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HomeOpen Thread11/8 News Roundup – Democrats & Socialists Win Elections Across The Country, Brazile’s Book Continues To Be The Topic Of Debate & More
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Although Jentzen won the first place votes, unfortunately, she did poorly in the second and third place votes, so it looks like she will lose.

No clear winner emerged in the competitive Minneapolis Ward 3 city council race Tuesday night.

Four candidates ran a close race in the ward, which covers the Marcy-Holmes and Dinkytown neighborhoods. The council seat for the nearly 30,000-person district was left open by City Council Member Jacob Frey’s mayoral bid. Voters can expect an announcement with the winner Wednesday at the earliest, following rank-choice tabulation.

About 34 percent of first-choice votes went to Socialist Alternative candidate Ginger Jentzen — the most of the four candidates. DFL-endorsed candidate Steve Fletcher received 28.24 percent of first-choice votes, the second-most of the candidates. For second-choice votes, Fletcher finished first with 38.22 percent, while Jentzen finished last in second-choice votes with 13.65 percent.

Tuesday night, about 200 supporters talked and danced at a high-energy Jentzen election party.

“Regardless of the result of the election, the fight isn’t over,” Jentzen told a cheering crowd at the Ukrainian American Community Center. “Tonight, Minneapolis voted socialist.”

Jentzen set a record for Minneapolis city council candidate fundraising, raising $156,688.52 as of Oct. 26. She pushed for rent control and police reform during her campaign and was endorsed by the Minnesota Nurses Association and Democratic Socialists of America, among other groups.

Fletcher won endorsements from U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minnesota and State Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minneapolis, among others. Fletcher — whose platform centered on affordable housing and social justice issues — raised about $42,900 as of Oct. 26.

Supporters were enthusiastic at Fletcher’s election party late Tuesday. Many remained cautiously optimistic about the election results.

“I’m pretty sure we won this race,” Fletcher said to a cheering crowd of about 30 people at Mac’s Industrial Sports Bar Tuesday night.