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It’s from Salon, but the link won’t go through here


It also fails to account for the fact that Trump has shown not even minimal interest in doing a “deal” with Russia that would benefit the United States. While he repeatedly insults our allies and crudely demands that they pay protection in return for the U.S. living up to its treaties and commitments, he asked for nothing from Putin in return for lifting sanctions and putting up barriers to NATO expansion, other than a vague promise that everyone “gets along.”

The idea that Putin is the only man on earth Trump sees as a partner in bringing peace on earth just doesn’t pass the smell test. That the self-anointed master negotiator has not seized the opportunity to use the knowledge we have about election interference as a bargaining chip, and instead seems inclined to grant Putin his wish list for nothing in return, does not give one much confidence.

Trump lies about everything, so there is no reason to take him at his word on any of this. Of course he is upset about the Russia investigation and of course it bothers him that people might think he didn’t legitimately win the election. But it’s hardly likely that he behaves this way because he’s an innocent man. In fact, it’s ludicrous. Everything we know about him suggests the opposite.

Whether it’s about Trump’s past financial exposure or the rumored salacious kompromat or some agreement over dirt on Hillary Clinton or a big hotel deal, there is definitely more to this. He doesn’t act like a man who has been unjustly accused. He acts like a man who’s hiding something and thinks if he blusters and blames he can hide his guilt from his staff and even from himself. He can’t.



Amid the growing #metoo movement — and the series of politicians who have either resigned or lost races while battling allegations of sexual harassment — Biden’s past with Hill was sure to grow as an issue in the coming weeks and months.

So he nipped it in the bud. For the second time in a month. (Last month, Biden was asked about the Thomas hearings and his role. “What I do feel badly about is the bad taste that got left in the mouth of some of the people around Anita Hill, and maybe even Anita, about whether or not the witnesses should have been called who were called and weren’t called,” he said.)

That is not an accident. Biden, a 75-year-old white man, understands how the treatment of Hill was perceived by many women and, in light of the cultural movement around women speaking out about harassment, he is working to clear up any sort of misunderstanding or hurt feelings around it. He is clearing the decks, purging his past of anything that could be seized on by, say, a future political opponent.

A future political opponent like, say, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has emerged as the leading voice of the #metoo movement on Capitol Hill. Gillibrand was the first senator to call for Sen. Al Franken’s resignation in the wake of a series of allegations from women that he groped and forcibly kissed them. And she is very much looking at running for president in 2020.



Freshman Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington, is calling on the House to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against President Trump.

“We suggested that the Judiciary Committee should have a hearing on this, and we should bring forward those women who have put forward these allegations,” she said on the latest episode of “The Takeout” podcast, with CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett and Political Director Steve Chaggaris. “We should have a real hearing on that,” she insists.

Jayapal said she has been working with Republican women on the issue, and respects UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s assertion that all women accusing President Trump of allegations should be heard.

“We’re just tired of it,” Jayapal said. “It is not acceptable, and we should not be trying to sort of parse this kind of groping is okay, but that kind of pedophilia is not,” which is the argument that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has also been making. “It needs to stop, and we need a different standard.”


Heads up, Bernie will be on Face the Nation on Sunday to talk about the tax scam.


Israeli troops kill four Palestinians, wound 160 in protests over Jerusalem

Things were pretty quiet over their until Trumpcorps announcement –nice job asshole



While I’ve had my disagreements with him over policy, I think this Santa still brings joy to the faces of children.


Looks like Corker is a Yes as well on the tax scam, so now he and Rubio have provided Collins with cover (whether she votes yes or no).

The whole bill will be revealed in a couple of hours. Just in time to take it out to the trash.


Three Unelected Men Just Overrode The Will Of 83% Of The US Population

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People are right to be extremely guarded about internet regulations. Throughout the history of human civilization access to information has been controlled and manipulated by those in power, countless generations of which have given rise to the profoundly sick power-serving society we find ourselves in today. The invention of the internet gave humanity its first ever access to widespread unhindered democratization of ideas and information, and if we’re ever to overthrow the pernicious power structures which perpetuate the continual omnicidal trend toward war and ecocide which threatens us our species with extinction, widespread internet access will surely play a role in that effort.

America’s unelected power establishment is acutely aware of this, which is why attempts to censor the internet on a large scale are becoming increasingly common. So it’s perfectly understandable that when a former Verizon lawyer becomes Chairman of the FCC and begins aggressively spearheading a crusade to fix a problem Americans didn’t even see as a problem, people will be suspicious. It is the duty of Ajit Pai to win Americans over to his position, not force it down their throats and then whine when he receives death threats for it.

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