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Don midwest
Don midwest

Hi to the folks here. I poke my head up from my Covid quest which has overwhelmed me for the last 5 months or so. The forces against the VAX, VAX, VAX approach of US, much of Europe and a lot of the world are standing up to a global corruption of health care, and many call it an authoritarian take over by the WEF – world economic forum. The science and health issues are entangled with politics and economics making a perfect mess to figure out. I was finally able to write a letter to a friend who led me go on and on and she asked for me to send her a link.

I posted a comment a few days ago on the substack by Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology used by the major vaxs we have had here in the US. In this one he gives an overview of what is known about Omicron at this point.


I joined for $5/month but probably he will never charge. He is now up to 500K followers on twitter and only because he has friends in Silicon Valley has he not been kicked off. Here is his twitter handle

Robert W Malone, MD @RWMaloneMD

There are many problems with the existing vax but new ones are on the horizon.

The most important message to my family and friends, to those who don’t think I have gone down the rabbit hole, is that there is early treatment that can treat the person, rather than disease. You can strengthen you immune system. And the CDC has not recommended these over the counter treatments. One of the most effective is povidone/iodine or Benedictine nasal spray, or Dr. Peter McCulloch has a different way to use in when he appeared on Joe Rogan.

This comment has had the most “likes” and “responses” than anything in a while. It is posted on the Robert Malone substack linked above

Don Midwest23 hr ago Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS
Thank you for the ongoing work to produce extremely important information that is useful for policy but also for me as a concerned citizen.

I went to the CDC website for an update on Omicron. It is dated 12/17/21, yesterday. True to form they are recommendation vaccination and they are tracking the spread. Delta is still the dominate strain in the US. They probably are updating the site on a regular basis.


There was almost nothing worthwhile in their entire article. And true to form they had a recommendation for the people that occurs near the end.

“Self-tests can be used at home or anywhere, are easy to use, and produce rapid results. If your self-test has a positive result, stay home or isolate for 10 days, wear a mask if you have contact with others, and call your healthcare provider. If you have any questions about your self-test result, call your healthcare provider or public health department.”

A couple of months ago I called my, what I have always considered to be outstanding primary care provider, and her nurse said that she follows the CDC guidelines. So full circle right back to the consistent disaster “treatment” of stay home until sick enough to go to the hospital and with earlier variants, once in the hospital the “treatment” after the virus has left is to head to ER and ventilator, and maybe you will be alive to come home.

Wow!! Waiting until the CDC recommends early treatments like D3, etc. Has anybody told them?

For those interested in early treatment who want references to the literature, this site lists 30 treatments on the left margin and links to 1,204 studies. But important to remember that a multi-drug approach gives the best result. There are many protocols available but my favorite are the protocols on flccc.net


Don midwest
Don midwest

a couple of links

the I-Mask protocol from flccc.net. Note all the over the counter drugs you can get.


a short film on ivermectin. A study on how to take a world changing drug and trash it so that Big Pharma can sell high priced vax rather than early treatment at the viral stage. By the time one gets to the hospital, say 10 days afterwards, the virus has cleared and lung infections take over in response to the virus.


note that it is posted on video. It is introduced by Dr Pierre Kory who gave testimony to a senate committee on Dec 2020 which was seen by 8 million on youtube and then was taken down.

As noted above there are many, many other therapeutics for treating covid. some of the countries who have not taken Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are NOT willing to led the drug companies distribute them with NO legal responsibilities. Even the FDA “approved” Pfizer vaccine has yet to be distributed. Same factory. Different label. As long as they can use the original label, they are free from liability. Thus we have been given an experimental drug, the largest drug experiment in history. Many are comparing it to Tuskegee experiment.

Here is Pierre Kory who is Mr Ivermectin writing an article that does not mention IVM. In the article is the mention of Dr. Paul Marik, who was the original founder of flccc.net. He is the most published ER doctor in the world and is suing the hospital system to be able to give life saving drugs to people, many of whom have been given a little chance to live. Generic drugs. The reason to use generic drugs is that the safety profile and dosage levels are known. Note that this is in a conservative publication. For the first time ever, I have found myself in that world.



Merry Christmas, Don m. 🙂 As far as this Covid trip goes, I am seriously immuno-compromised. God forbid, I get an internal bacterial (as in Pneumonia) infection. I follow 4 precautions and they have worked for over 2 years.

#1–I am vaccinated and booster shot. Moderna. Amazingly, no side effects except tenderness around the injection point for 2 days. These vaccines do not keep folks from catching it. They keep them out of the hospital and dying from respiratory failure.

#2–I have taken vitamins D3, C, B-12 and now Zinc for years for other health issues. They strengthen the immune system.

#3–I am masked when I am in an indoor, badly ventilated area with a lot of people breathing in my space. The masks work.

#4–Hubster and I stay at home. The people we see are on the same wavelength we are. They protect themselves the best they can. It is not easy cos this is Floridumb, the land of Sick Rott, tRump, and DeathSantis.

I have felt like a cosmik lab rat for over 20 years. These precautions work, FWIW. 🙂

Don midwest
Don midwest

Many people point out that it is important to take something else to better get zinc into the cells. One could use IVM or HCQ but they require a prescription. The other choice is Quercetin which is on the shelf. Available from amazon and maybe in health food stores. It used to be in my local COSTCO, but they have not had it for quite a while. I have not been diligent to get it.

Don midwest
Don midwest

There are major side effects from the Vax we have taken. They have not followed the rules for safety.

For example, a friend’s girlfriend got a shot on Saturday, felt bad on Sunday, went to the ER and her blood pressure and other symptoms were so bad that the doctor said that she should have her things in order. In other words, you are on a path to death. It was fortunate that she was on the phone to her doctor at Cleveland Clinic who said it is a reaction to the vax. The doctors here in Columbus at Riverside Hospital working for Ohio Health did not agree. A woman age of late 40’s or early 50’s who was in the obese category, but with no other symptoms almost dies? The doctor from Cleveland filed the VARES report. Vaccine Adverse Event Report. There have been something like 14,000 deaths filed and it is grossly underreported. Each page says at the bottom that filing false information is a felony.

You probably have heard about athletes with major problems even dying as they played — soccer, basketball, etc.

Robert Malone says giving these “vaccines” to children is evil

Here is a a video of a UK Nurse Educator of an athlete’s reaction to the jab

Kyle’s vaccine complication
2,092,631 views Oct 21, 2021

Wow!!! I just noticed 2 million views! Some of Campbell’s videos have been removed by to preserve the truth that vax, vax, vax is the solution

Kyle spoke to US Senate. Actually probably to the crazy Sen. Rob Johnson who holds subcommittee hearings. The link has been deleted from youtube because of violation of community guidelines.

So, here is Kyle back with Campbell after the Senate presentation

this is a better video quality. This one has only 1.1 million views but it does have 11,000 comments

I went back up to the first Kyle video above and it has almost 30,000 comments

Some really famous people get a handfull of comments or maybe none at all

This is by itself showing the interest in adverse effects from these vax

Don midwest
Don midwest

Kyle was a 3 times US BMX mountain bike champion

Average race 5-6 hrs peddling and downhill gets it to 8 hours

I am just staring to listen to the second video. The one that shows up with the photo. I found it for this post.

Campbell mentioned aspirating the shot which is basic nursing procedure. The hypothesis was that the shot was in the vein not in the muscle because Kyle had a metallic sense a few seconds afterwards


What vaccine? Pfizer is the pits and just an international example of the corrupt, US, Big PHrMA deathcare system we live under.


The new math at schools in todays world 🙁


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To paraphrase Led Zeppelin, we are fracked.



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