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Don midwest
Don midwest

Wow!!! Tucker Carlson on how hedge fund killed a town!!!

They don’t care about America or towns

And politicians seem unable to do anything about it.

Surprised to see Tucker making a Bernie ad!

You must watch this video

Don midwest
Don midwest

hedge funds are Mafia operations

fired employees afraid to talk on camera just like Mafia control


This is terrific! Did I read that he’s considering running for some office?

Not that I like him, but I certainly like this.



I love the little tidbits you find here and there.


it’s OK to take over another country and make people live under right wing dictatorships and die because we have a deficit and we need their oil.


Pelosi is no friend to labor

Progressives on Monday criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for reportedly leaving a broadly popular bill boosting union membership on her desk for months while pushing for the passage of one of President Donald Trump’s legislative priorities, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, by Christmas.

“I don’t know exactly what the holdup is,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapa (D-Wash.), a co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus, “it is taking longer than it should given the number of co-sponsors that we have.”

“Many other bills have come to the floor with fewer co-sponsors than this one,” Jayapal told The Intercept.

Nevertheless, Pelosi is letting the PRO Act sit on her desk, a decision that left journalist Ryan Cooper frustrated.

“Grinding my teeth so hard they snap off at the roots,” tweeted Cooper.

It’s not the first time Pelosi’s leadership of a Democratic-controlled House has led to the shelving of labor-friendly legislation. In 2009, the chamber failed to pass the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), which would have passed through the then-Democratic Senate and ended up on President Barack Obama’s desk.

The parallels to this House bill are clear, The District Sentinel cohost Sam Knight saidon Twitter.

“In 2009, EFCA was cosponsored by a majority of members when Dem leaders refused to even bring it up for a vote,” said Knight. “Pelosi is so utterly devoted to serving her donor class friends.”

DSA organizer Margaret McLaughlin did some math to figure out how she felt about implications of Cohen’s reporting.

“Handing Trump a USMCA win without any strong labor enforcement mechanisms + not passing the PRO act which would sail through the House = gonna give me an aneurysm,” said McLaughlin.


More evidence that if Labor does not get behind Bernie their leadership is part of the problem. Dem leadership (Biden) offers nothing

Organized labor is the lifeblood of liberal politics in the United States. Unions backed Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal reforms, gave critical support to the fight for the Great Society and powered Democratic political victories throughout the 20th century. Even now, the Democratic Party is generally strongest in states where organized labor has the most influence.

Despite this clear, partisan incentive for pro-union policies, too many elected Democrats have failed to make labor enough of a priority. This was true under Jimmy Carter, when union membership began its precipitous decline, as well as under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Other levels of government led by Democrats have also drifted away from unions.

Under pressure from moderate Democrats in key swing districts, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to bring the White House-negotiated United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement to the floor before the end of the year. Moderate Democrats believe they can more easily win re-election with a bipartisan accomplishment under their belts. But passing it would hand President Trump a key political victory in the midst of impeachment proceedings, potentially undermining the entire Democratic ticket in 2020.

There’s also the labor question itself. Trump has sold the U.S.M.C.A. as a worker-friendly revision to the North American Free Trade Agreement. But union leaders and their Democratic allies say it needs stronger enforcement for labor rights and environmental protection. Rushing it now may undermine both. It’s also not clear that this would actually help moderate Democrats. Passing a bill only validates Trump’s oft-made claim that he’s an expert deal-maker, and as the presidential election nears, bolstering the president means you’re boosting his party.

Pelosi’s focus on trade comes at the expense of the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, a broad package of pro-labor reforms introduced by Representative Bobby Scott of Virginia and co-sponsored by 215 members, which Pelosi has put on the back burner. The PRO ACT would eliminate right-to-work laws, impose new penalties on employers who retaliate against union drives and prevent employers from delaying negotiations on collective bargaining contracts. The bill has already passed out of the House Committee on Education and Labor, and while it won’t become law under Trump, it’s still important — it shows the party’s commitment to the future of organized labor.

Pelosi and Northam represent larger trends in Democratic politics: a long-term departure from labor that reflects on itself to undermine both. As unions get weaker, Democrats grow distant from organized labor. They are less likely to act on its behalf, which only makes the erosion worse.

Democratic inaction sits in stark contrast to the Republican Party’s ruthless assault on labor. Since 2010, five more states have passed “right-to-work” laws. In one of them, Michigan, public-sector union membership declined by 34,000. In another, Wisconsin, overall union membership is down 133,000 since the beginning of the decade. Both declines contributed to Republican victories in these states, including the 2016 presidential race. As Tracie Sharp, president of the conservative State Policy Network, told The Wall Street Journal in 2016, “When you chip away at one of the power sources that also does a lot of get-out-the-vote, I think that helps — for sure.”

Republicans and other conservatives know who their enemies are — they know that organized labor is a key obstacle to dismantling the social safety net. The question is whether Democrats understand that their fortunes are also bound up in the fate of workers.


These aren’t democrats. They are either corrupted, senile (Pelosi’s both), or actual GOPukes who fled theGOPuke when Raygun got in.


In Wi Walker is totally responsible for the union membership decline and Pelosi is no better than McConnell as far as holding back bills the Neolibcons don’t like, She really needs to go.




Yeah because a gay 37 year old small city mayor who has no support from minority voters, younger voters, or working class voters is just the ticket to beat Trump because he’s a veteran

VoteVets, the nation’s largest political action committee that supports liberal veterans for public office, announced its presidential endorsement for South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg Wednesday.

The endorsement, the first in the progressive group’s history, could serve as another boost for Buttigieg, a former Navy officer who served in Afghanistan. The announcement comes as polling shows a fluid race in early voting states with the Indiana Democrat at or near the top in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“The number one priority has to be beating Donald Trump. In the 13 years VoteVets has been in existence, we have come to see one thing repeated time after time: Veterans can win voters in the purple and red areas of the country that other Democrats cannot,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of VoteVets, referring to several veterans who won tight races in the 2018 midterms.


I’m disappointed. Bernie has done more for Veterans than any of the candidates.


omg. this is terrible! what the hell!?!