in Latin America. Such “partnership” will come not only at the costs of the lives of people on the ground fighting destructive environmental policies, but also of humanity’s chances to reverse climate change.



Keith Ellison resigned from his post as Democratic National Committee deputy chairman on Thursday following his victory in Minnesota’s hotly contested attorney general race.

In an emailed statement to DNC members, chairman Tom Perez announced Ellison’s departure and praised the outgoing congressman as a “full-time champion” for Democratic Party issues, such as affordable health care and “opportunity for all.”

“His tireless service as deputy chair enabled us to make substantial progress in rebuilding our party and rebuilding trust with our grassroots,” Perez added in his statement.


Shame on you, Perez, for saying Ellison is for “affordable health care.” Just can’t bring yourself to spit out Medicare for All?

Rep. Keith Ellison is taking up the Medicare-for-all mantle in the House
Ellison is now the lead sponsor of the House’s single-payer bill.



Not my favorite Dem, but I’ll take her over McSally. Sinema should win. These late arriving, mail in ballots in the western states always skew Dem, and more progressive Dem in a primary. We saw that with Bernie’s primaries in Oregon and California.


Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema took a narrow 2,106-vote lead over GOP Rep. Martha McSally Thursday evening as Arizona’s election authorities counted more ballots in the state’s uncalled Senate race.

The lead amounts to just a tenth of a percentage point with over 1.8 million votes counted. McSally was up by 17,703 votes earlier in the day, before the counties processed another 130,000 votes — but about a half-million more votes remain to be counted across Arizona, according to both campaigns.


Hell any D win PO’s Trumpcorp which is a bonus 🙂 He even called out Manchin


Rep. Linda Sánchez drops bid for House Democratic Caucus chair after husband’s indictment

Rep. Linda T. Sánchez (D-Calif.) said Thursday that she is dropping her bid for House Democratic Caucus chair after her husband, James Sullivan, was indicted in Connecticut.

Sánchez, who has been vocal in calling for a new generation to lead her party’s congressional ranks, had announced her bid for the No. 4 spot in House Democratic leadership in July.

“Earlier today I learned that my husband is facing charges in Connecticut,” Sánchez said in a statement. “After careful consideration of the time and energy being in leadership demands, I have decided that my focus now needs to be on my son, my family, and my constituents in California.”

Sullivan, a board member of the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative, was indicted Thursday after a two-year FBI investigation into the utility conglomerate’s alleged lavish spending on trips to the Kentucky Derby, the Day newspaper reported. Sullivan and four other

board members face charges including conspiracy and theft from a program receiving federal funds, according to the Day.

Sánchez easily won reelection Tuesday, taking nearly 67 percent of the vote to Republican Ryan Downing’s 33 percent in California’s 38th District.

But would R’s like Chris Collins or Duncan Hunter Jr do the right thing? Pfft.


Well the R’s reelected HunterJr and voted a dead pimp into office. They’ll be ok to let hunter jr legislate from his upcoming jail cell


Wow! This is the first I’m hearing of this. I hope they throw the book at all five of them!

The indictment charges each defendant with one count of conspiracy, an offense that carries a maximum term of imprisonment of five years, and three counts of theft concerning a program receiving federal funds, an offense that carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years.

The second indictment charges Rankin and Sullivan with engaging in a conspiracy to pay for Sullivan’s personal expenses with CMEEC funds. It is alleged that Sullivan submitted his personal expenses on a regular basis via “expense reports” that Rankin approved and directed to be paid out of CMEEC funds. Sullivan’s personal expenses were charged to the CMEEC’ account for lobbying expenses, even though Sullivan was not a registered lobbyist for CMEEC. Between January 2012 and August 2015, Rankin authorized the payment of numerous personal expenses for Sullivan, including airfare for dozens of flights Sullivan took, trips for Sullivan and his family members to attend the Kentucky Derby in 2013, 2014, and 2015, and airfare for a flight for Sullivan’s wife to travel to Key West, Florida, in December 2014.

The CMEEC membership agreement provides that excess revenues are designated as “CMEEC Margin,” and that the excess revenues are to be returned to the member towns to help keep electricity costs stable for ratepayers.

Between 2010 and 2015, CMEEC received more than $9 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Energy. CMEEC member towns also received funds from federal grants.


I would have to say that the deregulation of CT’s electricity has not worked out as promised. It appears to have just allowed sharks to gain entry.

•2000 – Deregulation of electric generation.
•2000 – 2005 – Large commericial and industrial customers switch to licensed suppliers. Few suppliers offered to serve the residential or small business markets.
•2006 – Switching among residential and smaller business customers begins.
•2013 – Late 2013 customers experience high generation rates under Variable rate plans and begin to return to Eversource/UI Standard Service generation.
•2014 – Customers continue to experience high generation rates – more customers return to Eversource/UI Standard Service.

We’ve never switched from Eversource and it’s turned out that it’s a good thing we didn’t. Bunch of shysters with their variable rate plans screwing residents. The one person I know that did switch just switched back to Eversource a couple of months ago to get their lower rate. The jig is up, as they say.


Chicago protest seeks to protect Mueller probe after Trump fires Sessions

Thousands of demonstrators hit downtown Chicago streets Thursday evening to protest President Donald Trump’s apparent attempt to obstruct Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin was among the half-dozen speakers at a rally in Federal Plaza who criticized the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions the day after Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections.

State Sen. Daniel Biss joined in the chorus of anger, calling Sessions’ replacement, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, unfit to oversee the special counsel’s probe.

Whitaker, who served as Sessions’ chief of staff, has previously said the Mueller investigation overstepped its bounds, and that there was “no collusion” between then-candidate Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

More than a half-hour after the rally began, the group of about 2,000 protestors marched to Trump International Hotel and Tower.

Several downtown streets were shut down until about 6:20 p.m. as Chicago police escorted the march through the Loop. The crowd started to dissipate at around 6:40 p.m.

That’s actually quite a few people on Wacker Dr.

This protest is one of 900 of the Trump is Not Above the Law across the country. Do click on the link to see the picture.


This person is finding other tweets of the 900 protest sites:


Here’s one example:

I was in Times Square 3 evenings last week and went through Times sq subway more than that. It would have been challenging to get to a show on time, so yes, this is disruptive. Perhaps Jcb can enlighten us about best practices by theaters when something like this occurs?


Taibbi Interview of Bernie–link is in the tweet.




Yes!! Push them back onto their heels. The people want to see some feistiness, reps fighting for them!



and then they’ll raise the price.


GOP leader: We might limit executive powers, but ‘we’re not trying to undermine’ Tony Evers

The Republican leader of the state Senate on Thursday downplayed a suggestion a day earlier by his Assembly counterpart that GOP lawmakers might curtail executive branch power before Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers is sworn in.Yet Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, acknowledged lawmakers may tackle a host of changes with Gov. Scott Walker in a year-end lame-duck session, including ones that could affect the governor’s authority.
That could include adding to state law existing rules on the state’s photo ID requirement to vote, and on the state jobs agency Evers proposed to eliminate, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.”I’m not sure why there’s all this discussion about (how) we’re somehow trying to undermine the new governor. That’s not the case at all,” Fitzgerald said. He was addressing Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ comments to reporters Wednesday, hours after Evers defeated Walker.Hours earlier, Evers warned GOP lawmakers against a hard-line approach to undercut him before he takes office in January. “There is a lot of common ground that we can find. But I will not tolerate desperate antics to cling to power and violate the checks and balances of Wisconsin’s government,” Evers said in a statement posted to Twitter.
Pressed on what a GOP lame-duck agenda means for lawmakers’ approach to working with Evers, Fitzgerald cited the scope of power the state Constitution gives the governor to reshape bills passed by the Legislature, which is more expansive than other states.
“Tony Evers is going to have the most powerful veto pen in the nation,” Fitzgerald said. “The idea that he’s not going to be able to keep the Legislature in check, I think, it would be naive to think that.”We’ll respect Tony Evers like we have any other governor, and we’ll work with him.”

Evers is going to need that veto pen as he’ll have to deal with a hostile State senate and assembly at least till 2020. The upcoming refiling of the Wi gerrymandering lawsuit will include the data from the 2018 race. Rock bottom Evers will get to veto the maps for the 2020 census which means that it will go to an independat group to redraw the districts which should give Dems a better chance of getting rid of asshats such as Vos and Fitzgerald.



Jerks know they can say whatever they want and their followers believe them. Why supposedly anti-establishment people just believe whatever comes out of their congress critter’s mouth is beyond me.


Sick Rott has filed a law suit regarding the election.



Sounds like someone is worried that his cheating may not be enough to secure his victory.


Trumpcorp chimed in as well–not worth the effort to even post his tweet–he got it from Faux news anyway



That’s a no brainer no matter if we like the result it brings or not, you just move on the next election. Beto ,Gillum to name a couple worked their asses off and it will be rewarded if they run again.


Great response!

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