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Don midwest
Don midwest

Juan Cole web site excellent articles this morning

By Juan

How Trump’s Jerusalem Move Just Helped Iran Win the Mideast

Articles by others

I don’t think it burned down, but it was burned. Probably used some private fire fighting services as well (rich have own police, fire, etc)

Climate Denier Rupert Murdoch’s Estate Burned in LA December Wildfires

A Bitter Pill for Far Right: Europe’s Muslim Immigrants create Jobs, boost Economy



His “favorite” senator—wow! hope he talked with Merkley about this. But definitely encouraging for those of us thinking that Warren may end up needing our votes.

Great policy stuff. Not the most attention-grabbing presentation, but hopefully it will get to those interested but not yet committed.


If ONLY she had supported Bernie in the primaries, we might not be here now. I have really mixed feelings about Warren.

For a nice surprise, though, go to http://www.patagonia.com I wish I could afford to buy something from them! Zinke is LIVID.


Yeah, agree that she should’ve supported Bernie way back when. He was the only one serious about financial equality.

And yay patagonia, and iirc REI too, but not as boldly.


hear you on the prices, tho. they make yuuuge profits and outsource a lot, iirc.


They are upfront about their Chinese factories, which are evidently a model for investment there. They pay fair wages and help local farmers growing organic cotton. I’m sure they make huge profits, but I’m sure their overhead is higher than many of the low-end clothing makers, too, that are unconcerned with fair trade/environmental issues.


Well, that’s good to hear that at least they are doing something. I always wonder what any corporation considers “fair wages” and “help,” cynic that I am.

But yeah, helping grow organic cotton and paying at least higher than most can’t hurt. Wish they’d bring it on home, though.


And i don’t like how she’s already having convos with the money boys. She must know that compromises her whole fight for equality.


According to an article from yesterday about farmers committing suicide at astounding rates:

He shows snapshots of consumer goods that cost more than a bushel of
wheat: six English muffins, four rolls of toilet paper, a single loaf of bread – even though one bushel of wheat is enough to make 70 one-pound breadloaves.

The article, though, is about getting mental health assistance, which is great.

But the larger problem seems to be that the entities that use the wheat, say, for English muffins (the corporations) want more money than is warranted for their product. They know that we can’t buy their muffins if they are too expensive, so they short the farmer. At least that’s how it seems to me. I didn’t see this addressed.

I could be wrong, but would love to get my eyes on the profit margins every step of the way, here.


p.s. and thanks for the article, LD.


Hey fellow TPWers: I have had major physical issues today. Capt. Hi-Tech just informed me that Al Franken is stepping down. Liz Warren is backing it. Is this for real? If so, I am going to war!! Franken is on our side fer crissakes!! Let me know!!


Yes Franken is stepping down.

Franken’s resignation as a political calculation by the Dem party:

Why Franken Had to Go

The dilemma boiled down to this: Democrats could either put themselves at a potential political disadvantage by observing rules of decency Republicans have entirely abandoned, or they could lower themselves into the GOP latrine, keep Franken on the roster, and spend the next several election cycles smelling a little like shit. Democrats seemed content to hold their nose and bear with Franken through the first half-dozen accusations. But when a seventh accuser came forward this week, at least 17 Democratic senators—mostly women—publicly urged Franken to step down, leaving him little choice.

Franken’s resignation as viewed through CNN’s (Chris Cillizza) somewhat haughty lens:

Al Franken’s totally unapologetic resignation

Two things were clear after Al Franken finished his speech on the Senate floor just after noon on Thursday:

1. He was resigning his seat by the end of the year.

2. He didn’t believe he had done anything for which he should have been forced to resign.

Franken’s speech was defined primarily by his lack of any real apology and the clear bitterness he carries for being pushed out amid allegations that he had groped several women and forcibly tried to kiss others.

And here’s one viewed perhaps through a kind of moral lens (Christian Science Monitor):

Franken resignation shows Democrats’ line in the sand

The twin announcements put Democrats on the moral high ground – albeit one with twists and turns. The party has shown itself willing to sacrifice two iconic political figures as the country grapples with a systemic scourge. And, as Democrats are well aware, it puts them in stark contrast to Republicans

But Democrats also run the risk of being accused of ignoring due process, of summarily pushing out members before an investigation could run its course. Speaking of the drumbeat of calls for Franken to resign, conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham warned her viewers of a “lynch mob” that “could be coming for your husband, your brother, your son, and yes, even your president.”


So sorry to hear of “major” physical issues!!!!!!! 🙁

What’s going on olbucfan? I hope you are feeling better, physically at least???




I hear y’all, but I don’t think her profession should be any excuse. Posing is one thing, saying
yes (or not) is another. She was sleeping. Totally out of line. Yes, not as bad as some others, but then you know the Dems. Fingers in the wind, ears at the corpses’ doors.

And i just read below (thanks, mags) that there are more women with other complaints.

Honestly, I would love it if a Berniecat replaced him, but I suppose that’s not likely.


Hope you’re recovering, orlbucfan!



Go Grijalva!


‘Morally corrupt GOP’, said on a day that Ex-congress man Conyers had to leave the House of Representatives and Senator Franken resigned, both over sexual abuse. Wrong day for Dems to use the words, morally corrupt, unless talking about their own.

Yes, I get what Bernie and Warren meant but just not the right words today.


A little good evening to you, by Thomas Cole:

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