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NH Performance Artist Sues City for Being Denied a Permit to Bring Ponies to a Clinton Book Signing Event

A performance artist and perennial candidate in New Hampshire’s presidential primary has sued its capital city, saying its refusal of his request to bring two ponies to his planned protest of Hillary Clinton’s book signing violates the First Amendment.

Vermin Supreme, of Massachusetts, ran as a Libertarian in 2016. Supreme, who wears a rubber boot on his head and once threw glitter at another lesser-known candidate during a debate, asked a federal judge Friday to compel the city to issue him a permit. He said a licensing officer talked about police coordinating with the Secret Service on Clinton’s event, scheduled Tuesday.

Messages to city officials weren’t immediately returned.

Supreme says Clinton’s book, “What Happened,” attacks his political platform to provide everyone a pony. The book references a Facebook post satirizing the race between Bernie Sanders and Clinton.


That’s not the artist’s pony. Picture I use around here.

I wish LSM was here to make more of it. 🙂


Me, too. I haven’t seen LSM post in quite some time on c99 either. Hope he is well.


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