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Was Louie Gohmert the Repuke who was a car thief before he got elected? Someone needs to cram a sock in his mouth! If VA can make a major swing towards honest government, TX (and FL) sure can follow. It’s long overdue! T and R to the usual suspects!! LD: did you get my card?


For polarbear:

The Computer Scientist Who Prefers Paper

Barbara Simons believes there is only one safe voting technology.

She wrote more articles, wrote a book, badgered policy makers, made “a pain of myself.” Though a liberal who had first examined voting systems under the Clinton administration, she did battle with the League of Women Voters (of which she is a member), the ACLU, and other progressive organizations that had endorsed paperless voting, largely on the grounds that electronic systems offered greater access to voters with disabilities.

Simons was called a Luddite. At times, she was treated as just short of raving. At a League of Women Voters convention, she took a turn at the microphone to challenge the league’s president. The moderator tried to yank the mic from her hand.

Simons is not grappling for mics anymore. In late July, at the annual Def Con hacker conference, in Las Vegas, she addressed an event called the Voting Village—a staged attack on voting machines. “I lose sleep over this. I hope you will too,” she told the hackers who had packed into a windowless conference room at Caesars Palace.

By Verified Voting’s count, 13 states, including populous ones such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey, still have paperless voting. Given the thin majorities in Congress, that leaves more than enough machines to allow hackers tremendous power to influence American politics. And all 50 states use computerized scanners for vote counting—few of them with sufficient postelection auditing to detect manipulation. Mandatory audits, in the form of hand counts of randomized samplings of ballots, are essential to protect against invisible vote theft, Simons believes. In an unaudited system, malicious code could easily go unnoticed. “It’s not rocket science,” she said. “Any halfway-decent programmer could do it.”

Barbara Simons is one of the original figures in a movement of perhaps three dozen people who have been fighting for paper ballots for nearly two decades. None are yet accustomed to being taken seriously. When Verified Voting first started working in Virginia, it was seen as “kind of out there,” admits Edgardo Cortés, the commissioner of Virginia’s Department of Elections. Now “they’re on the top of the list of who we call.”


Thank you, mags. I also get smirks and sneers when I continue to fight for transparent voting, so this literally made my eyes well up. One day, perhaps, eh?

From the article: “What needs changing is a system that took root after 2000, when the presidential election hinged on the infamous chads left behind by Florida voters.”

Another “shock doctrine” move from TPTB. Many of them knew very well that they could get into these machines, imo. This is a yuuuuge problem that we seem, in response, to be plugging our ears and singing lalalalalalla.


It sounds like some progress has been made. Hard-fought and much-welcomed progress.


Oh joy


Joe Biden thinks it’s critical that Donald Trump not get a second term — and though it’s early, he doesn’t yet see anyone else who could stop that from happening.

So, he’s been telling people privately, that might mean he’ll just have to run himself.

After beginning the year both teasing a 2020 bid and ruling one out — sometimes on the same day — Biden in recent months has shifted unmistakably in favor of running, say multiple people who’ve been in touch with the former vice president and his team.

Many Democrats are wary about pegging the future of the party with Biden, who will be 77 by 2020, the oldest potential candidate in the field other than Bernie Sanders. Though a clutch player in both Obama campaigns, he has proved to be bad at running for president himself, and would likely be facing a raucous and crowded primary full of candidates determined not to step aside and repeat the Hillary Clinton coronation.

While some big money Democrats have been wary about pegging the future of the party with a former two-term vice president, some former Clinton donors have reached out with interest, as have former Obama donors.

“If someone emerges that the former VP believes can beat [Trump], I think he is at peace with that,” said one Biden-friendly donor. “On the other hand, if that person doesn’t exist or doesn’t run, you can expect Joe Biden to take a very serious look.”

Barely a mile away, the Obama Foundation was holding its inaugural summit, where Biden had been in talks to make an appearance.

Instead, he headed to Chicago City Hall, taking up an invitation for coffee from Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the former Obama chief of staff who’s renewed his role as a behind-the-scenes strategist for what the Democratic Party should do next.


Man, could he accept an invitation for coffee from anyone worse?

Frack-off progressives Emanuel?


What’s in it for Rahm Emanuel? (in exchange for being a behind the scenes “strategist”)

He doesn’t strike me as the sort who does anything out of the kindness of his heart.


Rahm has his fingers in many dirty pots and he would like to extend his power. Privatization, militarization, “trade” agreements, you name it.


Yes, it could be as general as that of course.

The usual suspects, lust for power, money and influence.


Hi Birdies,

I was looking over Bernie’s list for recommendations, and the one that I disagree with him on is caucuses. They are not inclusive. I recognize he wrote that there needs to be more transparent way, however, that would not present the disaster of flipping a coin in Iowa in 2016. No one wants that “viable” number crunching they have to do in Iowa or other places.

I also think it’s time that Iowa and NH should not be given first deference for their primaries. It’s ridiculous how much time candidates have to spend there and not enough time is left over for Super Tuesday states. They aren’t diverse in population–and they are extreme in representation. NH, as it turned out, was important for Clinton to win in the GE, but she paid very little attention to WI as a result.

California is moving up on the early primary list as it is. Thus, I think one vote, same day registration is the best recommendation, although no one has control over what the states decide.

And get rid of those superdelegates!! Let the people decide!


Get rid of closed primaries, too!


1. get rid of superdelegates
2. same day registration for primaries

Those are my two priorities.


Alaska, now West Virginia.

This country is being sold out from under the feet, literally, of the people. All for the promise of a paltry number of jobs and for greed.

West Virginia announces $83.7 billion gas development deal with China Energy

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Department of Commerce announced overnight an agreement with China Energy to invest $83.7 billion in shale gas development and chemical manufacturing projects in West Virginia.

Gov.Jim Justice touted it as the largest private investment in West Virginia’s history. West Virginia’s gross domestic product last year was $73.4 billion.

“I realize it’s close to the unbelievable range, but we really have, I think, landed something that’s going to significantly impact and dramatically change the face of the petrochemical industry within West Virginia,” state Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher said in an interview today with MetroNews’ Hoppy Kercheval.

Manchin, of course, is all for it.


Yay! More fracking! More privatization! More selling the land we live on to other countries! USA! USA!


Here’s a comment that goes with Jimmy Dore’s vid but it wouldn’t post.

Wow. Check out Dylan Ratigan near the very end. “The reality is the only reason we have Donald Trump…is because of…the Democratic Party. … Think about how bad [the Democratic Party has to be to elect Trump].” And more.


Wow, control of VA house might be down to 12 votes:


“If you’re to the left of Barry Goldwater, Republicans are going to call you a socialist anyway, so you may as well just own the label”

I think this story was probably already posted, but I wanted to highlight that quote.

How a Socialist Beat One of Virginia’s Most Powerful Republicans


Aaaaaaaaand, they’re done.

Podesta Group Unravels as CEO Plans to Take Clients to New Firm

Less than two weeks after Democratic mega-lobbyist Tony Podesta stepped down from his firm amid questions over its foreign work, one of Washington’s most prominent lobbying shops is unraveling as its employees try to reconstitute under new leadership.

Chief Executive Officer Kimberly Fritts told employees Thursday afternoon she is working on launching a new firm that would take many of Podesta’s staff and clients with her, said two people familiar with the meeting. She told employees they shouldn’t expect a paycheck past Nov. 15, the people said.

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