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Uh oh, will Gillibrand now be tossed aside by certain factions?

Gillibrand Says Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned Over Lewinsky Affair

Yes Benny, I cannot help but wonder how all of this “Dirty Laundry” will be used to distract from everything from leaking oil pipes to disastrous tax plans.

I was wondering about the timing of the Weinstein reveals when that began, and now, with the floodgates wide open, it feels orchestrated. And in some ways that the egregiousness that has occurred towards woman is being diminished by the ensuing onslaught.


Just a quick note on the Franken media frenzy complete with sharks and buzzards.

Rebecca Otto, the ultimate caricature of a career politician for the last 30+ years, is the loudest bullhorn calling for his resignation.

If she doesn’t intend to take the seat herself, she wants it for one of her career DFL friends. For those who think Franken is a neoliberal sellout, you ain’t seen Minnesota’s professional Democrats.