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NASA Has Just Released 2,540 Stunning New Photos of Mars..

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please excuse my forgetting where I found this.


I could give you a hint. But I won’t. (just kidding)


Thanks for the link to Mars Humphrey!



Trump’s Budget Director Reveals Plans to Attack Social Security and Medicare

Speaking at a conference of state legislators hosted by the anti-government American Legislative Exchange Council (“ALEC”), Mulvaney just revealed that he plans first to go after what he sees as more politically achievable cuts. He explained that the next step, presumably after Trump is in his second term, will be for the administration not just to cut these programs but to end them as we know them.

Mulvaney is apparently so eager to go after our earned benefits that he threw the point into a speech to state legislators, even though both Social Security and Medicare are federal programs.

Mulvaney’s apparent uncontained enthusiasm to take away people’s earned benefits is similar to that of Mitch McConnell, who just weeks before the midterm, called for Social Security and Medicare to be “adjusted” (code for destroying them). McConnell couldn’t resist broadcasting his intentions, even though these programs are extremely popular even with Republican voter



I’m shocked, I tell you, just shocked! (snark)


This kind of talk gives me so much stress.