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Quick action is good

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has parted ways with a newly hired staffer after a conservative website unearthed a series of tweets allegedly from the staffer that contained anti-Semitic and homophobic language.

Darius Khalil Gordon announced Wednesday that he had taken a job with the campaign as the deputy director of constituency organizing. On Thursday, the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website, reported that Gordan had sent tweets in 2010, 2011 and 2012 that contained offensive, anti-Semitic and homophobic slurs.

The tweets were no longer available on Gordon’s page after the Free Beacon’s post, and Gordon’s Twitter account has since been deactivated.


You mean he didnt blame them on hackers and be given a show on MSNBC?


AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast executives aren’t going to like Bernie Sanders’ new broadband plan.

The wide ranging proposal, released Friday morning, would all but demolish big telecom’s stranglehold over the broadband and media sectors, unwinding decades of unrelenting consolidation, imposing hard new limits on how much broadband providers can charge for service, while opening the door to significantly broader availability of community broadband.

The proposal pulls no punches when it comes to the U.S.’ broadband woes.

“Telecom and cable monopolies exploit their dominant market power to gouge consumers and lobby government at all levels to keep out competition,” the proposal notes.

“Just four companies control nearly two-thirds of the entire market,” it continues. “Prices are as much as 25 percent higher than they would be in a competitive broadband market. Large ISP monopolies report inaccurate or overstated coverage information, obscure their prices, and often don’t deliver promised speeds.”


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced the endorsements of 38 Iowa farmers and rural activists.

The campaign made the announcement ahead of the U.S. senator from Vermont’s planned address at a weekend event with organizations representing Iowa farmers and organic growers.



Yet again my interests collide.

Indigenous hip hop & Greta/The Climate strikes